How to Choose Hardwood Floor Mops

The clean floor gives a fresh feeling to anyone. Floors add a finishing touch to a wide range of your home decorations. It is essential that you keep your floor neat and clean always especially if it is hardwood to maintain its beauty and durability.

Hardwood floors are very delicate because it is more prone to scratches, warping, and discoloration. Keeping your floors clean and long-lasting will greatly depend on the type of mop you choose.

Choosing hardwood floor mops to consider several factors

mops for engineered hardwood floors

Type of Floor

The type of hardwood floor should be taken into account before getting a new mop. Since hardwood floor varies for each kind, it is necessary to be determined because you will need a specific type of mop for it.

Cleaning Process

Identify the cleaning process you want to use on your floor. These processes include wet mopping, damp mopping, floor dying, or applying floor finish. Each cleaning process requires different types of mop fibers to work best.

Mop Fibers

After determining the cleaning process, get a mop fiber that is best suited to meet your needs. Mop fibers may be made of rayon and cotton which works well for floor drying because of its absorption power. If it is for applying floor finish, use a mop fiber with polyester. It can also be used for other general purposes. For rough wood floor surface, you may use a twisted mop fiber.

Size and Style

Select the size and the style of the mop that works well with your cleaning process. If you have a wider floor area, choose a bigger mop to make cleaning fast and easy. You may select on the different styles such as tail-banded, cut-end or looped-end. Since hardwood floor is prone to scratching, a flat bottom mop is a good option.


There are several types of hardwood floor cleaners available on the market that you may want to consider. Select a mop that offers high quality and performance over cost. Invest in a mop that you can use for a long time than getting inexpensive mop but has low quality and durability.


To keep the beauty of your floor does not rely on the mop itself but as well as the cleaner you are using. Since your floor is hardwood it is best to use a cleaner that is specifically made for hardwood. Hardwood cleaners will preserve the delicate nature of your floor and can make them look more vibrant.


The way you and your family live and use the home is the most important factor in the choice of floor. For example, if your family has pets and children or if you are very active, the carpet will not be ideal.

For heavy traffic areas, flexible floors, such as vinyl or floating floors, should be considered. If your house has minimal traffic and you like to have softness under your feet, carpets or moquettes are ideal.

There is also a wide range of carpets and resilient floors. The placement of these materials is another important factor in your decision.

Maintaining your floor has never been easier

  • Disinfection of steam energy that eliminates more than 99% of bacteria
  • Versatility that allows you to steam clean alone or with a cleaning solution
  • A 30-foot power cord that allows you to clean more of your floor without the hassle of plugging in again
  • Removable cisterns that are easy to fill and empty
  • A pivoting triangular mop head that allows cleaning and maneuvering in tight corners
  • An 8-ounce bottle of Hoover Steamplus cleaning solution
  • 3 triangle microfiber pads
  • A support platform that helps protect your floors during cooling and storage
  • A carpet glider that allows you to clean carpets and carpets

There are several things to consider when comparing hardwood floor cleaners: the size, power and versatility of the machine, as well as its reputation and comments. Using this formula, you can find the right wooden floor cleaning machine for your home.