How to Get Hair out of Carpet in 7 Easy Ways

Nothing beats kicking off your feet and curling your toes on a carpet over a book or a TV show, especially after a long and hard day. The right carpet can jazz up a joint or hold a room together.

Pet and human hair accumulation can turn your carpet into an unsightly mess. Such debris can also get caked in dust and other loose particles. This further compounds your misery, especially if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner.

However, even a vacuum cleaner can be inadequate at times. This is especially true for people with long coat pets – These devices merely lift pet hair from the carpet strands. 

Do you face such a struggle? The good news is you’re not alone. The even better news is that loads of people have come up with DIY hacks that can help you get hairs out of carpets quickly.

You don’t even have to scour the internet for these fascinating tidbits. We took the time to do that for you! So, take a load off and read along as we cover everything to get stubborn hair strands out of carpets.

how to get hair out of carpet in 7 easy ways

Why is Hair Hard to Remove from Carpets?

Hair fibers contain densely packed protein molecules. This results in a massive build-up of potential energy. It is not an issue until you rub something with an opposite electric charge. Then you’re faced with an electrostatic field that draws hair closer to carpet fibers.

That’s a basic explanation. We won’t bore you with the rest. Instead, we’ll delve into some housekeeping hacks that can help you break these electric fields and extract hair from your carpet.

So without further ado, let’s look at some simple solutions to the headache.

7 Easiest Ways of Getting Hair Out of Carpet

Are you tired of searching obscure websites for solutions? Then, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ve taken the time to scour the web and compiled a list of 8 effective ways of getting hair out of your carpet.

Hopefully, your days of pulling messy hair tangles from brooms, brushes, and hoovers are over!

Things You Will Need:

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Fabric softener
  3. Rubber dog grooming brush
  4. Baking soda
  5. Carpet rake
  6. Rubber shoes and gloves
  7. Double-sided duct tape 
  8. An old paint roller
  9. Rubber broom
  10. Mop
  11. Bucket
  12. Dustpan
  13. Water

And last but not least, you’ll have some patience, and a little elbow grease also doesn’t hurt!

Are you ready? Let’s get on with it!

1. Using a Proper Vacuum Cleaner Attachment 

get a special vacuum attachment to get hair out of carpet easily

A regular vacuum cleaner offers the most convenient way to remove hair from carpets. The suction mechanism effectively cancels static electric fields that bind hair to carpet fibers. However, even this is not enough at times.

So what should you do if a traditional vacuum cleaner fails at this task? Well, you could break the bank on a modern vacuum cleaner. But why do all that? When you could simply replace the attachments, you’re currently using. 

But, before doing that, it pays to experiment with all the brush tools in your traditional vacuum cleaner toolset. Consider how much effort you need to pull significant strands of human hair and pet hair from your carpet.

You can also look at how deep the brush attachment dips into the carpet as it coxes hair and other debris. Such tests can help you work with a regular vacuum cleaner despite its mechanical challenges.

However, it may be time to get a new vacuum cleaner if your current product doesn’t offer many brush attachment options. You can get a high-powered vacuum cleaner with a fine assortment of brush tools that can dig deeper to eliminate dirt and grime.

This is essential, especially if human hair and pet hair are a constant issue in your household.

2. A Water and Fabric Softener Solution

Nothing breaks down electrostatic resistance like a fabric softener solution. It adds a soapy lubricating layer of detergent to carpet fibers. This neutralizes electrically charged human or pet hair fibers. It loosen stubborn hair making them easier to lift off your carpet.

To top it off, fabric softener contains anti-septic properties that eliminate odor-causing bacteria. And, when you add a soft deodorant to the mix, you’re left with a sweet-smelling and hair-free carpet. Talk about a winning combination!  

To remove hair from the carpet, you’ll need to keep the fabric softener in a spray bottle. Spray it over the carpet in small regions. Mist the region until it becomes damp.

Before you start, you’ll want to mix water and fabric softer in a spray bottle. A ratio of 4 parts water and 1 part fabric softener will do!

