8 Best Fondue Pot For a Buyer Reviews in 2021

Are you tired of having the same things for dessert every night? Well, a fondue night could provide a way to mix it up and titillate those taste buds. For that, you’ll need the best fondue pot in the market. Fortunately, fondue pots come in various shapes and sizes.

You could even get an exciting fondue set or fountain. It all depends on how much you’re willingg to splurge. So, please read on if you’re passionate about expanding your culinary experiences. We’re sure this amazon best 8 list and handy buyer’s guide will provide something that will meet your needs at both cost and scale.

Do You Need A Special Pot For Fondue?

Yes, it would help if you had a special pot to add a little more flair and excitement to fondue night. A fondue pot set makes things easier. It comes with a stable supply of heat and all the accessories you need to create a special dining experience.

If you don’t have a fondue pot set, you’d be constantly distracted with keeping the melted chocolate or cheese warm. This increases the chances of burning the cheese. But, this is not the case with fondue pots. Such appliances keep the chocolate and cheese at a constant temperature, which frees you to focus on your date or family fondue night.

The benefits of having the best fondue pot set are manifold. So, for now, let’s focus on some of the best fondue pots in the market.

Quick Overview of The Best Fondue Pots in 2021

What Is The Best Fondue Pot To Buy: Top 8 Reviews

Cuisinart Brushed Stainless Electric Fondue Maker

Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker, 6.12-Inch x 10.50-Inch x 7.00-Inch, Brushed Stainless

  • Material: brushed stainless steel
  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • No of Forks: 8
  • Energy source: electric
  • Capacity: 96 oz.
  • Standout Features: gets to 375 degrees in 15 minutes or less. So, no need to pre-heat any ingredients.

We kick off the list with one of amazon’s best fondue pots. The Cuisinart Brushed Stainless Electric Fondue Maker adds loads of convenience to your dining experiences. It has a mirror finished exterior and a non-stick exterior. The rim comes with notches that fold the folks in place.

It’s good for cheese or chocolate fondue. And, its temperature control system makes it ideal for warming chilies, broils, or anything you’d like. This fondue pot set also features a removable electric cord and temperature probe. This means you can pop the other components in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.


  1. Dishwasher safe
  2. Impressive capacity
  3. Straightforward temperature control


  1. Scratch-prone interior
  2. Loose fork support

Swissmar Cheese Fondue Pot Set

Swissmar Cheese Fondue Sets - Includes Ceramic Pots, Rechauds, Six (6) Fondue Forks, Fondue Burner, and Recipe Card (Swissmar Gruyere Fondue Set)

  • Material: ceramic
  • Brand: Swissmar
  • No of Forks: 6
  • Energy source: wrought iron rechaud gel burner
  • Capacity: 89.6
  • Standout Features: durable wrought iron finish with clean gel heating system.

The Swissmar Cheese Fondue Pot Set is one of the most authentic products on the list. It’s made from a durable, enameled wrought iron material that retains heat. So, you can pop it right onto a stove without worrying about damaging it. It fondues meat or fruit with such ease.

This fondue pot set also features a gel fueled rechaud gel burner, so you can even have cheese or chocolate fondue on a picnic or any outdoor event. The rim has three tines, and it comes with six fondue forks. This fondue pot has a capacity of 89.6 oz. So, you can use this set to warm up sauces, coffee, or anything you’d like to serve hot.


  1. Excellent heat retention
  2. Beautifully finished
  3. Stress-free cleaning


  1. Rechaud fuel sold separately
  2. Lacks color corded forks

Trudeau Alto 3-in-1 Electric Fondue Set

Trudeau Alto 3-in-1 Electric Fondue Set, 81 Ounce, Silver

  • Material: Mirror finish stainless steel
  • Brand: Trudeau
  • No of Forks: 6
  • Energy source: 1500 W electric burner
  • Capacity: 81 oz.
  • Standout Features: 1500 watt heat source that can handle high-temperature cooking.

