How to Get Rid of Birds Pooping on Patio

Birds…They make themselves at home all over your property, leaving a trail of droppings for you and yours to constantly clean up after. If the constant cleaning of bird poop is driving you mad, be calm there is still hope. There are a variety of different things you can use to deter birds from visiting, and in this article, we will be talking about a few of those helpful methods.

Keeping Birds Out

Shiny Stuff

Light-reflecting off of shiny metal objects will keep birds from hanging around your porch because the sun bothers their eyes. Take a disposable pie plate, or a piece of tin foil, and poke a hole through it. Then, run a string through it and hang it on any post or nail to stop the birds from roosting or nesting there. You can also attach things like shiny pinwheels, small mirrors, or old CDs to the posts. When the wind changes, the reflection will change directions and those pesky birds will be scared away.

Avoiding Danger

Birds will avoid any area where they can run into some unnecessary trouble. Keeping a fake bird of prey, like an owl, next to your porch will stop any smaller birds from wanting to hang out. Head to your local home and garden store to buy an owl that has a bobblehead. The bobblehead will make it seem like the bird’s head is moving in the wind. To really keep the smaller birds guessing, you can move the fake owl around the porch every few days, as if the bird of prey is moving.

Loud Noises

Because birds tend to avoid loud noises, you can keep a set of metal wind chimes near the porch or above your patio furniture. You can also make your own wind chimes out of recycled things that you can find around your house. Simply take a tin can and drill a hole in the bottom of it. Loop a string or fishing line through the hole, and using a hot glue gun, secure it into place. Turn the can over and drill four or five holes around the mouth of the can. Finally, take some more of the string and some old silverware, and tie the silverware to each of the five holes you made. Make sure that there are at least three inches between the silverware and the can.

Move Bird Houses

Move any kind of bird feeder or birdbath away from the places where you don’t want birds to be. These kinds of things will attract all kinds of wild birds to your property, so if you own a birdhouse or feeder, move them at least thirty feet away from the undesired location. If you don’t want birds at all, then we recommend getting rid of your bird feeders and birdbaths entirely.

Baking Soda

Birds hate the feeling of baking soda underneath their feet, so they will avoid landing or nesting near it. To keep the birds away, sprinkle baking soda around the areas where you don’t want birds hanging around. Make sure to coat any perching spots, like the tops of outdoor lights or window seals. If it rains, you’ll need to replace any baking soda that has gotten wet or has absorbed any moisture.

Installing Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a humane method of bird removal because they don’t actually harm the bird, they only keep it from landing in a specific location. These spikes are attached to a base that prevents birds from landing on an undesired location. They are made in several different sizes for different sized birds, ranging from small to large, and they can be found in most home improvement stores or on the internet. You’ll want to choose the narrowest set of bird spikes for the size of the bird that you are trying to keep away.

  1. Measure the length of the area where you are trying to attach the bird spikes. To make a long length of bird spikes, you can usually attach several spikes at the base. If you need to make a set of spikes shorter, just look for a break spot and snap it off at that point.
  2. Glue or screw the bird spikes to the area that the birds tend to roost or land on the most. Even though the spikes are not sharp or pointy, you should still avoid using them in locations where your child or pet could possibly get hurt.
  3. If you need to put bird spikes in your gutter, then look for a special clip that attaches to the spikes. Once you have the clip, all you need to do is screw the spike to the inside of your gutter and say goodbye to those birds.

There’s no denying that birds can be beautifully interesting to look at, but they can definitely cause an unsanitary mess. If you’ve noticed that birds are destroying your porch or car with their nonsense, then make sure to follow these tips and your home will be bird-mess free!