10 Types of Tile Floor Cleaners

If you love going barefoot in your floor or you have kids playing with it, it is necessary to keep your tile floors always clean. Maintaining the cleanliness of your floor with proper care will prevent damage and extend its life.

Keeping the shine and beauty of your tile floor is difficult to achieve if you do not know what cleaning products to use. With the growth of cleaning products available on the market, it is confusing what to choose that will work best on your tile floor. Choose a cleaning product that is ideal for the type of your tiles. Multiple cleaning products may be necessary, depending on the tile material and the degree of cleaning needed for your floor tiles.

Here are the ten types of floor tile cleaners which are proven to solve a wide range of tile cleaning problems


Bleach has antibacterial and whitening properties that are safe to use for all types of tile floors. Dilute one tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of water before using it as a tile cleaner.


Mildew builds up easily in your tile floors, especially in the bathroom. To remove mold from your floor tiles, you can use muriatic acid. However, this is a strong solution that may harm your skin so you may use a tile cleaner that has the same standard cleaning power but is safer and contains a low level of this acid.

Grout Cleaner

There are tile cleaners specifically designed to clean grout. This is a mild blend of acids and other ingredients that can be used regularly to keep your tiles clean and prevent mildew from growing.

Oxygen-Based Cleaner

An oxygen-based cleaner is a powder which is an all-natural, superior floor tile cleaner. An oxygen-based powder cleaner is a mix with a small amount of water creating a paste which is also ideal for cleaning stubborn grout stains, aside from its ability to clean tiles.


There are also floor tile cleaners that do not only keep your floor clean but also gives a shiny appearance adding life to your dull floors. An example of this is the Pledge Tile & Vinyl Floor Cleaner which cleans, shines and protects vinyl and linoleum tiles, sealed ceramic and stone tiles.


If your floor is made of stone tiles such as marble, limestone or slate, it is necessary to use a ph-neutral tile floor cleaner. It is because stones are sensitive to acids and other harsh chemicals. Using ph-neutral tile floor cleaner will not only clean stone tiles well, but also protect their surface.

Steam Cleaners

These are tile floor cleaners which use hot water to lift and release dirt and grime from your tiles.

Broom Vacuums

To keep your tile floors clean and prevent damage and scratches caused by dirt and other substances use a broom vacuum.

Wax and Buff

To give your floor a sparkling shine, wax and buff your tiles. However, this is only applicable to non-porous tiles such as linoleum or vinyl.


If you are concern with your environment, then use a tile floor cleaner that is eco-friendly, like the vinegar-based cleaner. It is very efficient and can be found in your kitchen.