Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home

A vacuum cleaner is helpful for your Homes to keep floor clean. It easily picks up dirt, dust, debris, and particles from the floor surfaces. One major advantage of vacuuming over sweeping or dusting is that it prevent airborne disease as it does not allow the dirts flying around the house. When you have this machine you can vacuum your space anytime without feeling the tension of preparing for a full dusting or sweeping session by yourself. Technology’s main aim is making life easier, and around your home, vacuum cleaners are a great help in cleaning inaccessible areas.

What things to consider when buying Home Vacuum?

Finally, you’ve decided to ditch your broom and dustpan in favor of the vacuum. With the market full of vacuum cleaners of all sizes and specifications, which one should you go for? The most important detail to consider here is the specified surface for using the cleaner on. In other words, what types of surfaces are you going to be cleaning mostly with your vacuum cleaner?


While they may vary in their size, form and build, vacuum cleaners are divided into those that clean carpets, and those that clean other flat surfaces. The difference between these two is that cleaners for carpets are specially built with a beater bar equipped with bristles to loosen up particles in the carpet for suction to be more effective. Vacuum cleaners for other flat surface lack this bar and collect dirt and dust debris from the floor into the collector bag inside the unit. It is not advisable to use vacuum cleaners meant for carpets on wood floors, as the beater bar will scrape and scruff the wooden floor finish, diminishing its original look.

Motor Power

Another factor to focus on while buying a vacuum cleaner is the motor power supplied by the main unit. Vacuum cleaners work by generating suction power from the motors inside the unit, which then picks up particles from the surface according to where the cleaner head or nozzle has been pointed. The suction power provided by a cleaner is directly proportional to the motor power, and therefore higher motor power is usually preferred in getting work done with minimal effort and fewer runs on surfaces being cleaned.

Size and portability

Size and portability also play a role in deciding on a vacuum cleaner model to purchase. Vacuums come in all sizes and shapes, with each model having its perks. Small sized vacuums tend to clean smaller expanses, but are agile and easy to store after use. Medium and large-sized vacuums are much more effective at cleaning any surface assigned to, but tend to be bulky to transport and require much more space to put away.


Support for additional tools purchased separately and availability of alternative spare parts is something else to consider before purchase. Settle on a model that has standard fittings size, and supports add-ons that you may require later, especially ones that may not be bundled with the unit.


Dust collection mechanism is a thing that is sometimes overlooked but should be taken seriously. Some vacuum cleaners, especially the bag-less ones, do not have proper dust trapping mechanism inside the unit, at the expense of the user. Dust picked from the surfaces being cleaned may end up escaping the unit and become airborne, eventually settling back on these surfaces or adversely affecting the respiration of the person cleaning. If allergic to dust, airborne allergens or you want a highly effective cleaner, go for a model that features total dust trapping and sealing feature inside the main unit.


An option that could be subjective is the cost of purchase for the vacuum. With a high variance in the prices, it may be easy to pick up a cheap one and get started. However, it is advisable to research first before you buy and get a rough idea about the functionalities you do require from the cleaner. This guards you against impulse buying or easily being swayed to buy a vacuum that may not fit your needs. Ask questions before you buy to make sure that the unit will serve your needs without failure.


Top 10 Home Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

#1 Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright Vacuum with Tangle Free Brushroll

This vacuum cleaner is cleverly designed with pet owners in mind. It packs a myriad of pet grooming and hair cleaning solutions. The fitted hair brush tool does not tangle compared to regular ones, which makes it a strong contender in your buying list. It offers a unique hair collection mechanism which spools the collected debris, separates human hair from animal hair to prevent tangling and complicated emptying of the collection canister. This model offers superior power in ridding embedded pet hair from any surfaces packing tools such as a 2-in-1 pet brush for cleaning pet hair from both hard and delicate surfaces as required. Dust and allergen particles are securely trapped in the unit during cleaning, and this model features a pet odor cleaning filter to ensure the air remains fresh and odorless. This vacuum can be used on a variety of surfaces ranging from carpets to upholstery and is easy to maneuver with swivel steering. The wand detaches smoothly from the main unit with the click of a button, and its crevice nozzle has an attached LED light to illuminate surfaces being cleaned.


  • Built with pet owners in mind, this vacuum cleaner is equipped with both pet grooming and hair removal tools.
  • A superior hair collection mechanism ensures seamless and stress-free emptying of the collection canister.
  • The cleaner is fitted with dust and allergen trapping technology, paired with pet odor cleansing filters for fresh air during cleaning.
  • It features a LED-lit crevice tool for illuminating remote surfaces while cleaning.
  • The wand detaches with the flick of a button and the attachments fit in smoothly to their respective ports.
  • This vacuum cleaner is suitable for use on multiple surfaces and features swivel steering for easy maneuverability.


