Essential Ironing Tips You Need To Know

Sad as it is, most of us have to do our laundry and quite honestly don’t too much of a good job many times. However, while cleaning our clothes has become easier over the past years thanks to the invention and widespread availability of washing machines, ironing our clothes is still something that requires a regular amount of effort on our part every time we wash our clothes.

Still, there’s no need for you to make things harder on yourself than they need to be.

That’s right, with these 11 tips you’ll make ironing a much easier and efficient task than you could have ever imagined.

11 Ironing Tips & Techniques

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  1. Learning the correct ironing technique

One of the most common mistakes people make when ironing is not moving the iron the proper way: in straight, long strokes in the same direction.

Instead, many people make the mistake of ironing in both directions, wiggling the iron as they move it and ironing clothes from the middle to the outer edges.

All of these techniques not only make your ironing inefficient and hence time-consuming, but they also end up decreasing the lifespan of the clothes, which makes learning the correct way even more important.

  1. Using boiled ironing water

A tip not many people are aware of, you should always fill your steam irons with only boiled water.

Using normal tap water to fill up your steam iron will only cause blockages which means the quality of the streaming press you get reduces after every single use, and your steam iron would require a lot more maintenance than if you took this simple precaution.

  1. Set the ironing board correctly before starting

Do yourself a favor and make sure the ironing board is in the right position before you start ironing.

The board needs to be at the right height above the floor, not too high as to make ironing difficult but not too low either or you’re going to have a cramped up back after every ironing session.

Figure out a height that works best for you and takes it from there.

  1. Sometimes, ironing just one side is enough

Don’t waste your time ironing clothes from both sides when ironing the front does 90% of the job. Your time and effort are after all quite precious, and you need to save them at every possible turn.

Practice this with clothes you wear at home most of all since you needn’t have these clothes be in their best shape anyway.

Choosing to iron only one side also increases the lifespan of the fabric, since you’re reducing the amount of ironing the clothes are exposed to in a period.

  1. Take care when ironing clothes with decorative objects

Just as you’d iron around zippers and buttons, you need to do the same with decorative sections on clothes too.

Whether the decorative objects be beads, sequins, lace or glitter, none of these items are well under the scorching heat of the iron. Best to keep them as far away from them as possible.

  1. Using the right iron for quilting

For those who like to dabble in the art of sewing, straightening out patches of cloth for quilting can be quite a hassle since it requires one frequently moving from a sewing station to an ironing station and back.

However, if you happen to have a good mini iron for quilting at hand, your labor is instantly cut in half, since you could use the iron to press the patches as you sew them on with your sewing machine.

  1. Using an ironing spray to get the tougher creases out

Ever had to deal with annoying creases that won’t go out no matter how hard you press them.

Well, you’d save yourself plenty of effort and frustration if you just had an ironing spray at hand. Just a small puff and all it would take to iron out the tough crease is two good strokes.

  1. Scorch marks? Vinegar to the rescue!

This tip is a life saver. Thought your dress was a goner after you accidentally left the iron on it for too long?

Quick, apply a little vinegar on the scorched area and rub it with a clean piece of cloth, and Viola! The scorch marks are nowhere to be seen. Pretty neat, right?

  1. Lining your ironing board with aluminum foil

Lining your ironing board with aluminum foil can let you get crisp results in half the time since the foil traps the heat from the bottom of the iron better than the wooden base of the ironing board.

Not only that, but you’ll get a more even result too, since aluminum, a great conductor of heat, will transmit heat to all parts of the cloth equally.

  1. Cleaning your iron regularly

Failing to clean your iron of blockages and other dirt it can produce quite catastrophic results: marks and stains on your clothes right after ironing.

But instead of cleaning out your iron once in a blue moon, it’d be better if you made a habit of cleaning it regularly.

After all, regularly wiping off the iron surface is much easier than wasting a good day cleaning it after four months.

  1. Be sure to iron only clean clothes

Never make the mistake of ironing clothes with stains on them. More often than not, some clothes do come off the wash with their stains not completely removed (which you’ll have to by hand by the way) and ironing over these stains will only make them harder to remove.

Which is why you should inspect every piece of clothing before placing it under the iron.