9 Best Cross Stitch Lap Stand to Buy in 2021: Ultimate Picks

Cross-stitching and embroidery crafts are not for the faint-hearted. It takes passion, taste, and an eye for detail to bring beautiful projects to life on fabric. Working cross-shaped stitches on to tiled fabrics also takes time. This can be challenging not just for newbies but even experienced hands. The best cross stitch lap stands can give you more control over the process. Cross-Stitch lap stands can help you focus on minor details in your patterns. And, you’ll still be able to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

Do You Need A Cross Stitch Frame?

Cross-Stitching is more of a journey than a race. Cross-Stitch lap stands won’t quicken this journey but will make it less of a drag. They come in various shapes and sizes. A cross stitch lap stand stretch your fabric at the center. This creates some even tension that makes the material easier to stitch.

Most cross-stitching lap stands allow you to position the frame at the desired angle. This ensures you get all the light you need to see all the details. Working designs into fabrics take hundreds of hours. Holding onto a frame for such a long period may take a toll on your arms and hands.

So, the best cross-stitch lap stand is one that holds the frame in place for you to work your magic. Some of these stands can also sit on your lap. This makes it easier to turn your fabric if you need to work in a different area.

Therefore, the best-cross stitch lap stand depends on your preferred style. Luckily, they come in various shapes and sizes. So, you can choose the one that works within your budget and preferred style.

Let’s have a look at some of the best cross-stitch lap stands;

Brief Overview of Best Cross Stitch Lap Stands

9 Best Cross Stitch Lap Stands Reviews For 2021

Frank Edmunds & Co.’s Universal Craft Cross-Stitch Lap Stand, 6111

Frank A. Edmunds Universal Craft Stand, 6111
  • Flip Degree: 360
  • Material Construction: Premium American Hardwood
  • Size: 37.5 inches
  • Hands-Free Option: Yes
  • Standout Features: Designed to hold most types of embroidery frames

Frank A Edmunds & Co. produce some of the best knitting accessories in the world. The Universal Craft Cross-Stitch Lap Stand, 6111, is one of their top sellers. It’s made of premium American hardwood and stands at the height of 37.5 inches.

This Cross-Stitch Lap Stand comes with several cross frames, hoops, and stretcher bars of various sizes. You can easily fit any frame since it has easy-to-adjust yokes. You can rotate it to accommodate large frames and rotate it 360-degrees to work with hoops. A plastic knob makes adjusting the height a breeze, and you can fold it down for storage.


  1. Stable platform
  2. Easy to store
  3. Ideal for left and right-handed users


  1. Has loads of nuts and bolts
  2. Need constant adjustments

Needlework Floor-Standing Cross-Stitch Lap Stand

Needlework Floor-Standing Type Stand with Adjustable Frame Made of Organic Beech Wood Tapestry Cross Stitch Embroidery Frame Holder (15.7' x 22')
  • Flip Degree: 360
  • Material Construction: Organic Beech Wood
  • Size: 15.75×22.05×37 inches
  • Hands-Free Option: Yes
  • Standout Features: It has a subtle splitter-free finish.

Needlework floor-standing cross-stitch lap stand is made from 100% ethically sourced beech wood. It comes with plastic frame holders that make fixing and removing your canvas easier. This cross-stitch lap stand is ideal for beadwork, leatherwork, cross-Stitch, and most needlepoint crafts.

The scroll frame on this cross-stitch lap stand allows you to roll your canvas with ease as you work. It supports most frames, so you won’t need to get them from the same company. Best of all, it’s easy to assemble without the need for any specialized tools.


  1. Suitable for large pieces
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Excellent customer care


  1. Fabric need re-tightening as you work
  2. Takes up a lot of space

Images Stitchery Design Cross-Stitch Lap stand

Images Stitchery Design DOOD Doodlin' Around Designs The Doodler Stitch Frame
  • Flip Degree: 180
  • Material Construction: American hardwood
  • Size: 2 x 7.45 x 21.75 inches
  • Hands-Free Option: Yes

Standout Features: Handmade Cross-stitch lap stand

This cross-stitch lap stand is ideal for those that like a classic touch to their embroidery tools. It’s small enough to fit on a table or your lap. And the frame is articulated to tilt 180-degrees. This makes cross-stitch, punch work, and other needlecraft easier.

The mounting system has wooden scroll bars that hold your fabric tight. So, you won’t need tape or other messy adhesives. This cross-stitch lap stand is easy to assemble and use. You could get cracking just 10 minutes after removing it from the pack.


