How to check for signs and symptoms of bed bugs?

If you or someone thar has some itchy bites present in clusters, You should start suspecting bed bugs:

  • Bed bugs bites typically occur in clusters, anywhere on the body.
  • About half of the people are insensitive to bedbug bites.
  • Bites occur most often at night but start itching only several hours after the bloodmeal, possibly late in the afternoon.

Actually spotting bedbugs can be difficult as they are small (from 1 to 4 mm), walk relatively fast, and as flat as a credit card. They are most active late in the night.

Check your bed for this:



The black dots are bedbug poop, black from the dried blood it contains. You will also see small white dots, which are bedbug eggs. This photo is from a very serious infestation, so you will hopefully not see as much.

Don’t go accusing every creature on your bed of being a bedbug and every welt on your skin as their bite. Bedbugs are very unique. They are wingless and flat and very small. If your creature has wings, it’s not a bedbug. This photo has an adult. You can get a sense of scale from the stitches on the mattress.





a professional opinion, but if you see the black dots and the eggs (salt and pepper sign), you should probably find a new hotel room or get the number of a good, name-brand exterminator service. You have a small nightmare ahead of you.



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  1. LNWeaver says:

    I didn’t know so many people were insensitive to bed bug bites. I guess it’s good to be hygienic and observant. I heard it can be hard to remove bed bugs.

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