Start small by misting over small regions until they are damp (not wet) when spraying. Next, take your squeegee to hand brush and comb over the region.

Please pay attention to your motion. It’s better to lift than spread or rub a cloth over your carpet. Such motions only tangle the carpet fibers while mixing them with hair. Lift and move the errant hair fibers to one area where you can collect them with a dustpan.

Alternatively, you can use a regular vacuum cleaner with the proper brush attachment. This works well, especially if your carpet has long strands of pet hair. With that, you’ll not only remove hair from carpets but also revitalize them in the process.

3. Rubber Dog Grooming Brush

you can use rubber dog grooming brush to remove hair from carpet

A rubber dog grooming brush is essential for pet owners, particularly those with short-to-long-haired companions. This tool is highly effective at removing loose hair strands from a pet. So, it can do wonders for your carpet hair removal initiatives.

It’s cheaper and more reusable than lint rollers – Even classic barbershops use them to brush off hair from their customers. Rubber dog brushes work by building a more substantial electrostatic charge than the stubborn hair strands, which pulls them towards the brush.

So, you can also use one to restore the depth of a shag carpet. A rubber dog grooming brush employs the same mechanics as a regular bristle brush. So, you can get more out of small, slow, and deliberate stroking motions than performing a broad stroke.

You can also pull the brush towards you to control where the hair fibers end up. Move the brush in straight lines as you would with a vacuum cleaner. Ensure that you work on a small section before sweeping another carpet region.

Once you’re satisfied, you can knock off the dust and hair from your brush and collect all the debris.

NB: go easy on the carpet, don’t use too much pressure as you sweep. This may lead to damaged or plucked carpet fibers that leave it looking threadbare.

3. A Sprinkling of Baking Soda

Many DIY house cleaning hacks use baking soda. But mainly as a deodorizing and antimicrobial agent. So, it’s a big surprise that it also performs well in loosening dirt and grime from carpets. This makes it easier to vacuum or brush off the carpet. 

All you need to get started is sprinkle baking soda across the surface of your carpet. Then you can cox it into the fibers by rubbing your feet or a broom on the carpet. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes for the best results. However, you can also move to the next step if you don’t have that much time.

Next, sweep the carpet with a firm nylon brush or a rubber broom. However, you’ll get better results by vacuuming. This ensures you don’t kick up dust particles, and you leave your carpet looking and smelling fresh! 

This will be the perfect time to burst out a steam cleaner – If you have one.

Steam cleaning after sprinkling baking soda is the best way to reign in hair messes. It’s also a sure way to avoid accumulating hair on your carpet for weeks to come.

4. Using a Specialized Carpet Rake for Pet Hair Removal

carpet rake for removing hair from carpet

A carpet rake comes in handy when removing dog hair and other hair types from a carpet. It features a telescopic handle like a standard broom without bristles on the head.

They come at a higher price point due to their specialized nature. So, it makes sense to get some proper use out of a specialized carpet rake if you have one lying around.

Instead, these specialized tools have a few rubber prongs that create suction through electrostatic fields. This removes even the tiniest strand of hair when running over a carpet.

To use a carpet rake, simply pick it up and extend it to a comfortable length. Lock in your arms, then press the rake against the carpet’s surface. Now, pull the carpet rake towards you in short, firm, and successive motions.

You can move from section to section, ensuing you pull as many hair strands to the edges of the carpet. If you notice you’re pulling less hair, you can check the carpet rake prongs for hair blockage, clear it, and continue with your task until all the hair is at the edge.

You can also use the rake to remove accumulated hair strands at the carpet edge, fish them off the prongs and throw it all in the trash can. A light vacuum cleaning can help you eliminate any dust particles left after the exercise.

5. Rubber Shoes and Gloves

This list would be incomplete without some strange DIY life hacks. Rubber gloves and rubber shoes like crocs or sliders are surprisingly good at gathering errant hair stands. They are especially effective at removing cat hair from carpets.