  1. Straightforward mounting system
  2. Highly adjustable
  3. Fine craftsmanship


  1. Premium price point
  2. It Doesn’t support embroidery hoops

BWRMHME Gift Dia28cm Cross Stitch Lap Stand

BWRMHME Beechwood Embroidery Frame, Desk Standing Embroidery Hoop with 11Inch Hoop Cross Stitch Frame Mother Gift
  • Flip Degree: 360
  • Material Construction: multi-ply wood
  • Size: 11.42 x 11.81 x 18.11 inches
  • Hands-Free Option: Yes
  • Standout Features: rotatable cross-stitch stand that supports various embroidery hoops

The BWRMHME Gift Dia28cm Cross Stitch Lap Stand is one of the most affordable frames you can find. Its assembly is easy because there are only for parts to this frame. It’s made from plywood and can handle most loops you throw its way.

This makes it suitable for casual hobbies or people that are dipping their feet into the craft. There are few moving parts, so it’s less cumbersome to use. The major drawback to this cross-stitch frame is that it can’t support most square or rectangular frames.


  1. Supports hoops
  2. 360-degree rotation
  3. Few moving parts


  1. Flimsy for some
  2. Plywood construction

Size Adjustable Round cross-stitch stand

Adjustable Embroidery Hoop Stand, Hands-Free Wooden Cross Stitch Stand Holder for DIY Craft Sewing, Easy Operation Lifesaver Embroidery Supplies
  • Flip Degree: 360
  • Material Construction: Beech Wood
  • Size: 23.8 x 5.1 x 2 inches
  • Hands-Free Option: Yes
  • Standout Features: Simple adjustment controls makes it ideal for lazy cross-stitching

You can adjust this cross stitch lap stand to fit any hoop size. It has a reversed scroll frame that holds mounted frames securely in place. This beechwood frame holder has that natural feel and will outlast any plastic cross stitch lap stands. It fits comfortably on your laps, and you could even use it in bed for those lazy days.

The scroll frame has a 360-degree flip. So you can keep track of both sides of your frameset. It comes with a comprehensive user guide that shows you how to set up all the parts. And, you also get a limited warranty on parts and factory defects.


  1. Easy to operate
  2. Fine finished
  3. Easy to store


  1. Takes ages to set up
  2. Unstable support

HEALLILY 2 Set Wooden Cross Stitch Lap Stand

HEALLILY 2 Set Wooden Embroidery Hoop Stand Rotatable Adjustable Cross Stitch Hoop Ring Round Embroidery Lap Frame for DIY Craft Embroidery Sewing Diameter 18cm 21cm
  • Flip Degree: 360
  • Material Construction: Beechwood
  • Size: 8.27×2.27×17.72 inches & 7.1×7.1×17.72 inches
  • Hands-Free Option: yes
  • Standout Features: reversed scroll frame hoop lap stand with an adjustable height

This is a practical height adjustable cross stitch lap stand. It gives users unfettered 3-dimensional access to their canvas. You can use this wooden frame for cross-stitching, embroidery, and any sewing DIY craft. Each set features a wooden frame rack and an embroidery hoop.

The frame rack can hold most embroidery hoops. And, you can adjust the height so you can continue to do your favorite craft from anywhere. This frame also comes with a detailed instructional manual that will guide you as you set it up.


  1. 3D frame rotation
  2. Detailed user manual
  3. Chemical-free wooden frame


  1. Complicated setup instructions
  2. It Doesn’t work with most square frames

Morgan Combo 7″ & 10″ Hoops Cross Stitch Lap Stand

Morgan Lap Stand Combo 7' & 10' Hoops (Packaging may vary)
  • Flip Degree: 180
  • Material Construction: plastic
  • Size: 10.4 x 0.95 x 14.25 inches
  • Hands-Free Option: Yes
  • Standout Features: A Cross-stitch lap stand that connects two canvases.

This Morgan combo cross stitch stand allows you to do the most complex projects. It features 2 plastic hoop frames (7″ & 10″). Each frame is connected to the other by three connecting rods. But, you can fit other frame sizes onto this plastic frame. It’s Unique tongue Features non-slip hoops that hold on tightly to any canvas that’s mounted on the frame.

