How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

Many people hate household chores and especially cleaning. It is even worse if your glass shower doors are dirty.  Although believed to add some beauty to the home, at this state it makes an otherwise sparkling bathroom appear filthy.

Unfortunately, the cleaning task of glass shower doors is not quite easy like taking a lathered sponge or fabric and glass cleaners. However, with some cleaning knowledge and willpower, even the hardest water spots cannot stand any chance.

Of course, sticking to a routine after use is valuable to the home. Following the cleaning, the rule is an apparently practical way to reduce stain from hard-water, mineral backlog, and mildew. There is always a better way to handle the door. Read on to find what works for you.

When is the Ideal Time to Clean Glass Shower Doors?

cleaning glass shower doors with vinegar and baking soda

There are many bad and good things regarding glass shower doors. One thing that makes most homeowners not to prefer having them is because of the problem of managing filth. And some of the users who have installed this type of door have a concern about the best time to do the cleaning.

Indeed, to avoid frustrating build-ups always clean the door immediately you finish up enjoying the shower. This truth is that it is advisable to follow the two actions because at that time the entire environment there has received the warmth of the water. In turn, this instantaneously loosens up all of the grime.

Plus, at that time you will not have any worries about getting wet or messy after showering. Use a cleaning pad made from foam or sponge to avoid messing everywhere with extra cleaning items or even toxic chemicals. The thing is that at the time of cleaning glass shower doors it entails tackling many chores at the same time. This is also an ideal opportunity to handle the walls and floors also to avoid redoing this again.

Tools for Glass Shower Doors Cleaning

It is essential to keep in mind that soap scam and hard water stains backlogs after some time. Even though consistent cleaning can improve the state of glass doors, there are chances that its surface will never be entirely restored to the original conditions. So, never worry that there is something you are doing wrong if the doors fail to appear as clean as new after cleaning them.

And, of course, scummy doors will not allow you to easily keep the stains at bay. With the right tools, you will be able to prevent this from taking over the attractive look in the shower doors. Even better, if you are short of time it will not hurt to hire someone else, especially specialists to help take care of them on your behalf.

So to have the looks that you will truly enjoy, pay attention to all the parts of the door. The edges especially need special care as the folds are a key target for the growth of mold. Also the points have high chances of trapping soap scum and so if overlooked while cleaning may be detrimental to the doors.

Thankfully some of the equipment suitable for use are obtainable at home. For instance, a toothbrush can be used for scrubbing around the metal frame of the shower door. Then to remove all the gunk lodged in the place this metal meets the door or the shower a paint scraper will be helpful. The minerals buildup on the flat glass can be carefully removed by gently applying a razor. However, for effectiveness ensure you use a clean and sharp blade. You will need to grip it at an angle of 45-degrees to the surface of the door. This helps to prevent accidental scratching on the glass.

Cleaning Tactics for Busy People

It is sad because of the fact that hard water and soap accumulation if left unattended on glass shower door surfaces, may make the glass to etch and even worse cause permanent damage. The culprit here will, in turn, have a cloudy appearance making this feature not to be decorative again.

The good thing is that even if you have a tight schedule you can quickly clean to eliminate the buildup. Remember there is no guaranteed DIY technique that can keep the stains from coming always. But how can you quickly do the cleaning to slow the formation of such bathroom rogues down?

Indeed, there are two simple things that can be done regularly. But the thing is the tactics will not back off etching. For that reason, the best defense all starts by preventing it from occurring. simply wipe down the surfaces after every use.

Use of Squeegees or Microfiber Cloths

Prevention is always key even as you look to know how to clean glass shower doors. Mold and soapy stains will never appear if there is no damp environment favoring growth. The best thing to do is to use a squeegee on the door after a single-use. To eliminate forgetting about this then always hang one in the shower. Doing this also makes it easy to remind even family members to keep doing it after showering.

This tool looks like a windshield wiper and it has a handle and also long enough rubber blade. It is usually used to remove water from the surface of glass. Some are equipped with suction cups for fixing to walls to allow easy access and also storage. While some are colored others are stainless steel to suit everyone especially the style-conscious. But do they function in the same way? In general, yes there is no difference in how they work. A simple one will be reasonably priced and in turn, will save you a lot of time and frustrations.

The main aim of this is to keep off hard-water build up and to avoid the need to scrub heavily much later. Leaving the shower door open after showering can also help in drying the surface out fast.

For many, plus home-cleaning experts, microfiber cloths know to be the prime tool against water spots and buildup. Thanks, to its ability to penetrate deep into hard-to-reach areas. With it, you can clean under door handles and the hidden corners. After every use, squeeze the fabric tightly and wash them weekly.

