23 Things Every Dream House Should have

One man’s dream could be another man’s nightmare, reason being, there are individuals who are living and enjoying the best houses which are dreams yet to be achieved by others. A good house should come with a calm and soothing sensation especially after long day struggles that could have left your body highly fatigued. Therefore a good house is important for that matter.

You don’t necessarily need to be asleep in order to dream. These lifestyle dreams should create an array of feelings and emotions which can easily be understood and well interpreted. Everyone would want to live in a classy home that contains all the luxurious features you have always thought about. Here are 21 things a house of your dream should contain.

23 Cool things to have in Your Dream Home

dream house characteristic

  1. A grand kitchen

A dream home can never be complete without the best kitchen. This high-class kitchen should come alongside several gorgeous hardware and cabinetry, soaring ceilings, a butcher block island and walls made of breadboard which are just a few standout features that will meet your fantasy.


2.TV Streaming Devices

A real dream home should come with adorable entertainment devices. The best TV streaming devices in your dream home should enable you to play the best-synchronized music. One of the best devices used in music streaming is the Hifi Sonos wireless system. Sonos will control your dream home listening experience and incorporate your collection of digital music. You leave TV streaming devices and that home is no longer going to be a dream home.


  1. A stylish Laundry Room

Well, in a dream house, the expense should never be an issue. An amazing laundry room of your dream should feature white and blue hand-painted de’ Gournay wallpaper, porcelain tile flooring made by the country floors and fantastic window treatment by Lee Jofa.

  1. Enough Kitchen Counter Space

You can never be satisfied with the counter space in a kitchen. Whether it is a breakfast bar for serving meals or additional prep-space to facilitate cooking, a kitchen that comes with ample counters will greatly add value.

  1. An open living plan with clear sight lines

According to Drew and Jonathan, compartmentalization is a thing that has been bypassed by time. A big number of homeowners would want to have an open-concept living. This is recommendable for families keeping an eye on their children, better during entertainment and for creating a feeling of a bigger room.

  1. Double Island

A starter pack for an amazing kitchen should be at least two islands. For example, a beautiful Canadian kitchen should feature an island that has a sink and storage as well as another island that can be used for dining purposes.

  1. Vintage leather sofa

Alongside durable fabric, furniture should be a huge vintage’ leather seat that could be an entertainer’s aspiration.

  1. Separate Pantry

Inquire from any cook, and you will get to know that pantry is a kitchen that a family should own. It does not only help you display all your dry foods without having to open several cabinets but it is also efficient in space.

  1. Outdoor Oasis

outdoor oasis ideas

Of course, a dream home would be amazing if accompanied by dream climate that enables outdoor living year-round. It should feature different stunning zones that have everything including, a pizza oven, a fire pit, hot tub, lounge setting, ipe wood deck and a stainless steel grill.

  1. Mega Storage Everywhere

Families have a lot of stuff. Therefore, storage space can never be enough. Think of a situation where organization systems are in your closet racks for storage in the garage and the built-ins below and above your wall mounted TV. You need to come up with creative ways of adding storage with space cramping.

  1. Master suite with walk-in closets and master bath

After a long day of tedious work, every householder’s head is entitled to back home and find a relaxing master suite. A spacious walk-in closet and a spa-like bathroom would be a cool music for our ears.

  1. Sunken swimming Pool lounge

A section of the outdoor oasis is supposed to be a swimming pool. And around that particular swimming pool, there should be a sunken lounge graced by pit fire.

  1. Patio for Outdoor Entertaining

The most economical way to include square footage to your home is by adding a patio. You should extend your indoor living outside. A good number of brand new outdoor furniture and décor are stylish and comfortable such that you would wish to have it for indoor use.

  1. Dedicated dressing room

A nice dressing room of your own must be counted in any dream home. Anybody would want to include a quiet and private space for dressing.

  1. Summer Bed Sheets

How would a dream home be without these comfy and luxurious summer bed sheets? When it comes to shuteye, there are many amazing options for summer bed in your dream home. Whether you are looking for hypoallergenic bedding, lightweight linen or something soft and smooth, summer bed sheet will ensure all that is provided in order to assure you a blissful sleep. They will ride your dream home in a unique league.

  1. Energy efficient Appliances and Fixtures

Everyone is in love with money saving, and according to Drew and Jonathan, it is more effective when helping the planet. We are living in ages of technology and energy saving remedies is highly important to homeowners than before.

  1. Wall Statement in the Shower

Some profusion should not be ruled out. An attractive slab of Azul’ Macaubas quartzite would dazzle in a Barcelona, Catalonia bathroom.

  1. Minimum of Two-Car Garage

multi car garages

Nowadays, a garage is not just for your car. Having sufficient space that would fit a car and some extra room is a massive feature especially for the buyers. Making use of the extra square-footage as a game room, workshop or storage would really be of great value.

  1. Hand-Painted walls

A lot is said about the wallpaper options. Though less comes close to walls hand-painted in a nice and unique design.

  1. Low-maintenance Landscaping

Most of the people are busy all though, especially on weekdays and the only thing they want to do on a weekend is yard maintenance. This can be achieved by use of artificial grass and reduced shedding of shrubs and trees. This will reduce your labor on a yard and maximize time to relax.

21.Ergonomic Keyboard

Given the longer period of time we spend on the keyboard, a computer, laptop or palmtop you intend to have in your dream home should have a keyboard designed for comfort and efficiency. An ergonomic keyboard should be able to meet all the ergonomic criteria which include a palm rest to provide support to your hand and a separate number pad. Anything less than that is not an ergonomic keyboard and definitely, do not qualify to be in your dream home.

  1. An outdoor Bathtub

This is a feature that every dreamer should have in mind. Outdoor bathtub offers the best relaxing soak accompanied by a glass of wine in your hand. While taking in a breath of fresh air, your head back remains tilted to watch the stars twinkle. This offers a serene environment to enjoy and contemplate on your achievements.

  1. A Hydroponic Garden in the Kitchen

This is a technique of growing attractive and freshening plants without implanting them in the soil. These plants make the kitchen look green and more attractive. Such a view creates plant food sensation in the house especially fruits and vegetables. A house with such plants in the kitchen is a dream-come-true.

A dream house is not complete without the above things. They make a home look beautiful and conducive to life. It should never be a hard thing to struggle for the achievement of your dream because what is offered by your dream home is something that you can’t leave out. The above-discussed things are amazing when incorporated in your dream home. Therefore, chase your dream and actualize it.