The Benefits of Using a Portable Solar Generator

The world is filled with so many changes. Nature is one of them, and it is one of the things that cannot be easily manipulated or controlled. Over time and space, it continues to be relentless and unforgiving in creating blackouts and other inconveniences with its numerous natural forces such as typhoons, tornadoes, flash floods, droughts, and many others.

How to be all-out prepared and strong during natural disasters? Packing up with the best portable solar generators is one of the best solutions. Experiencing blackouts will never be an issue with the most useful portable solar generator.

What are the other benefits of utilizing portable home generators?

Here are the other important benefits of having ones in your house.

  • It is cost-efficient.

If your area does not encounter numerous blackouts or natural disasters most of the time, it is still very practical to own a solar generator. It lets individuals and families save a lot of money from electric consumption when using a solar generator.

You could use it on weekends or any day you want to make your work or tasks at home continuous. You won’t have to worry about the huge costs of electric consumption when you have to deal with a lot of cleaning or working in your area at one time.

  • It is environmental-friendly.

Everyone has to do their part of promoting a “green” environment. Everyone should not wait for the time when every natural disaster or climate change could not be managed by humans anymore.

The portable generators for home use are powered by the sun, so there is no non-renewable energy to waste or trash out. The sun is the main source of power, and it won’t harm the environment when utilized as a solar generator.

  • Easy maintenance.

For rooftop solar panels, you need ladders to reach and clean the panels. Fortunately, portable tools are easy to maintain and only require a wipe down after each use to keep them in excellent working condition. This also makes the cleaning process much safer.

  • It is a long-term investment.

Prices of electricity increase year per year. There could also be a time when energy companies won’t have much resources to supply electricity to homes and companies. Cheap portable generators are investments that could be utilized for a long time. They serve as significant back ups not only in case of power loss but also in case of its limiting capacity.

  • It makes outdoor activities such as camping more convenient.

Top rated portable generators can be utilized for outdoor camping. Do you intend to create a research or a photography portfolio about nature? Bring a portable electric generator, and you could charge your gadgets to complete your project. Promote outdoor camping with your family as well, so you could spend quality time with them. Outdoor camping lets the children realize how valuable and relaxing nature is.

How Does a Portable Solar Generator Work?

Portable solar generators work by capturing the energy from the sun as the sun’s beams hit the solar panels connected to the generator. The action of capturing the sun’s electrons creates electrical power. This power is then sent to the solar generator.

From this point, an inverter converts this electrical power to the generator, which then becomes a power source. Some users assume that their portable solar generator will always be working so you can use it as a power source to charge your phone, for example. However, that’s not always the case.

For the solar generator to create electricity, there needs to be sunlight present. The more, the better. 

The Difference Between Portable and Permanent Solar Generators

A portable generator is lightweight and small, so you can conveniently transport it to a new location. As a result, they’re ideal for camping trips and outdoor events where you wouldn’t ordinarily have electricity to hand.

Due to their limited size and weight, portable solar generators can’t capture as much energy from the sun as larger units. As a result, they’re only suitable for charging small appliances such as a light bulb, table, or smartphone. 

How to Choose a Power Generator

When shopping for a home generator, it is best to consider some important factors. Here is a guide to help you in deciding what type of backup generator you need to choose for your house or outdoor activities.

  • Find out the size of generator that your house needs.

Is your house full of machines and gadgets? Try to add all of the watts in all of your house items and multiply it by 1.5. This will determine the watts of the generator that you need to buy. If you can live with just a laptop computer, a refrigerator, and a few light bulbs, you may opt for a home generator with a small wattage. But if you have a large family and power outage will take a long while such as days or even weeks, opt for a generator with a high wattage such as 4000.

  • Consider its weight.

Opt for portable home generators that could weigh not more than 30 pounds, especially if you intend to carry it for outdoor fun. Light generators could also have higher wattages, although they are also usually more expensive. Nevertheless, they definitely serve their purpose of providing convenience to everyone. Do not, of course, sacrifice your budget. Think of it as a long-term investment and check how much you could save if you opt for the best lightweight home generators in the market.

  • Opt for quiet home generators.

Having a noise and vibrating generator is very inconvenient. Select for the quietest portable generator possible so that you can enjoy doing whatever you have to finish. If you rely so much on a home-based job, the quietest home generator could really give you a lot of motivation to work even during power outages or blackouts.

How to choose for a quiet generator? Search for its decibels. If it has lower decibels, then it is quiet or it produces less vibration.