Using this plastic frame can also help prevent neck pain. This is because of the elevation on the hoop. You won’t have to bend down so far as you try to see tiny details as you work. You can collapse this frame for storage though you have to insert the stand every time you want to use a different hoop.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Ideal for small detail-oriented cross stitch


  1. Wobbly frame support
  2. Unsuitable for large canvases

Frank Edmunds & Co.’s Adjustable Table & Lap Stand with Scroll Frame, 5850

Frank A. Edmunds 5850 Adjustable Lap & Table Stand with Scroll Frame, 8.5' X 24'
  • Flip Degree: 360
  • Material Construction: Premium American beech wood
  • Size: 25.5 x 2 x 4 inches
  • Hands-Free Option: Yes
  • Standout Features: Freestanding frame support that you can tilt to various angles

This is the cross stitch stand you should go for if you’re looking for convenience. It features a large mounting surface, which gives you more control over the design process. This makes it perfect for working in bed, at a table, watching TV, or even on a train.

The large split frame on this cross stitch lap stand comes at 8.5 by 24 inches. This holds larger pieces of fabrics tightly and won’t leave scuff marks even on leather. It stands at 14 inches off the ground, so none of your projects get dirty as you work.


  1. Ideal for small spaces
  2. Durable
  3. Height and width adjustable


  1. Complicated setup
  2. Wingnuts and bolts may break the frame

LQKYWNA Adjustable Wood Cross Stitch lap stand

LQKYWNA Adjustable Wood Cross Stitch Frame Craft Stand Needlework Holder Embroidery Lap & Table Standing Type Stand for Art Craft Sewing & Hanging
  • Flip Degree: 360
  • Material Construction: Hardwood
  • Size: 8.27 x 9.65 x 17.72 inches
  • Hands-Free Option: Yes
  • Standout Features: Large width and height-adjustable stand and scroll frame

The LQKYWNA Adjustable Wood Cross-Stitch lap stand delivers a lot at such a reasonable price point. It’s made from sturdy Oak that’s sanded and polished down to smooth perfection. Such material construction makes it more durable and less prone to abrasion. This cross stitch stand is easy to install. All you need to do is line up the wooden frames to the plastic bits.

This cross stitch lap stand features a circular roller frame and a 360 panel for a 360-degree flip angle. You can adjust it to any angle or position. This allows you to work faster and relieves any spinal pressure, assuring you of comfort as you work for hours.


  1. Professional design
  2. Ideal for huge or multiple canvases
  3. Wide width and height adjustment


  1. Unlabeled components
  2. Lacks a setup guide

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cross-stitch Lap Stand

Cross stitching is a delicate and time-consuming art. It requires a lot of patience and attention to detail to bring your projects to life. So, comfort and the ability to work from anywhere are crucial to making it a fun experience.

Consider the following factors when choosing the best cross stitch lap stand for a less stressful experience;

The Flip Degree

The Flip Degree of a lap stand frame holder determines how much of the canvas you can see as you work. Most of the frame holders on this list feature a 360 flip degree. Such a feature ensures you can access the rear and the front of the fabric. This comes in handy, especially when a piece requires tacking stitches.

The Material

The material used in constructing a cross-stitch lap stand can give you a clue as to its durability.

The Size

The Size of a cross-stitch lap stand is a subjective issue. It depends on where you want to work and how much space you have. Fortunately, the list features frame holders and stands of various sizes, so it’s merely a matter of opting for what works best for you.

Hands-Free Options

Hands-Free Options on a cross-stitch lap stand is another vital consideration. You’ll work faster if none of both of your hands are free to work on your project.


Adjustability comes in two forms. These are height and width. The good news is that most of the frame holders on this list feature either or both types of adjustments.

What is the Best Way to Use a Cross-stitch Lap Stand?

A cross stitch lap stand ensures that both your hands are free to work on your projects. After taking the cross stitch lap stand from the packaging, the first thing you want is to learn how to assemble it. Most of these products come with easy to follow guides. But, it’s still an intuitive process even without detailed instructions.

As soon as the stand is set up, it’s wise to take some time to familiarize yourself with the adjustment knobs, tension rods, and other components. Once you know how to operate the cross stitch stand, you can mount your canvas. From here on, you can expect to finish your projects in a shorter time with less physical strain and mental anguish.

Cross-Stitch Lap Stand or Table Stand?

After considering all the features, a cross-stitch lap stand seems like a viable alternative to a table stand. For one, It allows you to recline and work with comfort from anywhere.

Most of the products on the list are freestanding. Some are so compact that you can rest them on your laps and continue working on your projects even as you travel.


Settling on the best cross stitch lap stand is challenging, even for seasoned professionals. The market is also full of products that range from premium quality to knock-off designs. We hope this product review and handy buyer’s guide will guide you to a solid purchase.

If you only look at the price tag, you may miss the value a cross-stitch stand can deliver. So, please take some time to compare various brands for the best results. That way, you can invest in a product that will enrich your hobby or deliver an excellent return on investment.