5 Best Cordless Floor & Carpet Sweeper – Reviews 2019

When looking for the best cordless sweeper, everyone want one convenient, fast and easy to use mop, ideal for cleaning floors and carpets. Because of its swivel head, it is reliable enough to move around furniture to manage to sweep off any dirt on the floor.

Furthermore, the issue of power is crucial, as it store charge.

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Before Buying, 3 factors you must need to consider 

  1. Durability: Ensuring durability is important . Make sure you are going to pick a cordless vacuum sweeper that is made from top-level material for added durability.
  2. The price: The price for quality cordless sweeper range from less than $20 to $100 generally. But you can buy other high end sweeper which come with more advanced features. Buy something based on your operational requirements. Always going to find the cheap is not a good strategy.
  3. Versatility: How many floor surfaces can the sweeper handle? There are wide range of sweepers in the market. Some sweeper included manual, electric, brush-less and brushed sweeper etc.

Here is a list of 5 best codeless sweepers in the market right now

1. Shark rechargeable floor and carpet sweeper (V2950)

The Shark Rechargeable floor and carpet cleaner narrowly sneaks its way to 1st on the list for its efficiency. It is particularly good at getting dust and debris out of carpets, compared with most other cordless models.

Sweeping is not always an enjoyable exercise, as such, when you use this product, the job is stress-free.With all the features involved, you do not need one cordless sweeper for your carpet and another for your floor when you have this one on your hand.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the size of debris as you sweep when using the shark rechargeable floor and carpet sweeper. With a container capacity of 1.8qt, you can use it more than once before you empty this cordless sweeper. You can navigate through furniture without moving them and will effortlessly sweep without breaking a sweat. Only downside is, it’s slightly heavier and louder. The battery charge remains 20 minutes.

The Reason of Choosing it

  • Has an edge-cleaning squeegee that helps pick up debris along the wall with little effort.
  • Also has a 2-speed brush roll.
  • The brush roll is powerful and motorized. This power helps you sweep any size or type of debris. Has a 2speed button with a run time of 55 minutes
  • The swivel steering is lightweight and provides for easy maneuverability while working on any surface.
  • Has a 1.8qt container capacity

2. OnTel Products SWSMAX Max Cordless Swivel Sweeper

The special benefits of this product is the removable bristles. This feature helps the customer assuring that their house remains dust free. Nobody want to have previous debris when using a cordless sweeper. Sweeping is no longer a headache with Max’s Swivel Sweeper. You do not have to move furniture to clean them due to its flat design.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about buying new bristles every time you use this product as you can remove them and clean them. Overall, it is an excellent product.  If all those features seem more important to you, grab this Ontel product instead of the Shark.

The Reason of Choosing it

  • No messy and expensive bags required
  • Max’s swivel sweeper has brushes that spin at 4000rpm
  • The flat nature of this product allows you to fit it under couches, tables and other areas that are hard to clean
  • Bristles are reusable, cleanable, and removable.
  • It is cordless and rechargeable
  • Has a low profile design making it easy to clean under furniture

3. Electronic Floor Sweeper by LIGHT ‘N’ EASY

Naturally, you want the best cordless sweeper that will provide ergonomic features.

The Electric Floor Sweeper provides this as well as 40 minutes of sweeping in one charge. The powerful double brushes are effective in cleaning hard floors or carpeted floors in your home.

The lock design allows you to shift the length of the handle to your height making it easier for you to clean your house while upright. Furthermore, the ergonomic handle provides comfort and relaxation while using this product. It runs quietly; therefore, those customers with babies no longer have worries about waking their sleeping baby. Its ergonomic design and the adjustable handle made most clients just love sweeping the home.

The Reason of Choosing it

  • The double roller brushes are powerful and easy to use
  • Allows 40 minutes of effortless cleaning in one charge
  • Easy to empty as it has a magnetic dust container
  • Has an ergonomic handle that makes sweeping relaxing
  • Has a lock design for the handle pole. You can lock it at a length that is most comfortable for you.
  • Foot controlled power button

4. Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo, Grey

With the Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo, you get a cordless sweeper that can run up to 60 minutes while cordless.

The top loading container is easy to remove once dirt accumulates. You can also expect quiet running as it does not use suction.

Additionally, you get a slim design that will help you reach those hard to reach areas in your home. You can clean rugs using this cordless sweeper; other cordless sweepers use suction that could suck up the rug’s material.

Furthermore, it is a lightweight cordless sweeper with no vacuum that helps clean almost all surfaces. The fact that it will not suck up material from your area rugs has made this cordless sweeper a favorite to many customers. Therefore, when looking for the best cordless sweeper, consider the list above and smile each day to the sweeping task that was previously stressful.

The Reason of Choosing it

  • Can run for 60 minutes cordless
  • Used to clean rugs, carpets, and hard floors
  • Motorized sweeper, it does not work like a vacuum
  • No suction in the product

5. OnTel SWSMAX Max Sweeper 

If you are looking for a cordless sweeper that will clean all floor type from all sides, this is the brush for you. Use it to get up to 33% more power over previous version.

With four quad brush technologies, you do not need to worry about leaving out debris. It cleans from all sides. This rechargable & lightweight and makes your sweeping task easier. The removable bristles help you clean it up after use.

The 360-degree swivel allows you to use without much movement. The drop hatch for this product makes it easy to empty.

The Reason of Choosing it

  • Reusable, Removable with cleanable bristles
  • Good for picking up pet hair
  • 360-degree swivel make your job much easier
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Quad brush technology to ensure superior quality
  • Available in different colors
  • Cleans all surface types

Advantages of using an industrial sweeper

What can we cite as advantages of using a industrial vacuum ? The reality is that they are enough but we are going to mention 3 very relevant for the professional cleaning sector.

1. Time saving

time saving while using sweeper

The use of a sweeper helps optimize time when performing a task. Sweeping large surfaces manually may require considerable time, especially if you intend to do well, or a higher number of people engaged in that task and not another. With the use of this cleaning machinery perform the task will need less time.

2. Get better cleaning, especially on uneven surfaces

The brushes of the sweepers can cover and arrive more easily to the nooks and crannies that can be in uneven floors making cleaning them easy. In short, they are perfect for cleanings on thin, irregular, metallic or other materials.

3. Economic savings

When you think about acquiring an industrial sweeper, you think about the economic outlay that can be assumed at the moment but there are more benefits that we obtain in the medium term since, it allows us to save in the time that the staff uses to perform a task that can not be done In addition, we can also clean more surfaces in less time and are usually teams that last for many years without breaking if used properly.

Without a doubt, if your company is cleaning large areas, do not hesitate, the sweeper will help you improve service and work.