Best Sofa Bed Reviews

Have you recently moved out of parents’ apartment into your own bedsitter and you are trying your level best to make ends meet on your own? Or maybe you’ve recently graduated from college and want to furnish your little apartment whilst saving on money and space. Well, the solution simple. Get yourself the best sofa bed. For those who might not be aware of what sofa beds really are, let me give you a glimpse as to what they entail.

What is a sofa bed?

A sofa bed is typically a couch which has been modified to convert itself into a bed whenever the need arises. It comprises of seating cushions, a metallic frame and a tiny mattress which can be folded and unfolded to make a bed. Comparable to sofa sets themselves, they come in different designs and sizes as well. They are classified accordingly. You can get them in coot bed sizes or rather chair sleepers to Queen sized sleepers. Most sofa beds do have the standard bar and a canvas mechanism, though a few can be found with the alternate contrivance.

Why you need to get the best sofa bed

Sofa beds come with this extra flexibility that every home and even office will forever cherish. Besides working well in living rooms, some of the best sofa beds offer a perfect touch to the home. With all these in mind, getting the right product for your home is of paramount importance in the following ways:

Ease of use

Whether it is fabric or leather sofas, converting it into a bed and putting it back has got to be a simple and straightforward affair. You need not to call your boyfriend, who lives a couple of miles away to come help you out in stashing the bed or rather inconveniently knocking every morning at your neighbor’s house to seek help. Thus, it is worth measuring up to ensure you are able to pull your sofa bed out.


Well, another aspect you got to consider before selecting an ideal product for your home is its durability. It’s very discouraging when you dish out lots of bucks only to use the bed for a couple of months before you start going through the brochures for a new one. Ensure you always get something that is worth your money.

What to consider when buying the best sofa bed

While its functionality is a very vital aspect, there are a number of factors you ought to consider before you set out to purchase one. Just like any other piece of furniture in your living room or even appliance in your kitchen, before being purchased, needs are considered. Therefore, in this case you got to consider if it will majorly be used for sleeping or sitting.


One of the most important things worth considering is how easily the mechanism that converts the bed into a sofa works and also the type of mattress it arrives with. As mentioned earlier, the best sofa beds come in different sizes and as such they also come with different types of mattresses. Some of the mattresses use specialty materials others have an in built spring and others are air beds. If you plan to use one with the type of mattress you will most be comfortable with.

Pricing and quality

As there are a quite number of manufacturers making the sofa beds, you will notice major differences in terms of quality and prices. Needless to say, cheap is expensive, buy the best quality that is pocket friendly, but keeping in mind quality is directly proportional to price.

Space restrictions

Well, if you have space restrictions in your apartment, then the twin size sofa beds might be the ideal solution for you as they are less than 5 feet wide and are perfect for one person. When opened up, the length can stretch to about 50 inches wide and 80 inches long. While they may not be considered for their affordability, they are majorly considered for their usefulness when it comes to space restrictions.

Little room for stretching

If the main purpose is to be used every night, then a full size sofa bed is what you will need. For an adult, a twin size may be quite daunting for everyday use, while a full sized one can accommodate two adults. However, if two people are considering using it regularly, the bed might turn out to be uncomfortable as it is not spacious enough. For sitting purposes, the size of a full sized one is like that of a love seat, more of an apartment sofa, so it is still an ideal option for very small apartments and spaces. Generally, the full size is approximately 70 inches wide and about 90 inches long when fully opened.

Spacious room

71aSDk4bkYL._SL1000_When space is not really a big issue, then you should get the queen sized sofa bed which comes in different designs and fabrics and use different types of mattresses. The queen size can easily accommodate a seat for a maximum of three and a comfortable bed for two. Measuring about 85 inches and 9 inches long when opened up as a bed, it is the biggest of all sofa beds available in the market.

Tips on buying

Any room can be turned into a guest room or bedroom by placing a quality sofa bed there. Sofa beds are the most versatile pieces of furniture in any home that have come a long way since their inception when they were considered uncomfortable. In fact, right now the best sofa beds have been accredited for their comfort as regular beds. So when looking around, it is therefore worth remembering that it will be predominantly used for seating purposes, therefore, it only makes sense to be on the lookout for features you would do in a regular sofa set. The only distinction is you’ll be looking for an effective and efficient operating mechanism and a comfortable mattress in equal measure. The following are tips on purchasing a quality product.