The Trudeau Alto 3-in-1 Electric Fondue Set offers more than a traditional fondue pot can handle. It has a powerful heating system with the perfect temperature control system. However, you have to handle it with care to avoid burning your cheese or chocolate fondue. This makes it great for meat, fruit, marshmallows, or any type of fondue.

You can use the pot to make any type of fondue to perfection. The base also features an effective thermostat. And, you can release the power cord when you need to wipe to clean. The fondue forks and pots are dishwasher safe. Alternatively, you can hand wash them with relative ease.


  1. Versatile application
  2. Adequate capacity
  3. Easy to maintain


  1. Tricky temperature control
  2. Folks don’t stay in place

Boska Holland Tealight Fondue Set

Boska Holland Tealight Fondue Set, For Cheese or Chocolate, Tapas, 400 mL Black, Pro Collection

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Brand: Boska
  • No of Forks: 4
  • Energy source: tealight candles
  • Capacity: 13.5 oz.
  • Standout Features: microwave-safe ceramic fondue pot

Imagine sipping on fine wine with some soft music in the air while dipping savory meat or fruit dipped in cheese or chocolate. The only thing that’s missing is a classy fondue pot set. Well, you don’t have to imagine that with this Boska Holland Tealight Fondue Set. This ceramic fondue pot features a tealight burner that adds a spark of romance to any fondue night.

You don’t even have to worry about scrubbing it clean after a lovely evening as it’s dishwasher safe. What if you want to Netflix and chill to some fondue? Well, you can pop this pot into the microwave, and your cheese or chocolate will be ready in less than 10 minutes.


  1. Microwavable
  2. Dishwasher safe
  3. Easy to use


  1. Tealight fuel sold separately
  2. No temperature control

Nostalgia CFF986 Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Nostalgia CFF986 32-Ounce Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain, 2-Pound Capacity, Easy to Assemble 4 Tiers, Perfect For Nacho Cheese, BBQ Sauce, Ranch, Liqueurs

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Brand: Nostalgia
  • No of Forks: none
  • Energy source: electric
  • Capacity: 32 oz.
  • Standout Features: The temperature probe features an auger to ensure warm chocolate cascades down the four tiers.

Indulge your primal chocolatier urges with the Nostalgia CFF986 Stainless Steel Chocolate Fondue Fountain. Its heated steel bowl holds up to two pounds of chocolate that cascades down for tiers. You can use it for cheese, gravy, or any type of sauce as well.

This fondue fountain features two switches, One for the heating bowl, the other for the motor. It’s easy to assemble and store. You can pop the non-electric components in the dishwasher after a memorable dining experience.


  1. Ideal for parties and corporate events
  2. Can dispense any liquid
  3. Easy to disassemble


  1. Hard to reach base
  2. Inconsistent temperature control

Norpro Cast Iron Fondue Pot Set

Norpro Cast Iron Fondue, 1 EA, Black

  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Brand: Norpro
  • No of Forks: 6
  • Energy source: candle burner
  • Capacity: 50.7 oz.
  • Standout Features: Durable cast iron construction that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Norpro is a Pacific Northwestern brand that has made a name in the kitchen wear game since 1973. This Norpro Cast Iron Fondue Pot Set captures the companies decades-old innovation and excellence in craftsmanship.

The set features a nostalgic candle burner, six forks, and a hardy cast iron pot. Each folk is color-coded with a wooden handle so you won’t singe your hands. It also comes with detailed setup instructions and a few recipes to get you started. This cast iron fondue pot is so robust that you can even set it up on a barbeque to add some delicious chocolate or cheese to your meat binge.


  1. Decent capacity
  2. Classic design
  3. Color coded folks


  1. Hand wash only
  2. Burner fuel sold separately

Good Cooking Deluxe Electric Dessert Fountain Fondue Pot

Chocolate Fondue Maker- Deluxe Electric Dessert Melting Fountain Fondue Pot Set with 4 Forks and Party Serving Tray Great for Parties

  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Good Cooking
  • No of Forks: 4
  • Energy source: Electric burner
  • Capacity: 12 oz.
  • Standout Features: simple design featuring removable dining trays

The Good Cooking Deluxe Electric Dessert Fountain Fondue Pot features the most compact design on the list. It has a 12 0unce capacity heating pan and on-board dining trays. This makes it ideal for up close and personal fondue date nights.

