How to Change Spin Mop Head Step-by-Step

Messes are a part of life, and so is cleaning them up. If you live in a home, then you undoubtedly have a pantry or closet full of cleaning supplies, right? Well, if you’re into super effective and efficient cleaning solutions, then one of those is probably a spin mop.

Once you do get yourself a spin mop, you may start wondering ‘how to change spin mop head.’ It’s not rocket science, and this article is going to explain to you exactly how easy it is.

We will discuss how to remove the mop head in a quick three-step guide that includes how to make sure you have the right replacement mop head, as well as positioning and removing the current head. The entire process is super simple. First, you’ll have to remove the mop head and the mop cap, then move on to aligning the mop head on your spinning mop and pushing it in.

We’ll teach you how to do all of the above in a quick step-by-step guide. In addition to that, you’ll learn a little about the technology behind spin mops and exactly what makes them so excellent!

how to change spin mop head

Why are Spin Mops Better Than Traditional Mops?

Whether you’re angling for a spin mop or you’re looking for something more basic, you’ll soon learn the benefits of spin mops over their dated counterparts. If you aren’t sure what kind of mop you need, then keep reading to find a few advantages a spin mop can offer you over a traditional mop!

Designed to Pivot

Traditional mops require you to bend and contort yourself into uncomfortable positions in order to clean in small spaces and corners of your house. With a spin mop, the mop itself swivels and does most of the work for you to reach corners and flat surfaces alike!

While you can use it in the standard straight position, it will also adjust to keep your house and floor clean, saving you time and elbow grease.

No Splashes

Spin mops come with a bucket that helps you have more control over how much water you want or need in order to get the floor clean.

In addition to the general design, many of the buckets come with splash guards, so that when you lift the mop up out of them you won’t be splashed. No one likes to have dirty water on their clothes, so that’s a plus in our book!

Replaceable Mop Head

The best part of a spin mop is that once you feel like the head is no longer coming clean enough for your satisfaction or it is beginning to fall apart, you don’t have to just go out and buy an entirely new mop. You can just remove the mop head, and thus, replace the dirty mop head!

Spin mop heads are designed in such a way as to be easily replaceable. This can potentially save you a lot of money if you tend to do a lot of mopping.

Pedal Feature

spin mop pedal to wring

Most spin mop buckets have a feature built into them that is a so-called pedal control. When pressed with your foot, the bucket automatically begins to wring the water out of the mop.

This can be especially helpful to people with mobility issues that may not have the physical strength or energy to manually wring out the water, but everyone will appreciate having to sweat less while cleaning the dirt off the floor.

Are There Drawbacks To a Spin Mop?

Whether or not you consider certain elements a drawback probably depends on what you specifically want to use the mop for.

It is true that spin mop heads are slightly less resilient than their traditional counterparts. A traditional mop head on a stationary handle may not need replacing as much as the spinning mop head would.

So it comes down to you, the user, to decide if you value the convenience and ease of the spin mop system over the slight advantage you would have in time between getting a new replacement mop head.

How Often Do You Change Spin Mop Head?

The more clean your mop is, the more it can keep your house clean—so it’s important to make sure your mop is functioning at maximum capacity and not making your floors dirty with every sweep across them.

There are a couple of different ways to judge how often you should clean your spin mop head, depending on your preference. Let’s take a closer look.

Per Washing

Some spin mop companies, like the one that produces the Vileda spin mop, recommend that you change the mop head every fifteen to thirty washings.

If your mop head is made with microfiber fabric, you can generally go around five hundred washings before replacing it. That’s a whole lot of dirt off your floor!

Specific Period of Time

Other resources suggest that you replace the head of your spin mop every three months. Again, this will depend on your usage. If you’ve only used it a couple of times during those three months, you should be fine to keep the same spinning head for a while yet.

Frequency of Use

You are the expert on how much wear and tear your mop head receives from use. If you only use it once a week, it will last much longer than if you’re using it daily.

While taking general advice can be useful, you should adjust it based on the specific amount of usage you put your spin mop through.

Instruction Manual

If you are unsure which of the above methods you should use to determine how often you should change the mop head, then you can always consult the experts.

Your spin mop should come with an instruction manual that will give you guidance and instructions based on that specific spin mop. If it didn’t, look it up online and read what other users have to say based on their experience.

Are Spin Mop Replacement Heads Affordable?

You’re in luck: they really are! Most come in a pack of three or four, this model, meaning that you can go months to a year without having to spend money on a new replacement to attach to your mop.

Microfiber refill packs can be slightly pricier than the non-microfiber ones, but the prices are still comparable for how much usage you get out of them. Microfiber also makes a good alternative for delicate floor types, so it might be worth the extra expense.

How to Change Spin Mop Head Step-by-Step

changing spin mop head step by step

Spin mops have a lot of benefits, and one of them is that you can replace the mop heads when they get too worn out or machine wash them when they’re still usable but need extra cleaning.

Don’t worry if that sounds intimidating because it’s really not! Let’s discuss the dilemma of ‘how to change spin mop head’ in a thorough guide down below.

Step 1 – Find the correct replacement head

The first step you need to take is to locate a new spin mop head or mop cap that specifically matches the spin mop that you own. Some are made to be universal or to fit on certain systems. You can also usually find different levels of quality mop heads for sale at different price marks at online stores, and chiefly, on Amazon.

If you need to confirm that the spin mop head you are trying to replace the old one with works with your system, you can refer to the instructions manual or contact the manufacturing company. The truth is that a quality mop head will be universal and should fit your mop.

Step 2 – Remove spin mop head

Before you can add a fresh mop head to your mop, you need to take the old one off of the tool. To do so, lay flat the mop and with minimal force twist it until the old or dirty head detaches from the mop cap. The floor is a great space to do this since you can spread the mop out. Wear gloves if the old head is icky and has dirt on it.

When it’s spread flat, gently step on the mop head lightly and then rotate the mop head. This is done so that you can align the latch on the mop cap to the mop head and it will disconnect from the mop cap and mop handle. When properly aligned, they should easily pull away. Remember, this won’t require a lot of force.

If you find it does seem to need force or excess pressure, then you don’t have the mop in the correct position. Try to twist it around again until the position lends itself to less pressure and a more successful decoupling.

Step 3 – Attach the new head

Congratulations, you’re on your final step!

At this point, take your new mop head and align it with the mop handle. You need the mop cap to cover the mop head. You’ll be able to tell that you’ve positioned it correctly because as you put gentle pressure on it, there will be a small click. This click will indicate that the new mop head is secured to the mop handle.

Now you know how to change spin mop head, so it’s time to get cleaning!

Where to Buy Spin Mop Replacement Heads

You can purchase a spare spin mop head or a package of them at any online retailer that sells cleaning supplies, or at any bed, bath, or home store.

Just don’t forget that you’ll need to make sure that when you’re ready to change the spin mop head, you know what type of new mop head to get.

Certain brands like the Hurricane spin mop will work with certain mop heads. If your mop is a branded model, you might want to stick to the same brand. If it’s a more generic product, it’s fine not to buy anything pricey.

Bottom Words

Now that the question of how to change spin mop head that’s been weighing over your head—because why else would you have searched it out, right?—is out of the way, you should have all the answers!

You know the differences between a traditional mop and a spin mop, you know how to remove spin mop head, how to change mop heads, and the correct temperatures and settings for washing and drying your mop heads!

You’re all set. The only question now is… what time are you coming over to clean our house?

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