Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods Reviews 2019

Like many other domestic appliances, the range hood has become an essential element when it comes to furnishing a kitchen . Range hood’s not only have the ability to keep the atmosphere in the kitchen clean and smoke free but also add elegance and style to the home décor. There are many innovative Range Hood models in the market today and you can choose any one that best fits your kitchen needs. Before launching yourself to buy an under cabinet range hood campaign, you must take into account a series of important technical details

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Factors to Consider When Buying Under Cabinet Range Hoods

  • Efficiency of the Extractor fan – This is the most important part of the Range hood as this decides the rate at which smoke and airborne grease are removed from the kitchen. Sometimes very powerful fans become noisy and one is unable to watch TV in the same room. So you might want to strike a balance between the two by purchasing less powerful ones. But you should see that it has the capacity to clean the environment completely at least 8 times in an hour.
  • Type of filter used – There are many types filters used for different types of Range Hood Models. The aluminum filters are the most commonly used filters as they can trap the grease and pollutants effectively. They can also be washed with ease in a dishwasher. They are reusable after being cleaned thoroughly. They last quite long. Carbon Filters are the one used in Ductless or re-circulating Range Hoods and they can trap most irritant grime and dirt but are not reusable. They need to be changed every 4 months when they are completely soaked.
  • Size of Range Hoods – The Range Hoods are obtained in various sizes and also depends on the size of cooking oven you have in your kitchen as well as the type of range hood you are going to buy. Usually the size of the range hood matches with your cooking oven area exactly but if you are selecting island type of range hood you must select a size larger.
  • Lighting and Controls –Usually, range hoods are equipped with lightning that is sufficient to light up the kitchen or at least the cooking oven. They can be either incandescent or halogen depending on the type you purchase.  Most modern Range hoods are electronic that is why they can be remotely controlled while the primitive ones that are electro-mechanical do not have these features.

While you will be in a dilemma as to which range hood to purchase to suit your needs in the kitchen, one deciding factor could be the space in your kitchen and how the other furniture is placed around your cooking oven.

5 Top Under Cabinet Range Hoods Reviews

1. Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood in Stainless Steel with 200 CFM (30 inch)

If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen, but you want a range hood, then the Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood is for you. The slim profile design of the range hood is meant to save space. This stainless steel range hood has 200 CFM of suction, which removes any odors from cooking. The Cosmo Range Hood also has two dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filters which collect all of the grease and oil that float around in the air. Not only does this range hood come with a three speed motor, but it’s extremely easy to use. All you need to do is push one of the five buttons to get it started. You don’t need to worry about it being too loud, either.

Unlike most range hoods, the Cosmo Range Hood will give you an extremely quiet experience. This range hood is unbelievably versatile, too. It can be used for top or back venting. One of the best parts of this range hood is that it can be installed either under the cabinet or against a wall. Purchasing the Cosmo Range Hood will save you money in the long run, too! The high-quality 140-watt motor uses a lot less energy, so you won’t be spending as much of your hard earned money on the electric bill.


2. Zephyr AK2100BS 30″ Power Typhoon Series Under Cabinet Hood with 850 CFM in Stainless Steel

You can stop looking for a new range hood right now! The Zephyr AK2100BS is literally one of the slimmest under cabinet range hoods on the market. The Zephyr has six incredibly powerful speed levels and a turbine blade design that lets out up to 850 CFM of power. You’re probably assuming that because it has so much power that it’s going to be extremely noisy, but you would be wrong. The Zephyr AK2100BS is extremely quiet, with its noise ranging from 0.9 – 5 Sones. One of the best parts about the Zephyr cabinet hood is that it’s self-cleaning, so that means you don’t have to spend hours of your valuable time scrubbing the grease and grime off of it.

The lightbulbs that are included with the Zephyr AK2100BS under cabinet hood are absolutely incredible! The energy efficient LED bulbs will illuminate your entire range top, giving you plenty of light to see. The really great thing about the Zephyr is how versatile it is. It can be used to vent out the top or the back of your range top by simply removing the rear panels. This stainless steel range stove will add a sleek look to your kitchen that your friends and family won’t be able to stop talking about.