This fondue pot has a dial on the side for temperature control. You get 4 fondue folks with each purchase, which are adequate for simple date nights. You can even set it up next to the TV and enjoy a lazy night of dipping meat, fruit, or marshmallows into warm cheese or chocolate.


  1. Budget option
  2. Easy to use
  3. Easy to clean


  1. Plastic construction
  2. Low capacity

Oster Titanium Infused Duraceramic Fondue Pot + Maker

Oster Fondue Pot | Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Maker, Black

  • Material: Titanium Infused Duraceramic
  • Brand: Oster
  • No of Forks: 8
  • Energy source: electric (magnetic breakaway cord)
  • Capacity: 96 oz.
  • Standout Features: features a modified temperature control system that can heat anything

The Oster Titanium Infused Duraceramic Fondue Maker can handle anything you throw its way. This 96 oz. capacity 1500-watt fondue pot works 30% more effectively compared to related products. Its construction features an innovative fusion of clay and titanium. This means it’s non-stick down to the core and unlike most coated alternatives.

Such a wattage may sound like over-kill. Fortunately, you can dial it down to prevent your cheese or chocolate from overheating. The handle is made from heat diffusing material, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands. Best of all, the product is covered by a one year warranty.


  1. Fair price point
  2. Ideal for chocolate and cheese
  3. Stain-resistant interior


  1. Not dishwasher save
  2. Available only in 2 colors

Best Fondue Pot: FAQs

How Do I Choose A Fondue Pot?

Here are a few tips to help you settle on the best fondue pot that will meet your need at both cost and scale.

The Fondue pot’s capacity is an essential consideration to make before adding your item to the cart. A 2-ounce pot is ideal for home use, and you could opt for a smaller set if you don’t have too much company. However, you may need something bigger if you’re catering to a larger gathering.

The Temperature Control System varies with every fondue pot. Most modern pots feature electric probes and thermostats with control dials. Such features eliminate any guesswork, ensuring you don’t overheat the cheese or sauce. Even traditional fondue pots feature a manual burner regulator.

Folks and fondue skewers come in various shapes and sizes. But, it may be wise to opt for color-coded forks with wooden handles. A fondue pot set that doesn’t feature folks is not a deal-breaker as you could also fashion chop-sticks or wooden splints into suitable alternatives.

Accessories come in various forms. Some include recipe books, serving trays, cleaning tools, and so forth.

Safety Control Features include heat resistant handles, breakaway cords, and snuffers for manual burners. Such features are an essential consideration because fondue can be hotter than 70 degrees Celcius, and you wouldn’t want to cap a memorable fondue night in an emergency room.

How Many Fondue Pots Do I Need?

It all depends on how many people you’ve invited to your exclusive fondue sampling party. In most cases, one fondue pot will do as most come with 6 dippers. You could play with this ratio by adding a pot for each cluster of 6 guests.

A fondue fountain such as the nostalgia model featured on the list is more suited to cooperate events and large family gatherings.

Does a Fondue Pot Have Alternative Uses?

Fondue pots are best known for dispensing molten chocolate or gooey cheesy delights. However, you can whip out your set on other occasions.

Here’s a list of other creative uses of fondue sets;

  1. Tabletop deep frying
  2. Soup warmer
  3. Caramelizing s’mores
  4. Making tea, hot cocoa, or coffee
  5. Dishing out cocktail weenies
  6. DIY vapor deodorizer
  7. Serving Asian styled hot pot (Shabu – Shabu)


Settling on the best fondue pot is not that easy as you see. Each of these products is so pristine that we had a hard time finding any faults. So, it depends on your taste and flair around the kitchen. If hard-pressed, we’d pick the Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker as the best electric option. The SwissMar 9-Piece Cheese Fondue Set is probably the best traditional option on our list because everyone likes the feel and heat retention capacity of cast iron products.

But, we encourage you to be the judge of what works best for your situation. We hope this list and buyers guide will make the task that much easier.