Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100- Review for 2018

Knives are one of the important items in the kitchen. They help in carrying out some vital cutting tasks while cooking, to achieve a perfect delicacy. Unfortunately, that will not be the case, in a place where a perfect knife set is absent. So, what are some of these best kitchen knife sets?

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100

Here are 10 Kitchen Knifes for You Under $100 Price Range

  1. Cuisinart C77SS-17P 17-Piece Artiste Collection Cutlery Knife Block Set

This is an essential set of kitchen knife that saves on your kitchen space. It comes with 17 knives with a sharpness that is always maintained despite repeated use. The knives will never give in to rust, because of their stainless-steel blades. Their handles are always strong and long-lasting, thus saving you on maintenance cost. It is indeed a knife set you can bank on.

Delicately designed for both looks AND a wide variety of cutting tasks, the Cuisinart’s 17-piece set is one plucky bunch of knives you don’t want to miss out on.

To accommodate the various needs of chefs and cooks using this set, the Cuisinart designers made sure to incorporate the knives with both serrated edges (for cutting bread and pastries), and knives with paring edges suitable for cutting vegetables.

So, whatever you need to cut, hack, or slash, this set’s got it! A warm recommendation on our part.

  1. Cuisinart Contour Ceramic Sharper than Steel 4-Piece Knife

In need of a kitchen set, with all the kitchen essentials? Then this is the right pick. With the addition of scissors, you will be able to easily open various packages. The knives are so sharp and won’t succumb to rust either. Its knife block is so strong and of great quality. For an affordable price, you get to enjoy this quality knife set.

The package they come in looks rather simple, in all fairness, but once you’ve opened it up, you’ll see a bundle o’ knives that can easily be compared to some of their more expensive peers when it comes to quality.

If you opt for this set, you’ll also get the sheaths for both of the knives, meaning that you can store them away safely and don’t worry about them getting damaged. Of course, the fact that they’re made out of ceramics rather than steel means they won’t rust, even in a damp environment!

  1. Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Block Set

This set of knives assures you value for your money. They are significantly sharp, with a well-held edge. On holding them, you feel both balanced and solid in your hand. Solid metal has been used in making steak knives, hence and thus the handle will neither wobble loose nor have water stick to it after washing. If you choose their larger knives, you will not experience any handle challenges. Instead, they look impressive in your kitchen, with a sexy and sleek outlook.

Another great thing about this set that is worth noting would be that- there’s 18 of them! So, rest assured, whether you plan to delicately dissect a banana, or chop down a whale’s left fin, this particular set is all you’re going to need for the task ahead of you!

That being said, there are a couple of precautions related to these knives. First off, don’t ever use them to hack through bone, as this can damage their fine blades. (Use a clever for that or something more appropriate. A chainsaw maybe.) Secondly, don’t wash them in a dishwasher. This can create tiny nicks in the edges which will force you to grind them down more often than needed.

Other than these minor inconveniences, this set is a blast to work with! Couldn’t recommend it enough

  1. Chicago Cutlery Wellington 13-Piece Elegant Knife Block Set

As a chef in your home, you will need a sharper knife to carry out some cutting tasks. This set of knives assures you that service. You can easily remove its bottom to clean it, thus enhancing your cutlery hygiene. Besides, these knives never succumb to wear and tear, and to them, rust is always kept at bay.

Also, this set performs wonderfully in the department of elegance. That’s right! If you planning on inviting some high-brow guests to your respectable home, and you worry they might want to inspect your kitchen, with this set, you’ll wow them so much they will have no idea what hit them!

Shiny and pretty much indestructible, this Wellington set can be a perfect weapon of choice for a cook who also happens to be an avid fashionista.

  1. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 3-piece Knife Set

The quality of their build shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise, really, as the world-renown company who made them was also the mastermind behind the famous Swiss army knife.

At Victorinox, the simplicity of design and unparalleled durability are the top priorities, so do expect these knives to be tough, elegantly-made, and easy to take care of. (In the sense of washing them, sharpening them, that sort of stuff.)

While we’re at it, when it does come to washing up, you can just chuck these knives in the dishwasher without worrying they’ll get damaged!

Your kitchen aesthetic nature is something you will not disregard. It provides an impressive and elegant environment to carry out your cooking. These set of knives supplements that aesthetic desire. As they supplement, the outlook of your kitchen, they still remain sharp despite repeated use. They are weightless, thus enhancing their portability. Their covers offer protection to the blades and hands so that you won’t have to grab a wrong knife from the drawer.

