Best Floor Scrubber Reviews

Nothing is more tedious than scrubbing a floor.

Whether you are on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor manually, using a mop, or some other method, nobody looks forward to scrubbing the floor.

It’s a task that nobody wants to do. If we all had our choice, none of us would ever scrub the floor ever again.

This is why we hire maids and other cleaning service personnel to scrub our floors for us. However, this can be very expensive, and it is much cheaper to clean and scrub the floor yourself.

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a floor scrubber that cleans the floor quickly, so you can move onto more important things? Of course it would.

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Floor Scrubbers: A buying guide

There are a few things you should consider before replacing your maid with a floor scrubber. One of the worst things you can do is buy a floor scrubber sight unseen.

The first thing to consider is what your floor is made of. Some scrubbers are designed for certain floors, and this is one thing that you need to be aware of.

Whether the scrubber is cordless or not is the second thing to consider. If you have a big home with two floors, it would be a good idea to possess a cordless scrubber, for example.

The strength of the scrubber is the third thing that you should consider. If you are in a home with floors that get very dirty, you’ll obviously need a stronger scrubber. However, you will need to sacrifice a few other features for this particular scrubber.

The final thing you should consider is how the scrubber operates. Some of them operate similar to a vacuum cleaner, and some of them operate like a buffing cleaner, gyrating as it cleans. While the former is pretty common, the latter can get some getting used to.

6 Floor Scrubber Reviews

#1 Gloss Boss Mini Scrubber and Polisher by Pullman-Holt

Anybody who needs a floor scrubber for a small room will get a lot out of the Gloss Boss. At only 7 pounds, it is extremely light and can be easy to carry around and store. Because of its size, it is also easy to use it in a small room.

The brushes on the bottom of the Gloss Boss are also very powerful for its size, being able to clean much more efficiently than other cleaners of its size. It has interchangeable pads for multiple surfaces as well. This obviously makes it a top choice for any building that has floors with multiple surfaces.

Most floor scrubbers use certain cleaning solutions that are loaded into the machine. This can be troublesome and inconvenient. Fortunately, the Gloss Boss has no such thing. You can simply spray whatever cleaning solution you need onto the surface you are cleaning it with. And because of its size, doing this is easy.

The pads that the Gloss Boss uses can be pretty problematic. Swapping them out for cleaning different surfaces can be a tedious chore. Also, the Gloss Boss is not cordless, so if you were intending to use it for a larger home or office, you might want to go with something cordless.

#2 Floormate Deluxe Hardfloor cleaner by Hoover

When it comes to floors that need a heavy-duty cleaning, the Floormate will prove to be very effective. It’s spinscrub technology allows it to scrub hard floors from all angles. The brushes themselves gently scrub the surface while still cleaning deep into the surface.

A lot of floor scrubbers use their own cleaning solutions in their operation. This uses water, and it can be pretty tedious to always keep emptying the remains of the solution after every use. Fortunately, the Floormate has two separate tanks, so you’ll always know which tank to empty after every use. It will also allow you to use the cleaner a little longer.

The Floormate also has a dry mode, which is very useful for right after you have cleaned the floor. It can take a long time for a floor to dry after being cleaned, and the dry mode will make things much easier.

Anybody who wants a floor scrubber for a smaller room will need to look elsewhere, as the Floormate is very large and is not really designed for smaller rooms at all. Its size makes it very difficult to maneuver, and it will not be effective in small spaces at all.

Another reason the Floormate will disappoint in smaller areas is the fact that it is not cordless. This will make it difficult for anyone who wants to carry it around to clean different rooms.

#3 Electric Spin Scrubber, Cordless Tub and Tile Scrubber by Homitt

A common complaint that many have about floor scrubbers is that they can only clean floors. It is very rare to see a scrubber that can not only clean multiple surfaces, but also multiple fixtures of a room.

Homitt’s electric spin scrubber is easily one of the most versatile and lightweight scrubbers in existence. It has four different brush heads that can reach even the smallest areas. It’s possible to clean spaces as small as tubs with Homitt’s scrubber.

However, Homitt’s scrubber can also clean floors, and its cordless capabilities make it easy to carry anywhere. Additionally, the scrubber will last very long when fully charged. This makes it very ideal for cleaning multiple rooms.