  • The brush roller shipped with the unit is not covered by the warranty on purchase and may require additional spending if it breaks down and needs to be fixed.
  • When transitioning across cleaning surfaces, you need to manually activate the appropriate mode through a switch on the side, as it is not automatic.

#2 iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

An autonomous assistant when it comes to regular cleaning, this robot vacuum cleaner features a patented technology that enables it to warp and weave in-between furniture and objects in your space while cleaning all on its own. Through an app that is available to download and install on your phone, you can map your living space, and plan a route for the cleaner to take while cleaning. It is mounted with a dual set of rubber brushes on the underside, that work on multiple surfaces such as carpets and wooden floors, to loosen up particles to be picked up by its highly effective suction mechanism. This model is also efficient in cleaning both pet hair and allergens from any surfaces around your home.


  • This vacuum offers a fully automated cleaning process, which can be fine-tuned with an app for custom cleaning as required.
  • The model features an anti-slam technology that makes the cleaner avoid collision with objects and navigate around them during cleaning.
  • A dual set of rubber brushes fitted on the underside of the cleaner adjusts itself according to the surface they are cleaning, for effective cleaning.
  • It is highly capable of eliminating pet hair and allergens from all surfaces in your home where it roves.


  • As it is a chargeable unit, the battery may falter with time and require replacement, causing additional expenses.
  • Increasing the motor speed to achieve different suction levels directly increases noise generated by the vacuum cleaner, which may prove distracting.

#3 BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Cordless Vacuum, 16V (CHV1410L)

This handheld vacuum boasts of a lithium-ion battery that can hold a single charge for up to 18 months, in addition to offering smart charging which uses half of the energy supplied, thus saving you power costs. Weighing less than 3 pounds, it is light enough for quick cleaning runs and can hold up to 20oz of collected material in its dustbowl. Cyclone simulation from within the unit during cleaning provides more than enough suction power and also aids in maintaining a clean filter. The collection dustbowl is translucent and makes it easy to see whether the cleaner needs emptying, and together with the filters, can be washed to clean the unit after use. This model is highly versatile, with a slim nozzle that rotates to creep into those remote corners that require cleaning.


  • Long lasting power from a lithium-ion battery renders the unit usable for more than a year on a single charge.
  • Weighing in at less than 3 pounds, this vacuum cleaner is light enough for quick cleaning and one-handed use.
  • It features a cyclone simulated cleaning mechanism that helps maintain a clean filter and also provide enough suction.
  • A translucent dustbowl helps gauge the accumulation of debris in the unit and know when it’s time to empty it.
  • The model’s rotating nozzle is a novel design that makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas and getting rid of dust and debris.
  • Its dustbowl and accompanying filters can be washed clean after use, ready for the next cleaning session.


  • The inbuilt battery is prone to fail over time and may require replacement in case it stops holding a charge.
  • Some units may not be responsive to charging upon shipping. Remember to inspect your vacuum cleaner upon receipt and make sure it is functional.

#4 Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

A breeze to steer and maneuver during cleaning, this vacuum cleaner has a cleaning head that adjusts itself to provide amazing suction on a range of surfaces, from tiles to wooden floors. It employs radial cyclone cleaning technology to pick up dust particles when cleaning and features an easily retractable wand than can be used on remote areas such as under the couch. The model traps and seals dust and allergens inside the unit, maintaining clean and fresh air even during the cleaning process. The collected debris and particles are conveniently emptied with the touch of a button, emptying at the bottom of the dust container.


  • It is really easy to maneuver during cleaning, thanks to its ball steering technology that is activated by turning the wrist.
  • An auto-adjusting cleaner head varies the cleaner’s suction power accordingly depending on the surface type being cleaned.
  • The radial cyclone cleaning mechanism used by this model is highly effective in trapping particles, dust, and debris.
  • An easy to retract wand for use on remote areas is an added advantage in the model’s utility.
  • It traps and seals dust and allergens inside the main unit, helping to maintain clean and fresh air during cleaning.
  • The collected material is easy to dispose of as the dirt container opens at the bottom conveniently at the touch of a button.


  • This model does not work on carpets.
  • Weight distribution on the unit is not equal, and it tends to fall when using the extensions, and not holding the main unit itself.

#5 Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Handheld HEPA Filter

This vacuum cleaner easily cleans inaccessible areas by impressively lifting away the canister at the touch of a button. Dust and allergens are trapped inside the main unit and restricted from becoming airborne, providing fresh air during cleaning. At 125lbs, this model is fairly light and packs enough power for thorough cleaning experience. The brush roll is equipped to clean carpets deeply, as well as provide gentle cleaning for bare floors. Maneuvering and steering the unit while cleaning is a pleasure owing to the built-in swivel steering. This vacuum cleaner comes with an upholstery tool for removing pet hair embedded in surfaces around your living space.