3. Cosmo 30 in. 250 CFM Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hood with Push Button Control Panel

The Cosmo under cabinet range hood is absolutely perfect if you don’t have too much space to spare in your kitchen. The slim profile of the Cosmo was designed to save space, so it’s great for those of you that live in a condo or an apartment. It can be used ductless with an optional Carbon Filter Kit. It can also be used for top or back venting, so it’s entirely versatile. The three speed motor puts out 250 CFMs and 60dB max, making the Cosmo an impressively powerful range hood. Just because it’s powerful doesn’t mean it’s loud, though.

The vents in the hood filter out the loud sounds that are usually associated with range hoods. There’s also no need to worry about having a difficult time using this range hood. The five button, electronic push controls are so easy to use, even a child could do it. Are you concerned about the grease and oil floating around in the air? That’s understandable. With most range hoods you can begin to smell the odors from grease, but not with the Cosmo range hood. The mesh filters trap any grease and oil, allowing you to have an odor-free kitchen. Who wouldn’t want that?


4. Proline Wall / Undercabinet Range Hood PLJW 185.30 600 CFM, 30″

The Proline range hood is one of the best range hoods on the market. The four-speed blower lets out an incredible amount of power, but don’t let that deter you from purchasing the Proline range hood. A lot of people believe that if it’s powerful, it’s loud. Not the Proline range hood. The motor is so silent that it’s actually one of the quietest models that you can get. The energy efficient LED light bulbs are bright enough for you to do anything you need to on your rangetop. If you have the urge to make cookies at 2am you won’t have to worry about waking anyone up ever again. Also, don’t be concerned with losing out on money if something breaks on your Proline range hood. The Proline range hoods are covered under a one year warranty for parts and labor, and two years of parts just in case something happens.

One of the most amazing things about this range stop is its ability to be used in multiple ways. All you need to do is remove the rear panels on the Proline range hood and it can be vented out the top or the back! If you want a quiet, versatile range hood, the Proline is for you!


5. BV Stainless Steel 30″ Under Cabinet High Airflow (800 CFM) Ducted Range Hood with LED Lights

If you’re looking for a range hood with enough power to brag about, that is easy to clean, you can stop looking right now. The BV Stainless Steel range hood has dual motors that put out an incredibly high airflow. The motor actually reaches up to 800 CFM! The three speed fan can be controlled by just a push of a button, so it’s actually extremely easy to control! Why spend extra time struggling to figure out how to use something? Also, the BV range hood comes with stainless steel baffle filters and an oil tray that are unbelievably easy to remove, which means that it’s super easy to take out to clean!

The BV range hood uses two high-intensity energy efficient LED light bulbs, so not only can you cook in the middle of the night, but you’ll also be doing the environment a favor. Speaking of cooking in the middle of the night, the BV range hood is virtually silent, so you won’t have to worry about your roommates coming down to see what you’re cooking. Save yourself some money, save time, and save some space in your kitchen with the BV ducted range hood!


Other Types of Range Hoods available in the market

  • Island Range Hood – When you do not have cabinets installed over your cooking oven or there is a peninsula between cabinets, this might seem the choice for you. If you have a view of a kitchen garden that you do not want to block then you might need an island range hood that is installed very high up. This would mean that you have to get a range hood that has a larger cover area than your cooking oven to make up for the extra height.
  • Ductless Kitchen range Hood – They are also known as re-circulating Range Hoods as they redistribute they polluted air after purification through carbon filters. The maintenance of these filters is on the expensive side as the carbon filters usually need to be changed once in 4 months as they get consumed by then.

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  • One must first switch on the range hood to make it effective. Do not expect it to clear out an already smoke filled room. Do not place your range hood within 3 feet of any nearby window as the range hood will then suck the air from the window and its effectiveness in cleaning the smoke in the kitchen will become less.
  • The problem of “Make-up-air” is a new concept in range hood devices. Some apartment buildings are now being tightened for air. This means that excess air gets sucked out of the apartment. This might be a problem for Range hoods which start to malfunction so check this standard properly before purchasing a range hood.
  • Controlling the speed of the fan so that too much power is not consumed when you are doing some light cooking.

There are plenty of models to choose from to report the best in them. Mainly innovation in research on range hood devices is less and the models do not tend to change for a few years together. So it is mainly the designs that manufacturers tend to change to make it more attractive for the buyer for their kitchen. Interior decorators obviously will be more inclined towards the aesthetic aura created by the model than by the effectiveness of it.