How to Choose an Industrial Mops

Finding the right industrial mop for your business needs will entail a lot of considerations. Industrial floor cleaner available on the market today have a wide range of variety, from standard cotton hand mops to steam mops.

Common terms used when referring to a mop include cut end, looped end, clip style, tie style and microfiber. Cut end mops that are attached to a mop band end are less expensive. This type of mop has strings that are hanging down. Looped-end mops have looped end design to provide less fraying and unraveling. Clip style mops are a mop that uses clip or snaps to secure itself to a frame. Tie style from the word itself, uses the tie to secure the mop into the handle. It is typically used in dust mops. Microfiber mops use pads attached to the mop head with Velcro.

Consider the following factors in buying industrial mops.

large industrial floor mop


Before buying a mop, identify where you are going to use the mops. Is it for dusting walls and floors?


Get a mop that is suited to the area of your business, home or office. The sizes of each mop vary from each other depending on its style and brand. It also has a different weight, from extremely lightweight to industrial weight. If you have a large area, buy a mop with looped ends especially if you prefer to use wet mops. This is because looped end mops hold more liquid cleaner.


It is very important that you know the quality of the mop you are buying. Take into account the construction of the mop head, handles, and clamps. Make sure that the mop is durable and is designed to your specific need.


Look for industrial mops that have a standard all around purpose in cleaning like dry or wet mops. If you want a dust mop, you may consider a microfiber dust mop which frequently comes with wet and dry dust pads perfect for dusting walls as well as floors. It is often lightweight and easy to maneuver.


The material used in the mop plays a vital role in cleaning. It is important that you take time in choosing which material works best in your area. Make sure that you made use of the most of your mop to save money. For example, cotton mops are absorbent, cost less but need to be often replaced, while blended mops are even more absorbent, last longer but expensive.

Wide selection on industrial mops can be seen on the internet. To guide you in choosing which brand to buy, you can read comments and ratings then compare which gives a satisfactory result according to their use.