  • An easy to lift canister operated by a conveniently placed button makes it easy to clean inaccessible areas seamlessly.
  • Complete sealing and trapping of dust and allergens inside the main unit during cleaning sessions maintains clean and fresh air around you as you work with the tool.
  • This cleaner is relatively light at 125lbs, with enough suction power to provide a smooth cleaning experience.
  • Maneuvering and steering this model is painless, and with swivel, steering make this model an attractive buy.
  • An included upholstery tool for removing pet hair provides a handy utility especially if you have pets in your home that shed fur.


  • The unit is top heavy, and is prone to falling when slightly tipped over.
  • Regular attaching and removing the add-on tools may eventually wear off the connecting parts to the point that they may stop fitting.

#6 Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

The Shark Navigator Professional features an easy-to-lift mechanism for the canister to make remote areas in your cleaning path more accessible. Dust and allergens are securely trapped inside the main unit, which is reinforced by a HEPA filter to provide fresh air. Weighing in at 137lbs, this cleaner packs more than enough power for its weight. The brush roll that comes with this model is useful for cleaning a variety of surfaces, as it tends to adapt accordingly. The chord that ships with the unit is 30 feet, giving you a wide reach before needing to change power plugs when cleaning. The pre-motor foam and felt filters in this vacuum cleaner can be washed after 3 months, while the HEPA filter can be washed and air-dried at least biennially.


  • The canister lifting mechanism for added device versatility during cleaning is an attractive feature that makes this model highly commendable.
  • A HEPA filter fitted in the main unit provides fresh air continuously by securely trapping dust and allergens inside the unit during cleaning.
  • Relatively light at 137lbs, it packs enough power to ensure a stress-free cleaning session.
  • This model is highly versatile, with a brush roll for deep cleaning that can also be gentle on more delicate surfaces and finishing.
  • The 30-foot power cord supplied is more than adequate when cleaning large expanses, without having to change power outlets.
  • Felt filters and pre-motor foam inside the unit are easy to detach, and can be washed as desired to maintain extended functionality.


  • The model is top heavy and may easily fall over if lacking support.
  • The upholstery attachment for this model is not motorized, uses plain suction and can easily get blocked when used on flat, rigid surfaces such as leather.

#7 Oreck Commercial XL Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner features an impressive 12″ wide cleaning path, which not only makes for fewer runs over surfaces but also includes technology to clean several types of surfaces. The unit is fitted with bumpers to protect both the unit and your furniture from damage by a collision when cleaning close and around them. Cleaning baseboards and corners is a breeze with brushes located at the edges of the head, and its low profile makes it able to reach under furniture to clean effectively. Its power cord is relatively long, at 35 feet, and delivers adequate working reach even from one power outlet. The inner dirtbag used with this model is disposable and fills from the top, helping to maintain the unit’s battery power at a maximum.


  • This vacuum cleaner proposes a wide cleaning path, at 12 inches wide, which hugely reduces the time required to clean.
  • Bumpers fitted on the base of the unit aid at preventing collision and wearing down of baseboards or furniture by constant friction during cleaning.
  • Corners are easy to clean using its side edge brushes, and a low profile design makes it easy to clean tight spots.
  • A long power cord provides adequate working reach with one power outlet.
  • The inner dirtbag fitted on the model is disposable and fills from the top, maintaining maximum battery power.


  • The handle is metallic and attached to the plastic vacuum tube with just one screw, making the unit unstable during use.
  • The bag attachment requires frequent changing and is a little difficult to empty without completely making a mess.

#8 Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2)

If you’re looking for a quiet vacuum cleaner for your home, then look no further. This model offers a custom 6-speed motor that is very silent. Dust and allergens are secured safely into the unit, which also features an air cleaning HEPA filter for fresh air during operation. It features the ability to deep clean carpet surfaces with an electronic brush, and gently clean sensitive surfaces using a soft parquet brush to protect the finishing. A set of 3 add-on tools are bundled with the main unit, including a crevice tool, upholstery tool and a dusting brush, all which clip conveniently to the hose.


  • A really quiet vacuum cleaner that has 6 settings for the motor rotation speed to achieve varied suction levels.
  • The unit is fitted with a HEPA filter, and a secure dust and allergen trapping mechanism that makes it easy to use the cleaner even in areas with little or no ventilation.
  • It is capable of cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, from carpets to remote areas using the attached wand.
  • 3 add-on tools come with the model, including a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush.


  • Unit may occasionally shut down due to issues ranging from a dust/particle clog or overheating of the main body.
  • Warranty for the device surprisingly does not cover dust damage.

