Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors?

Fabuloso cleaner is a brand of cleaner that is popular in the United States. Their products are described as ‘all-purpose’ and ‘multi-purpose’, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how literal this label is! Can you use Fabuloso on wood floors, for example? Can it clean hardwood floors? If the bottle doesn’t explicitly say it’s okay, it can be hard to know whether to take the risk or not.

In the case of Fabuloso cleaner, it seems the ‘all-purpose’ label does extend to wooden floors. However, when you use Fabuloso on wood floors, you do need to make sure the floors are sealed. This will protect the wood from coming into direct contact with the chemical cleaner.

Wooden floors are generally quite high maintenance, and even when a cleaning product has been deemed safe for use on wood floors, you still need to be careful. In this article, we’ll give all the information, tips, and Fabuloso cleaner alternatives you need to get sparkling clean hardwood floors.

can you use fabuloso on wood floor

Is it OK to Use Fabuloso on Hardwood Floors?

Fabuloso cleaner was created in the 1980’s in Venezuela, and is especially famous for its long-lasting fragrances. There are plenty of different wood cleaners out there for cleaning wooden floors, but if you’re a fan of the Fabuloso cleaner scents then you’ll want to use Fabuloso on wood floors, too.

Since Fabuloso cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner with a neutral pH, it’s created to gently clean multiple kinds of surfaces. Using harsh chemicals would limit its uses to only strong surfaces that can handle such chemicals, making it less convenient. This does limit its cleaning power, so it is mostly used for general cleaning and everyday cleaning to get rid of just a few days’ worth of typical dirt. For deep cleans and extreme stains, you’ll need to buy specialist cleaners.

This ‘gentle’ cleaning and lack of harsh chemicals are what makes it okay to use Fabuloso on wood floors. The only thing you need to be aware of is that if you want to use it, your wooden floors must be sealed. A sealed wooden floor has been protected with a layer of sealant made from certain types of polymers and can’t be damaged as easily as unprotected wood.

If your wooden floors are unsealed, not only should you avoid Fabuloso cleaner, but you should also avoid water! Moisture of any kind is very dangerous and damaging to an untreated wood floor, so you may want to consider applying sealant if you want to be able to clean and mop your floor.

Lastly, it may not say so on the bottle, but the Fabuloso brand has officially confirmed that its product is safe for use on sealed wooden objects and floors on their website FAQ.

How Good is Fabuloso for Cleaning Wood Floors?

Fabuloso cleaner is a great cleaning agent for sealed wooden floors. It doesn’t have any hazardous substances inside, so it won’t hurt your pets or children, and it’s an effective cleaner that also has bacteria-killing properties.

To use it, all you need to do is add warm water and apply the solution directly to your wood floor. You can use a mop bucket for cleaning wood floors, but for wooden furniture, it may be easier to fill an empty spray bottle with the Fabuloso and warm water mixture.

Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors to Remove Stains?

Yes, you can! Fabuloso is not the most heavy-duty cleaner around, but it will combat everyday stains around your house and on your floors.

A wooden floor, as we mentioned before, is generally quite delicate and you should always be careful when tackling a stain. Rather than adding more cleaner or hotter water, it’s best to just take your time and keep gently rubbing the stain with a soft cloth or mop to allow the Fabuloso to work and slowly dislodge the stains.

Fabuloso can effectively get rid of most types of dirt, dust, grime, grease, and spills that you might have on your floors since it is a multi-purpose cleaner. This means that you don’t need to waste your time buying other cleaners for all the different kinds of stains!

Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors to Sanitize Them?

Regular Fabuloso cleaner does not have sanitizing or disinfecting abilities. It is a multi-purpose cleaner with a neutral pH level, intended to clean dirt and grime from many different, non-porous surfaces and hard surfaces. Most cleaners that are all-purpose or multi-purpose are not disinfectants, but Fabuloso does also sell disinfectant products for your other cleaning needs.

Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors that are unsealed?

No, if your wooden floor is not properly sealed, you should avoid using Fabuloso to clean it. The best way to clean a completely untreated wood floor is with a vacuum cleaner or a broom, as water will damage the porous wood and lead to rot.

What Surfaces Can You Use Fabuloso on?

what surfaces you clean with fabuloso

Since Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner with a neutral pH value, it can be used on all sorts of sealed surfaces and hard surfaces. It can deal with dust particles, dirt, and stains and replace any garbage smell with a spring fresh scent.

Typical uses for Fabuloso include sealed floors, walls, wooden cabinets, any sealed surface, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and even your toilet bowl.

There are three main types of Fabuloso products: regular Fabuloso cleaners, Complete Fabuloso cleaners, and Fabuloso wipes. Regular Fabuloso does not disinfect surfaces, but Fabuloso Complete includes bleach so it can be used to disinfect a hard surface.

Since it includes bleach, you may be wondering ‘does Complete Fabuloso damage wood floors?’. Bleach is a very harsh chemical, so the answer is: yes, it may cause damage. As such, it is not recommended to use Fabuloso Complete on any kind of wood.

