How to clean a laminate floor

Keeping your floors clean will retain its beauty as it ages if properly taken care of. Cleaning the floor varies in each floor type and requires a cleaning product specifically designed for it. Using the right kind of cleaner in your laminate floor will maintain its vibrant appearance.

Laminate flooring is a great option when it comes to floors because it gives a beautiful look like that of hardwood floors without all the maintenance. Because of its durability and easy installation, it is increasingly becoming popular. It can also give your room a nice atmosphere and will complement your home décor because it has a variety of colors and textures to choose from. However, you may be wondering what type of cleaner to use to maintain the vibrant look of your laminate floor. Several floor cleaners sprung out in the market but are they of good quality and exceptional performance when it comes to laminate floor cleaning?

Here are the factors you need to consider in choosing laminate floor cleaners:

Laminate Floor Types

It is an essential factor to consider when choosing a floor cleaner. Check the features that will significantly matter in cleaning your laminate floor. It is best to verify the manufacturer or supplier of the laminate floor about the specific features to consider in buying a cleaning product. For instance, if your floor has a wax finish, then it is best to use solvent-based cleaner.


Several brands of laminate floor cleaners are available on the market today. However, not all brands have the same performance and quality. It is necessary that you take time in checking various brand names and their reputation. Don’t just grab one from the store shelves because it has a cheap price or an appealing package. You can use the internet in checking various cleaners; you can compare other users’ comments and ratings to keep you informed which brand gives more satisfactory results. Some of the top brands on laminate floor cleaners are Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner, Bona and Bruce Dura-Luster No-Wax Floor Cleaner.

Product Instruction and Applicability

Check on the floor cleaner where it is intended for before buying it. Other laminate floor cleaners are made for general cleaning purposes, while some are suited for removing stains. Check as well the instruction on how to use the product and what process should be carried out. Is it ready to apply or requires another process like diluting solutions into the water before using it.

Considering all the factors, it is best to secure your manufacturer’s advice and recommendations on what laminate floor cleaner to use to make sure you attain a positive result in your laminate floor.

The laminate floors are a modern and economical way to cover our floors, give the appearance of wood, but without the problems of caring. But if you do not clean them well they can be damaged, so we’ll show you how to clean a laminate floor .

How to clean laminate floors easily

We will need:

  • Mop of natural fibers or that do not scratch the floor.
  • Liquid cleaner for laminate floors, (must not be abrasive, nor leave layers of soap).
  • Large microfiber cloth for mopping or soft sponge.
  • Vacuum cleaner


The first step is to vacuum the soil very well with the addition of soft bristles. In most cases it is enough to vacuum the floor , especially dust and small spots. Do not use steam mops, or any other appliance that uses heat. The steam can take off and damage the floor plates. Using the vacuum cleaner and its soft brush is enough. Brooms are also discouraged to sweep the floor, because their fibers damage the finish and detract from the luster.

To clean a laminate floor it is not necessary to wet the floor a lot. On the contrary, the water can swell and damage the sheets, so we will use a damp cloth only for stains that can not be removed without moisture and dry immediately. When we do trapeze, we will follow the grain of the soil. In most laminate floor cleaners it is not necessary to rinse. Repeat the vacuuming and mopping if necessary. The rule is that when moistening the soil, it dries between one and two minutes later.

Tips for cleaning laminate floors

  • It is never advisable to use a brush, brooms or other attachments that can scratch the floor.
  • We must not use oils or waxes, as they damage the finish of laminate floors.
  • Some extra tips are to put rubber covers on the legs of the furniture that scrape and use protective screens for the windows, these filter the sun’s rays.
  • To change the shoes of hard sole for other soft ones, they prevent marks of scratches in the laminated floors

Cleaning laminate floors in the right way is very important to maintain their good condition. These tips for cleaning laminate floors will help you keep them impeccable for longer.