#9 Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A cordless stick vacuum with a powerful suction from a custom v7 digital motor, this model does not disappoint. Its battery provides a 30-minutes operating time if using a non-motorized tool and up to 6 minutes when operating at full power. The cleaner head has stiff bristles to loosen up particles for easy pickup by its suction mechanism from surfaces being cleaned. The dirt bin has a capacity of 0.15oz and offers stress-free and hygienic emptying, that does not involve physically touching the bin. The cleaning head is also detachable to convert the cleaner into a handheld vacuum for even more versatility, while cleaning tighter spaces.


  • It is a portable cordless vacuum cleaner, eliminating tangling cords and giving more freedom for operation.
  • Stiff bristles on the cleaner head are ideal for cleaning carpets and other hard surfaces that may have deeply set dirt.
  • A one-touch dirt container emptying mechanism ensures hygiene and safety when discharging dirt from the unit.
  • The cleaner converts into a handheld vacuum, allowing more freedom and flexibility to clean remote areas.


  • Holding the handle to press the trigger may be painful to the hand due to the unnatural angle required for the finger pressing.
  • Very low battery life on high setting (less than 10min)
  • Its inbuilt battery is prone to fail over time, necessitating a change which may increase additional costs.

#10 eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

This automatic vacuum cleaner features powerful portable suction, and roves your home on its own, conducting the cleaning process for up to 100min on a single charge. The device automatically returns to its charging base as soon as it runs out of power for a recharge. It sports large wheels that enable it to move along surfaces and even climb ledges to get to more locations. It is equipped with sensors that not only detect proximity and avoid collisions but prevent dropping from high ledges and steps. Cleaning presets for the device can easily be configured and defined to fit your cleaning needs. With a capacity of around 20oz, the dust box is enough for the regular operation of this autonomous vacuum cleaner.


  • Impressive suction for a 2.85inch tall vacuum cleaner.
  • Sensors for detecting objects in the vicinity and a drop-sensing mechanism make it easy for the cleaner to maneuver while cleaning.
  • Large wheels fitted on the device enable it to climb up ledges and different surface types, adding to its versatility.
  • The device automatically traces its way back to the charging base when it runs low on power.
  • A dual-layered filter traps dust particles and debris from surfaces, keeping the unit clean and functional.
  • 100min on a single charge provides for enough time to clean a fairly large space.
  • The cleaner features automatic cleaning modes and the ability to customize such settings according to personal preference.
  • Its large dust box can easily store about 20oz of content before requiring to be emptied.


  • A rather large space is needed for the device to dock at the charging base, requiring at least 6 feet clear of objects on each side.
  • Battery power is subject to depreciation over time.


Types of vacuums for home

Handheld vacuums are usually small and light enough to operate single-handedly. Their agility makes them the preferred vacuum cleaners to use when cleaning tight spaces and remote areas such as car interiors and couch corners. On the other hand, they are not suited for cleaning large areas due to their small size when compared to different types of vacuum cleaners.

Canister vacuums typically have a long stick, called a wand, that is used to clean all sorts of surfaces and is connected to a canister that may be carried or shouldered if need be when conducting cleaning procedures. Because they provide the combined utility of both stick and upright vacuums, they cost a little more than the other types of cleaners on average. Canister vacuums weigh less than upright vacuums, adding to their mobility factor and mostly have a wand that is extendable, similar to the stick vacuums.

Upright vacuums are the most popular type of vacuums used in homes and are used to clean most types of surfaces around the home. They are usually the heaviest type and work by gliding on surfaces when cleaning. Upright vacuums are prone to mobility and balance issues too, due to their size and weight.

Autonomous vacuums or robots are vacuum cleaners that are programmed to clean your home as they move around cleaning with little intervention from your side. They are fixed with sensors that detect barriers and move to otherwise remote areas for your regular vacuums such as the upright models. Some even feature sensors to prevent the unit from dropping from great heights

Stick vacuums are light vacuums that feature an elongated arm to allow cleaning while upright. These vacuums are easy to pick up and clean a host of surfaces in your home, ranging from curtains and carpets to wooden floors quite comfortably. Again, they are compact and take up very little space to store after use.

How to clean home with a vacuum cleaner

Cleaning your home should be relatively easy and stress-free if you own a vacuum cleaner. The cleaning process explained here is rather straightforward, saves you time during cleaning sessions and reduces the frequency needed to keep your living space spotlessly clean. Always remember to dust first, before using your vacuum cleaner. To lower the chances of raising dust particles into the air, use a moist fiber cloth to wipe surfaces. Sweeping is also not recommended after vacuuming as it raises dust into the air that later lands on already cleaned surfaces, bringing closer the next cleaning session. Bagless vacuum cleaners usually have a transparent cistern for dirt collection so you can easily monitor dirt collected and empty appropriately. Cleaning your home with a bagged vacuum cleaner is often an easy task that can even be handled by people with delicate or sensitive respiratory systems, as they trap most of the dirt being cleaned inside the main unit. A downside to this may be the frequency of changing these dirtbags, with some recommended models usually costing a little more than standard dirtbags.