As a side note, a toilet Fabuloso hack went viral on the internet in 2021 which showed Fabuloso being used as a freshener for toilets, but we do not recommend using Fabuloso in this way. For freshening toilets, there are a lot of Fabuloso alternatives and specialist products that will work better and won’t damage your toilet.

What Else You Can Use to Clean Wood Floors?

To clarify, both Fabuloso cleaner and the Fabuloso alternatives we are about to cover should only be used on sealed hardwood floors!

Wood floors that have not been sealed are highly susceptible to water. Because of that, the only completely safe way to clean them is to sweep or vacuum up loose dirt. However, if your wood floor is good and sealed, feel free to use any of the following cleaning methods!

1 – Vinegar

AVO 1 Gallon (128 oz) Pure Natural Distilled White Vinegar - 5% Acidity

White vinegar is a household staple, and one of its many talents is cleaning wood floors. To clean hardwood floors with vinegar, all you need to do is add half a cup of vinegar to a gallon of lukewarm water and use a microfiber cloth or mop to gently clean the flooring. This will clean your wood floor naturally.

Vinegar makes for a great way of neutralizing odors and getting rid of scuff marks. It also allows you to clean your wood floor at an affordable cost. To top it all off, you can use the same mixture for many other surfaces around the house.

2 – Steam

Steam cleaners turn water into hot steam and use it to tackle all sorts of stubborn sticky dirt and grime. They can give you effective cleaning results on a range of wooden surfaces, laminate floors, and wood flooring. Steam cleaning doesn’t require any kind of surface cleaners, and it also uses only a small amount of water, which will help protect your wood floor from water damage.

Steam cleaners will come with their own cleaning pad so you can effectively mop your wood floor without as much effort or mess. If you want to deep clean wood floors, you could also use the same spray bottle mixture of vinegar and lukewarm water and apply it sparingly to the hardwood floor as you mop.

These machines can also be used for various forms of cleaning, like car cleaning, window cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. Steam cleaning will also work on any other sealed wooden surface you might have in your house.

Since there are no hazardous elements involved, it’s the ideal solution for removing dirt without causing harm to your surfaces or your family. However, you do need to be careful to handle the cleaner according to the instructions, as the steam is extremely hot.

3 – Wood Floor Cleaner

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray, Unscented, 32 Fl Oz

Wood floor cleaners are floor cleaners specifically formulated for wood flooring and wooden furniture, and you can count on them to not only be safe but also work really well.

They are specially designed to keep wood healthy and in its best condition, and keep the surfaces of wooden furniture nice and shiny. There are many different brands available, and you’ll be able to find plenty at any local store.

4 – Baby-friendly Floor Cleaners

Method Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Easy Squirt + Mop Design Covers Floor in Fewer Sweeps, Use as Laminate or Sealed Wood Floor Cleaner, Almond Scent, 739 ml Bottles, 6 Pack, Packaging May Vary

Anything that is delicate and gentle enough to be considered ‘baby-safe’ will be delicate and gentle enough to clean the wood floors in your living rooms!

Squirt + Mop by Method, for example, is a gentle cleanser that simply needs to be squirted onto the floor and wiped up with a lint-free cloth or mop. It doesn’t need to be rinsed, and it can remove dirt as well as get rid of scuff marks and grime stuck to your floor. It’s also all-natural, vegan, and biodegradable. It even leaves a great scent!

5 – Warm Water

Some experts will advise staying away from steam cleaners and hot water even when your wood floor is sealed. It’s a topic that is still debated on, so you’ll have to make your own decision on what to do, perhaps with the help of advice from your floor manufacturer.

If you decide against hot water, you can always use warm water instead. Water is a very powerful tool, and you don’t always need to load it full of chemicals to make it an effective cleaner.

You can clean your hardwood floor by simply adding a few cups of warm water to a large bowl and using a sponge, cloth, or mop to clean the surface. If you identify areas with particularly bad stains, you could use special products for just these areas and use water for the rest. Even if your floor is Fabuloso safe, it doesn’t mean you have to use it in order to achieve a sparkling clean floor.

How Often Should You Clean Your Hardwood Floor?

The cleaners mentioned are all best used once every couple of months. Even when a wood floor is sealed, water is always a threat and should be used both with caution and care.

For weekly cleaning, you’ll be able to look after your floors most effectively by dry cleaning with a broom, microfiber cloth, or vacuum.

For daily cleaning, robot vacuums are great tools that can zoom around and suck up dust while you sleep, which helps stop the dust from building up in hard-to-reach places and keeps the whole house feeling fresh.

It’s also a good idea to clean up spills and messes as soon as they happen, and make small changes to your habits to help keep things clean, like making your house a no-shoes zone.


Fabuloso is a popular brand and its products have a wide range of uses over a wide range of surfaces, including hardwood floors. As long as your floors are properly sealed, you can use Fabuloso safely and without the worry of damaging your floors. Of course, this only applies if you follow best practices.

This is even confirmed on Fabuloso’s own website, so you can rest easy that you have found the correct information!

However, if you’re not specifically set on using Fabuloso cleaner, there are plenty of other options. From plain old water and natural vinegar to specially formulated hardwood floor cleaners, you should be able to find a solution that ticks all the boxes you need it to. Enjoy your shiny floors!

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