  1. Cangshan K Series 61918 German Steel Forged 3-Piece Starter Knife Set

Despite being cheap, quality is never compromised at any point. These knives perfectly suit a person who prefers cooking and operates on a tight budget. They maintain their sharpness despite repeated use. At no any one moment will you find flaws in their scissors, knives, and block.

The design of these knives is actually patent-pending, so if you’re looking for innovative looks as well as unparalleled sharpness, you should definitely check out this set.

To achieve the sharpness that could scarcely be compared to that of other knives sets, the folks at Cangshan decided to go for Titanium of all metals. Hey, if it works for spaceships, it might also work for kitchen knives, right?

All in all, the designers at Cangshan are pretty confident in what they’ve accomplished with this set. So much so, that they issue a limited lifetime warranty on this set! So, if you’re concerned about these knives getting damaged or dull rather quickly, don’t be- because the Cangshan company has got your back.

  1. Amazon Basics Premium 18-Piece Knife Block set

The price might give you second choice about its quality, but believe me this set has something special to offer. First and foremost, they will always be sharp despite using them regularly. Second, these knives have a great strong feel in your hand. Consequently, quality is guaranteed.

That’s right, for a relatively small price, you’ll get 18 knives, a pair of scissors, AND a wooden block to top it all off! The blades of the knives are made out of high-quality stainless steel which is well-known for being able to withstand a nuclear disaster. Also, as you may already know, stainless steel doesn’t rust, so you won’t have to worry about handling them with special care around water.

That being said, these knives don’t really fare well if they’re washed in a dishwasher. Therefore, to avoid damaging their fine edges, make sure to always hand wash them!

  1. Ergo Chef  9 Piece Chef Knife Set

First of all, it is stylish, sharp and light. That means it not only brings an extra touch to your kitchen but also enhances your cutting activities. Besides, the stainless steel perfectly holds the edge. It is very clear, to the extent of seeing all the knives.

Other than ensuring the typical knife attributes such as the sharpness of the edge and the ergonomics of the handle are of top-notch quality, the Ergo Chef crew have also paid special attention to the preservation of their products.

Namely, if you decide to buy this set, you’ll also get a set of universal edge guards. These will protect the edge of your knives as well as any surface that might come in contact with it. (For example, if you’re carrying your knives in a bag, you don’t want them to damage the material of the bag.)

Speaking of the devil, this set also features a bag as an addition! Lovely stuff, indeed. A must-have for a safety-first type of cook!

  1. Miracle Blade III 16 Piece Knife and Block Set

Nothing supports your cooking more than a reliable kitchen knife set. This is one of the best kitchen knife set you will ever come across. They have an improved cutting quality that a knife set of its price will not offer. Their sharpness is always efficient despite repeated use. Nevertheless, it will give you more value than the amount spent.

Having spent some five years in development, the rather sizeable 16-piece knife and block set from the Miracle Blade III company has certainly rewarded those who were patient enough to wait for it.

Possibly one of the biggest strengths of this particular set is the fact that it’s quite well-rounded in the sense that it’s got 16 knives, a pair of scissors, and a wooden block for good measure. So, if you get this set, you won’t be needing another one any time soon.

Great solution if you aren’t exactly excited about the idea of spending a bunch of money on new sets all the time.

  1. Chicago Cutlery Elston 15-Piece Block Set

Whenever a customer sees an advertisement, the expectation is that every feature advertised is what occupies the real product. This Knife set confirms that. All the pieces come as advertised and are efficient in executing cutting tasks performed in the kitchen. Besides, they sharpen easily, and no day will they succumb to rust. Available at the best price under $100, you will experience some overwhelming results.

The set itself includes 15 knives of varying sizes, so you can chop and hack at foods tough and soft without any issues.

As for the haft, for additional safety, the folks at Chicago Cutlery equipped their knives with some rugged, triple-riveted handles which not only add stability to the blade but also ensure your safety. Oh, and also- thanks to their ergonomic design, your hand will never tire while using one of the knives from this set!

All in all, an excellent set that can turn your kitchen into a place of enjoyment and culinary wonders. (If you know how to cook, that is. If you don’t, the knife set will at least look pretty sitting on the kitchen table or something.)


Your kitchen experience will always be better whenever you have essential cutlery on board. Best kitchen knife sets are an important necessity at this juncture. Do not worry about the prices, since some of them are available at an affordable price, just to enhance your cutting experience.