Daily Shower Cleaning

Equally, after wiping down the shower, finish this task by quickly misting daily cleaner. Use either commercial ones or homemade concoction. The good thing daily maintenance is that deep-cleaning will not be necessary.  The door will often appear sparkly.

Making Homemade Shower Spray

At home especially for cleaning purposes, it is paying to be a DIY expert. The shower is one place that needs making your misting spray. Not only are the products chemical-free but also it saves you money and in the long run the environment.

Mix half-cup of rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, one teaspoon liquid soap and one tablespoon dishwasher solution in a spray bottle of 32-ounces. Then, add water into the bottle and,  cover tightly. Rock this bottle gently in a back and forth movement. This helps in combining the ingredients thoroughly without causing foaming up. Keep away from direct sunlight. But for convenience, store it in some corner of the shower. This means accessing it for spraying down the glass door after squeegeeing will be fast. Again, during use avoid the vinegar if your surfaces are stone tile.

Deep Glass Shower Door Cleanings

Things happen, and when this takes place, daily maintenance may move to a backseat. Regarding glass shower doors, it means grime, buildup, and full bath time melancholies. Sadly, this also means more than the basic squeegee is necessary to get it back to the clean state. For cleaning scum and hard-water stains, a number of homeowners bet some products will do the magic. At the same time, others recommend reusing dryer sheets. Remember such products have chemicals, so consider putting on gloves for skin protection.

Is there Any Natural Alternative?

For home cleaning purposes, natural products work well. In this case, mixing water and baking soda makes a perfect scum-fighting cleanser that even experts recommend. Quantities for this purpose will, however, differ depending on the amount you need. As a starting point, try mixing baking soda in half-cup, then add the needed water to form a heavy paste. Use a non-abrasive scrubber, clean the glass door and rinse well with vinegar.

What Long-Term cleaning Solutions are available?

After achieving a clean and sparkly glass surface, there are some things to be done to ensure it lasts longer. The primary idea here is to guarantee that hard water stains and soap scum will no longer build-up. Yes, when it is clean enough nothing can stick to this surface. There are many products that are specifically made to wick away water from the glass. Even if it is not intended for bathroom usage, the principle still relates. If you can get one for preventing watermarks on windshields, it will work in the same way on glass door showers.

Do this by spraying this product on the cleaned glass. Be sure to avoid reaching the tiles, metal frame or the shower flooring. Reapply after three or four weeks. Some people find this treatment to be effective and so opt to avoid using the squeegee.

Cleaning The Irritating Metal Tracks

Unfortunately, even metal tracks have accumulated grime and buildup. If this is not checked the frames of the doors may end up being hard-to-clean. The solution can be literally plugging any crevices or drainage holes along the track.  Then filling in vinegar and allow to stay overnight. It should bee wipe cleaned in the morning. The result is a different meaning to arise and shine.

Ban the use of Bar Soap

When seeking the best way to considerably reduce the occurrences of soap scum accumulation on shower glass door no worries. It is not necessary to exclude showers at home or avoid using such facilities at the gym. The ideal thing is to ban bar soaps at all costs. The reason is that nearly every bar soap has talc, which causes buildup. Instead consider changing to liquid soaps or the options not containing talc. Of course, this is not an escape to water spots, so it will b necessary to perform regular maintenance. But it will not be that much.

How Often Should You Clean Glass Shower Door Anyway?

If you continue doing regular but light maintenance, the deep cleaning will be necessary within few weeks. However, the best shower door cleaning schedule should follow tasks such as:

Every Day: This entails cleaning after every use of the shower. You can squeegee, use the DIY spray cleanser, and air out the bathroom by leaving the door open.

Weekly: The entire shower should get a thorough wipe down once in a week. Use a sponge or your preferred cloth.

Monthly: This is an ideal time for considering deep cleaning. Stub the floor, walls, and floors thoroughly. Be sure to get deeper into any corners and crevices.

Finally, glass shower doors are not only used to bring privacy but to also add modern stylishness to the bathroom. But like with other dirty fixtures the doors are regularly exposed to dampness. That means unappealing grime and deposited mineral can accumulate over time.

If the glass shower doors appear streaky and foggy, try one of the above tricks and learn how to clean them properly. A simple cleaner prepared from ingredients that are readily available at home will remove the mess entirely cutting on the need for harsh, irritating chemicals. However, a scraper may be needed to get rid of difficult spots.

Unless you are limited on patience, time, and even energy, then you might not be in a position to manage to do the above then you might think otherwise. In fact, choosing to use your guest bathroom and the shower curtain and not the glass doors is a trick that is timesaving and not uncommon.

After the shower glass door becomes shiny again, it is essential to put some prevention measures into action to ensure your next cleaning process becomes easier.