Dark Floors vs Light Floors – Pros & Cons

Many don’t pay attention to the floors in their house, office, or any other building.

They don’t necessarily understand that the shades of their floors have different kinds of qualities that can enhance or take away from certain aspects of the room.

This is common and it is easy to overlook, as the shade of your floor is often not really considered anything important aside from how good your place’s floor looks.

But there are certain things you do need to understand about dark and light floors, and you’ll find out all the good and bad things about them here.

Dark floors

light or dark wood floors with white cabinets

The first thing that needs to be established here is what constitutes a “dark floor.” A dark floor is considered any kind of floor that is, of course, darker in its pigment.

Most dark floors come in tile, luxury vinyl planks, or any other kind of hard surface. While it is possible for carpet to be dark, it is pretty rare.

Dark flooring looks really nice, and will definitely improve the presentation of your home. Darker shades of wood or linoleum can look very, very nice, especially when shined.

Another good thing about dark flooring is that it matches well with a lot of things, whether it is furniture or appliances. Whether the furniture or the appliances are light or dark in color, they will look very nice when placed on a dark floor. This is another thing that adds to a dark floor’s aesthetic value.

When it is bright in a room, it is easy to see things on a dark floor. Whether they are spills or specks of foreign objects, most things on a dark floor is easy to see. It also makes it easy to sweep and clean, since you can see most blemishes pretty easily.

The fact that things are easy to see on a dark floor can be troublesome, however. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning them.

Literally everything that is visible will be visible on a dark floor, and this can make cleaning the floor very troublesome. When cleaning a dark floor, you will need cracker jack attention to detail. Even this may not be enough, as a dark floor will never look totally perfect. You can use floor scrubber to clean dark flooring.

As mentioned earlier, it is very rare for a dark floor to be carpet. This can also be troublesome for anybody who is concerned with floor insulation, fear of tiles breaking if something is dropped on it, or anything like that.

Again, while it is not impossible for carpets to be dark, it’s just very rare to find a supplier who has darker shades of carpets.

Light floors

Although many do not see light floors as aesthetically pleasing as a dark floor, they still have their place.

Blemishes are very pronounced on a dark floor. And no matter how detailed you are in cleaning a dark floor, it can still be difficult to perfectly clean a dark floor.

This is not a major issue when it comes to cleaning a light floor, as cleaning a light floor does not require the attention to detail like cleaning a dark floor does.

Dark floors are designed for the home, where you do not need to clean only when necessary, as the public is not “interacting” with the floor too much. If dark floors face a lot of traffic, they will also face a lot of cleaning. This is not as big an issue when it comes to light floors.

This is why light floors are very ideal for establishments where the public is around the floor constantly. It is very easy to see and clean the blemishes that are left from all the traffic.

If the floor of your home sees a lot of traffic, consider a light floor. It will not take a lot of effort to clean as dark floor, and you’ll have an easier time doing so.

While it is difficult to find dark colored carpets, it is very easy to find light colored carpet flooring. If you prefer carpet flooring, you’ll be able to choose from a lot of lighter shades.

Light shades of flooring, however, fail in the aesthetics department. If you have a light colored floor in your kitchen, for example, it will only match well with other lightly colored appliances and furniture.

It is very rare to find lightly colored floors that pair well with furniture and appliances that are not lightly colored. This is different than darker floors that pair well with most of the things around it.

If you are interested in getting light colored carpet, get ready to deal with carpet stains if anything spills on it. The second something wet encounters a light colored carpet, you’ll need to do all you can to clean the stain.

Which floor is right for you?

Although it might be pretty clear to decide which floor is right for you, there are still some guidelines you can follow to determine which floor fits your desires or needs.

If you know that the floor is going to encounter a lot of traffic and know that you will need to clean the floor frequently, you’ll want light floors. They will be much easier to maintain.

If you want a floor that looks really good and that pairs well with everything surrounding it, dark floors are the way to go. They look much better than light floors and are much more impressive.

Anybody who prefers carpets can choose either. But be very aware that it can be difficult to find a darker shade of carpet.

Anyone who prefers a harder surface of a floor can also choose either. There are plenty of dark and light options when it comes to harder surface floors vacuum.

As mentioned earlier, we tend to overlook the qualities of light and dark floors.

There is a difference between the two, and it is worth knowing. When you know this difference, you’ll know exactly what kind of floor you’ll want in your home or other building that you believe needs a new floor.