Search for a hardwood frame

These sleepers consist of two frames, wooden and metallic frames. The wooden frame is normally used to give shape to the sofa bed. Kiln-dried hardwood offer the solidest and most long lasting frames for any sort of sofa including sofa beds. Frames made of soft woods such as pine should be avoided at all costs. Alternatively, a blend of kiln-dried hardwood and furniture graded plywood frames are also recommended.

The metallic frames on the other hand are used in pulling out the bed and offering support to the mattress.

Look for a quality mechanism

As mentioned earlier in the article, the mechanism in a good product should operate in one smooth motion without squeaking and sticking. Ensure you look out mechanisms that have been formulated with a lock down bar to enhance proper opening and closure. It is therefore important to monitor attentively to ensure that the opening mechanism is placed well jointly, and parts will not in any way fall off easily.

Smooth edges on all inner mechanisms

All parts of the sofa bed mechanism and the edges should be completed with even edges. Trust me, you don’t want your exquisite sheets and blankets snagging up and tear off as a result. However, when you are using it in your aboard, and even on the ones with the superlative operating systems, it is always advisable to take off your sheets and blankets before disintegrating it. Consequently, this will not result in the realignment of different parts of the sofa bed.

Test it

Whenever you are out shopping for one, it is always a good idea to always test it before buying it. Try opening and closing the sofa bed to be able to judge for oneself how it operates. Ideally, it should be able very easy to operate and one should not in any way have a strenuous time when using it. So again ensure you test it before using it.

Ensure mattress quality

Thicker mattress doesn’t necessarily translate to a better quality as a thin but well-designed one may in the long run offer solid support. Similarly, you may also consider using a comfortable mattress pad on top right before you use it for sleeping.

Measure it

Ultimately, always and always measure it before committing to purchase it. Neglecting to measure the bed may incur certain avoidable expenses. The sofa bed requires as much room as the conventional bed when fully operational and failing to do so may lead to some inconveniences later when you arrive home with your bed. In addition, if you are planning on placing any furniture or equipment in front of it, it is important to see to it that they are portable and easily mobile to conveniently move them when you are about to open up the bed.

Places to buy

Online shops

These days you can get almost everything online; sofa beds are no exception. They are readily available at the press of a button. You can get discounted offers on online shopping forums such as eBay and Amazon. Furthermore, such online shops provide an array of products which is enables you to choose in accordance to your taste and preferences.

Online shop forums such as eBay usually take their commitment to the internet market sphere seriously. Buyer’s security is guaranteed on such sites. There is a strict privacy policy that governs online shopping forums, thus personal info such as credit number stays confidential. It is also important to use only certified sites such as eBay, Amazon or even Alibaba to avoid any financial risk.


Large retailers, for example Walmart also sell such sofa beds. It is more advantageous to purchase in Walmart as prices are much more subsidized as compared to buying it directly from the manufacturer. Furthermore, such retailers offer after sale services such as delivery to your residence free of charge or at very minimal costs.

Buying from a friend or relative

Similarly, you can also buy a 2nd hand one from friends or even family, but at a much cheaper price. However, the con associated with doing so is that it is likely to have a small defect and can therefore be more costly than purchasing a new one. As the maintenance and repair cost you are likely to use will turn out to be more than even the actual purchase price.

From the manufacturer

The pros associated with buying it directly from the manufacturer is that you can be able to customize your design and therefore be able to take home what you want. However, purchasing it directly from the manufacturer can be quite expensive as they will not be able to cover for your transportation costs.


Purchasing a brand new sofa bed is a large purchase. Like another piece of furniture, customers ought to pick on a model that is both elegant and comfortable. Oftentimes, the best way to select on such a model is to visit a showroom or even expo and get a feel for a specific brand. It is also essential that you learn the how the opening and closing mechanism of the bed while still in the showroom or even store. In addition, also lay down on the mattress to ascertain how comfortable it is. Take note of any models standing out and do not commit to buying from an overpriced dealership. Instead, always take time and check on types of sofas and their prices available with online shops such as eBay.

In the end, if you follow the above mentioned guidelines, you will be able to end up with a quality product worth your money. Picking furniture largely depends on personal tastes therefore take time to surf the internet on sofa beds before making an ultimate decision.