How to Clean Weathertech Mats

What do you usually think of when it comes to cleaning your car’s mats?

You probably think that all you need to do is vacuum them or clean them with a hose and let them dry.

Cleaning your car’s mats may seem that simple, and in some cases it is.

You can certainly clean some of the simpler car mats this way without much penalty. Sure, there may be some stains left on them, but this is negligible for some of the more common car floor mats.

This is not the case with weathertech mats, and in order for your weathertech mats to last as long as they need to, serve their functions properly, and keep looking impressive, you’ll need to clean them properly.

Yes, there do exist ways to clean weathertech mats, and if you are interested in putting weathertech mats inside of your vehicle, you’ll need to learn how to clean them properly. It is not as simple as running water against them or vacuuming them.

Before learning about how to clean weathertech mats, it is a good idea to learn about weathertech mats in general and what they offer your vehicle.

What is a weathertech mat and what makes them different than standard mats?

Nearly every vehicle comes with its own mats to prevent dirt, fluids, and other undesirable materials from being absorbed into the floor of your vehicle.

These standard mats are typically not optimized in what they can do when it comes to preventing dirt and other kinds of materials from being absorbed into the floor of your vehicle.

Most of these mats are made of carpet like materials, which can be very difficult to clean perfectly.

They can also shrivel up during certain weather conditions and they can also encounter overwhelming wear and tear that can be permanent, due to both the weather as well as the amount of impact that they endure.
Weathertech mats solve a lot of these issues.

  • Not only can you custom fit weathertech mats for the floor of your entire vehicle, they are also made of materials that will resist all kinds of adverse weather and impacts.
  • Weathertech mats are made from a thermoplastic elastomer compound that will stay flexible in all temperatures.
  • You will not need to worry about weathertech mats curling if it is too hot in your vehicle and you will not need to worry about anything sticking to them or anything being too absorbed into them that they become part of the mat.
  • Weathertech mats also include anti-skid ridges on the underside of the mat. This prevents them from shifting. Standard mats do not contain these ridges and because of this, they will shift.
  • These ridges are one thing that make cleaning weathertech mats a different process than cleaning standard mats, and this will be explored and addressed later.
  • The reason why weathertech mats are much more preferable than standard mats is because they are made of plastic material. Weathertech mats do not encounter the amounts of wear and tear that standard mats encounter.
  • These are the benefits that weathertech mats hold that make them decisively more valuable than standard mats.
  • However, because they are made of the kinds of materials that they are made of, you will need to clean weathertech mats in a different way than standard mats.

Differences in how mats are cleaned

It does not take a lot of effort to clean standard mats because they are not made of the same kinds of materials that weathertech mats are made of.

They also do not contain the anti-skid ridges that weathertech mats contain, and this is the crux of the differences of how these mats are cleaned.

All you really need to do to clean standard mats is to either scrub them, vacuum them, or run water over them and then dry them accordingly.

Often that is all it takes to clean standard mats because they do not contain the anti-skid ridges on the bottom that weathertech mats contain.

In order for these anti-skid ridges to function properly, they need to be cleaned. You will need to periodically scrub these ridges carefully this way they can keep doing their job of preventing the mats from shifting perfectly.

Because weathertech mats are made of reinforced plastic material, you’ll be able to hose them down with water and cleaning solution just like any other mat.

However, drying them is a different issue that you’ll need to face.

Because they are made of mostly plastic, weathertech mats won’t be able to dry passively. This means you’ll need to actively clean weathertech mats.

The best way to do this is not to hose them down with water, but to scrub them down with cleaner. Spray a little bit of all-purpose cleaner on the weathertech mat and scrub it with a cloth.

This is the best way to clean the front part of a weathertech mat. By doing this, you will remove dirt from the weathertech mat but you will also not compromise its plastic surface.

Why is it important to clean weathertech mats this way?

The reason why it is important to clean weathertech mats this way is because while they will not curl or warp from weather, they can certainly be negatively altered if too much dirt is on them or if they stay wet for too long.

Vacuuming weathertech mats will not completely clean weathertech mats or standard mats. This is even more true with weathertech mats, since it can be even more difficult to get out all of the dirt that tracks into weathertech mats.

Cleaning weathertech mats the same as standard mats will negatively affect their longevity, and that is the biggest reason why you should take a little more time and effort to clean weathertech mats properly.


  • Anybody who is remotely interested in the aesthetics or cleanliness of their vehicle should take the time to explore what weathertech mats have to offer.
  • Different than standard mats, weathertech mats will resist all kinds of weather and all kinds of wear and tear from impacts.
  • You will not need to worry about weathertech mats shifting from being stepped on too much from getting in and out of the vehicles they are placed in.
  • You will not need to worry about weathertech mats being affected by unusually hot or cold weather. Standard mats curl from hot weather; weathertech mats do not. Standard mats will lose their ability to absorb dirt when it gets extremely cold; weathertech mats are made of plastic and will absorb dirt no matter how cold it gets.
  • However, you will need to commit to a different method of cleaning weathertech mats.
  • The way you clean your old mats will not be effective when it comes to cleaning weathertech mats, and you will need to make some changes when it comes to cleaning weathertech mats.
  • One of those changes involves getting the dirt out of the front side of the mat where dirt will get tracked.

In order to remove this dirt properly, you’ll want to scrub your weathertech mats, but use just enough cleaning solutions to remove the dirt. Get a weathertech mat too wet, and you will compromise its ability to absorb dirt.

You’ll also need to clean the ridges on the bottom of your weathertech mat, and you’ll need to be a little more detailed when doing this. Fail to do this, and your weathertech mat will shift just like any other mat would.

Cleaning weathertech mats does require a little bit more effort than cleaning common mats, that much is true. But if you do clean them properly, weathertech mats will take you a lot further than standard mats will.