Best Carpet Spot Cleaner Machines

Cleaning entire carpets just to clean one spot can be a waste of time.

The process is unnecessarily long and involving. You need to vacuum, apply vacuum cleaner, vacuum again, and this can take hours.

Do you have hours dedicated to clean an entire carpet, much less one decisively dirty spot on the carpet that needs attention?

Probably not.

This is where carpet spot cleaning machines come in.

As the name implies, carpet spot cleaning machines focus on one part of a carpet and not the entire carpet itself. They are very useful for anybody who just does not have the time to clean their entire carpet.

Carpet spot cleaning machines: A buying guide

Even though you are likely in the market for a carpet spot cleaning machine because you just need to clean one particular area of the carpet, there are still things you should know about before getting one.

First, how bad is the stain? A lot of these spot cleaning machines will work on stains, but if the stain is particularly nasty then you may actually be better off setting some time aside to clean the entire carpet.

Also, are there are a lot of stains on the carpet? If you use these spot cleaning machines on multiple carpet stains, then you also might be better off just cleaning your entire carpet since you are practically already doing so.

Lastly, do you have pets? Some of these spot cleaning machines are not pet friendly, and a few of them will not be able to get pet stains out. It is unfortunate, but there exist cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for pets and only a few spot cleaning machines are designed for pets.

5 Carpet Spot Cleaning Machine Reviews

Pet handsfree spot and stain cleaner by Bissell aka the “SpotBot”

It’s very rare that a carpet spot cleaner is pet friendly, and it is even more rare that said spot cleaner is hands-free. These two features let Bissell’s cleaner stand out above the rest in a lot of ways.

Nearly every carpet based cleaning system sold by Bissell is pet friendly. Pet friendly spot cleaners are very useful because oftentimes, the only spot on the carpet that needs cleaning are areas with pet stains.

The fact that Bissell has come out with a spot cleaning machine that specializes in pet stains is very nice, and suitable for homes that have pets in them that do not have the time to clean their entire carpet.

Bissell’s cleaner has two presets, making it hands-free. While this makes it more of a full carpet cleaner than a spot cleaner, it is still really neat to see that carpet cleaners are utilizing hands-free technology.

The SpotBot does use cleaning solution, and can get some getting used to when it comes to the presets. And if you intend to use it as a spot cleaner, you’ll likely just operate it with your hands anyway.

Deep carpet cleaner by Rug Doctor

It usually takes a very, very long time for carpets to dry after getting cleaned. This can be very inconvenient, especially if the room being cleaned is a bedroom or if it is the living room.

Rug Doctor’s cleaner does not yield a long wait after cleaning with it. At most, it will take about 4 hours after cleaning with it. This is much shorter than other carpet cleaners that can take as long as 10 hours after cleaning.

Coming with all the cleaning solutions needed for a carpet clean built in, Rug Doctor’s cleaner also eliminates the need to have separate cleaners. This is perfect for anybody who wants to clean their carpet quickly.

There is one thing that you should be aware of with Rug Doctor’s cleaner: It is not pet friendly. The chemicals it uses in its solution can be harmful to pets if they get near it.

It is also designed for very small stains. If your carpet has massive stains that have been around for a long time, you should probably look for something better as Rug Doctor’s cleaner will not eliminate significant stains.

PowerDash pet carpet cleaner by Hoover

While it is not specifically designed for pets, the PowerDash by Hoover is a spot cleaning machine that proves to be very effective if you have pets.

Everything it uses to clean the carpet is pet friendly as well as efficient. Instead of cleaning the carpet with a combination of cold water and solution, the PowerDash cleans the carpet with a combination of warm water and solution, reducing the time it takes to dry by a lot. Instead of waiting the usually 8 to 10 hours for carpets cleaned with standard cleaner to dry, you’ll only need to wait about 4 with the PowerDash.

The PowerDash is also compatible with any kind of carpet cleaning solution that Hoover sells, making it extremely versatile. This makes it possible for the PowerDash to clean up spots as well as entire carpets.

There are two glaring issues with the PowerDash, and the first is that you need cleaning solution in order for it to do anything. This can be inconvenient, especially since it only comes with a very small amount of solution. Prepare to either order it with cleaning solution, or plan to pick up some cleaning solution down the road.

Even though the PowerDash is small, it is still bound by a cord. It would be much better than it already is if it were cordless.

Proheat 2x Revolution by Bissell

Like with all carpet cleaners made by Bissell, the Proheat Revolution is suitable for pets and they will not be affected by its cleaning system.

On top of that, it also contains certain settings that specialize in eliminating pet odors and some pet stains. It contains something called the CleanShot Pretreater, which can be applied to any given pet urine stain before physically cleaning to remove the stain. This is best done if the urine stain is fresh, as the Proheat Revolution will eliminate it almost instantly.

Perhaps the best thing about the Proheat Revolution is how unbelievably fast the carpets it cleans can dry. Most common carpet cleaners take right around 8 hours to dry. If you clean a carpet with the Proheat Revolution, expect your carpet to be dry in 1 hour. Not 8, not 4, but one. This is outstanding and perfect for anybody who does not want to wait all day for their carpet to dry.

The only thing that could possibly be considered drawbacks of the Proheat Revolution are the fact that it does require separate cleaning solutions, not unlike any other carpet cleaner. While this is to be expected, it can still be inconvenient.

Another thing that could turn people off is how big the Proheat Revolution is. Because it has so many components and is so powerful, it weighs a lot. If you are looking for a carpet spot cleaner that you can carry around easier, skip the Proheat Revolution.

Pet stain eraser by Bissell

If you do not need a major carpet cleaning device or just need something to clean pet stains and pet stains alone, you’ll get a lot out of Bissell’s pet stain eraser.

The Pet Stain Eraser is not a big carpet cleaner. It resembles a hand vacuum, but the difference is that it has a scrubber as well as a suction on the end. When it is turned on, formula is pumped outside of the scrubber which targets the stain. The suction does what any hand vacuum would do.

Like any other hand vacuum, the Pet Stain Eraser is cordless, compact, and can be taken anywhere. This is perfect for anybody who has pets and who also lives on several floors. It can be a pain to take your floor cleaner upstairs just so you can remove a fresh pet stain. This is not an issue with the Pet Stain Eraser.

However, prepare to empty the tank of the Pet Stain Eraser a lot if you do intend to use it for pet stains. It can only hold 8 ounces, so if you are using this to clean the stains from multiple pets, you will need to be aware that the Pet Stain Eraser can only do so much.


Whether you need to clean an entire carpet or just one area of the carpet, there is something for everyone. You just need to be able to find the right kind of cleaner that fits your situation best.

There are many cleaners that can do this, and they are all worth exploring and comparing each other to. One thing to keep in mind that in many cases, these cleaners will require some kind of solution or cleaning formula.

This is because carpets are designed to absorb things, and this is why stains must be handled immediately. If they are not, then stains can affect a lot more than just your carpet itself.

Do not let stains ruin anything for you. Choose the right carpet spot cleaning machine and get to cleaning.