To use this method effectively, you can start by sprinkling baking soda. Such a move ensures lowers the static field binding hair to carpet fibers. This makes things less sticky and easier to move. Use your hands to rub the rubber shoe over the carpet.

Alternatively, you can put on your rubber gloves and sweep the carpet with firm, successive motions. Next, sweep the carpet with a rubber broom or bristle brush. This eliminates the baking soda and dust particles while removing the pet hairs. 

While at it, you can also give the carpet a light mopping with cold water and some detergent. Please ensure you rinse the carpet thoroughly if you take this additional step.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can clean the rubber shoes with warm water to remove the hair from their surface. You can also do the same for your reusable rubber gloves. But, you can put non-reusable latex gloves in the trash once they’ve served their purpose.

6. DIY Sticky Roller

Standard lint rollers are effective at removing accumulated hair from carpets. But, they come with the following drawbacks:

  1. They can be expensive
  2. You constantly need to replace roller sheets
  3. Lint rollers end up in the trash sooner than brushes or carpet rakes

This is untenable, especially in our age environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. It pays to have a few DIY tricks up your sleeve.

All you need to make a DIY sticky roller is an old paint roller and double-sided duct tape. Once you have them, simply wrap the tape over the roller.

Next, run the roller over the carpet. All the loose hair sticks to the tape as you roll through the surface. Replace the double-sided duct tape with a fresh layer once it’s clogged with hair and continue the task. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the results.  

You can also run a mop, rubber brush, or vacuum cleaner over the carpet for good measure. This freshens the carpet and removes dust and other fine particles that may have escaped the DIY sticky roller.

7. A Rubber Broom for Hair Removal

using rubber broom for removing hair from carpet

A rubber broom is essential for most pet owners. But, it can also come as a blessing even if you don’t have a furry companion. It features rubber bristles that route out cat hair and other hair fibers.

Its operation is so gentle you needn’t worry about damaging your precious carpet. It is up for any challenge posed by hair. That’s why it is an unmissable feature of a hair salon.

Small, firm and deliberate strokes ensure you remove hair with ease like the carpet rake. You can either make straight lines or focus on a small region before moving to another.

Ensure that you move the brush towards you. This ensures you can sustain your momentum and have more control over the result. Knock against a wall once you reach a carpet-free region of your home.

Finally, pick off the collected hair from the carpet edge and rubber brush bristles. You can also run a mop or vacuum cleaner to eliminate any strugglers. The market also has combined rubber brooms with a squeegee on the head. Such a tool comes with the advantage of pulling stubborn hair that you can’t remove via other means. 

Is There A More Time-Saving Method For Removing Hair From Carpets?

The above life hacks effectively do more than merely remove hair from carpets. However, you may have noticed they take loads of time. And some require a fair share of elbow grease. Of Couse, we understand you are a busy individual. But you still have to contend with furry pets and kids making a mess of things.

So, you can also consider the following household appliance:

A self-cleaning brush roll vacuum

Acquiring a vacuum cleaner with a self-cleaning brush roll vacuum is an intelligent way of rising above this challenge. It rolls the collected hair into neat rolls that you can gather and throw to the side as you work. This is an upgrade from a regular vacuum cleaner that gets clogged as you work.

Sure, self-cleaning brush roll vacuums come at a premium price. But, it’s a worthy sacrifice, especially when you consider how much time and money you can save when such a device is always available within your household.


Removing pet and human hair from carpets and other household surfaces is not a cakewalk. This is especially true when all you depend on is a mop and a pail of water. Such an initiative requires planning and some flawless execution. Hopefully, these eight tips will help you make do it more effectively.

As a parting shot, we encourage you to start small and preserve your gains in small increments. This calls for working a small carpet region before moving to another. It also pays to focus on your posture and hand swing motions as you work. Otherwise, you could pull a muscle or hurt your back.

We hope you had a fun time reading this article as we did when compiling these hacks. If we missed anything, please hit us up in the comments so we can include such information in future publications.

Have a nice carpet, hair-free day! See you soon!

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