Compared to a lot of other floor scrubbers, Homitt’s scrubber is not as powerful. It doesn’t use the solutions that other scrubbers have. This means that in order to clean with it, you can either dip the scrubber in water or spray down the surface that you want to clean. While this is simple to do, it is still somewhat inconvenient.

The extremely small and compact size of Homitt’s scrubber makes it pretty flimsy. Unlike most other scrubbers which are pretty sturdy in their design, Hommit’s scrubber is not. Handle it with care.

#4 Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine by Oreck

If you are cleaning a very large area, Oreck’s floor scrubber will prove itself very useful. It contains a 50 foot power cord, allowing it to be plugged in virtually anywhere in the room. It won’t be necessary to change outlets with Oreck’s floor machine at all.

The power cord can be plugged into an extension cord to make it stretch even longer. If you need to clean a gymnasium or other type of arena, Oreck’s floor scrubber is very idea.

Because it is an oscillating unit, Oreck’s floor machine will require you to swap out pads and brushes. However, doing this is much easier than with most similar machines. It uses a brush that will clean and a pad that will buff. This is much different and better than other oscillating units that use multiple pads and brushes.

The orbital drive from Oreck’s floor scrubber oscillates up to 175 RPM. This makes it very powerful, which is ideal for what kind of room it is intended for use in.

Oscillating units can get some getting used to, and if you do not have experience with oscillating floor scrubbers, you will struggle with Oreck’s scrubber. It also does not dispense solution into the brush or pad like with most standard floor scrubbers, and to clean anything, you’ll need to get the floor ready with your cleaning solution of choice first. This can make cleaning a little more tedious than necessary.

#5 All-in-one Floor Cleaner, Scrubber, and Polisher by Ewbank

Buffing scrubbers are usually oscillating units, which can require a certain rhythm in handling the oscillation to use properly. Most of these oscillating units are also much too big for a smaller room and difficult to store.

Ewbank’s floor scrubber takes the strength and efficiency of a common buffing scrubber that is ideal for a large arena, and packs it into a much smaller unit. While the brushes and pads on the bottom of it oscillate, you can move Ewbank’s floor machine as if it is a vacuum, making it easier on anybody who does not experience using the big professional grade buffing floor scrubbers.

Ewbank’s scrubber is not cordless, although its size suggests that it could and should be. It’s unfortunate that it is not, because if it was, it would be perfect for almost any home with hard surface floors.

Another thing that can be improved are the pads. Ewbank’s scrubber requires multiple pads for the surfaces that it can clean, and this can get very disorganized and tedious for anybody who does want to clean multiple surfaces with it.

#6 Electric cordless power spin scrubber with extension handle by Alldio

If you are looking for something that can clean almost any hard surface in very small areas, look no further than Alldio’s floor scrubber. Aside from being cordless, Alldio’s scrubber is very light and compact. It is possible to clean walls and even ceilings with this floor scrubber.

This is possible due to the extension handle that Alldio’s spin scrubber possesses, which will allow much longer reaching capabilities than most other floor scrubbers. If you are looking for a scrubber that will clean underneath drawers or even beds, then your search has ended with Alldio’s scrubber.

It does not take long to charge the battery for Alldio’s scrubber, taking only 2 and a half hours to go from a dead battery to a complete charge. Again, Alldio’s floor scrubber is cordless and light, so you can literally take it anywhere.

Alldio does suffer from being almost too versatile. While it can clean almost any surface, it requires a different pad for each, which can get very annoying and tedious. There are five different scrubbing pads and while it is not difficult to change them, it is not necessary to do this with a number of floor scrubbers, even ones that are similar to this.


Floor scrubbers can do a lot of things, and it can be overwhelming to look through all the possibilities and compare them to your current situation.

Your decision should depend on what kind of floors you need to clean and how big the area. While some of the smaller and cordless floor scrubbers are indeed powerful, if can be difficult to use them in a large room because of their limited battery life.

On the other hand, getting a massive, industrial size floor scrubber can be futile if you need to clean small rooms. For a small room, you can easily use a smaller cordless floor scrubber.

While these examples are obvious, there are other things you should weigh before making a decision on a floor scrubber.