How to Keep Birds Out of Garage? A Full Guide

Imagine a bright, sunny morning with clear blue skies and birds chirping in the trees. Isn’t it a beautiful sight?

However, if the birds start coming inside your garage, you may not be as pleased. Your garage is to keep your car safe. You do not want a bird’s nest on the roof or bird poop on your car, do you?

So, how do you keep birds from coming inside your garage? Before we answer that you need to understand why birds keep flying into your garage.

how to keep birds out of your garage

Why Do Birds Keep Flying in Your Garage?

When there are so many trees around, why do birds keep flying into your garage? Why do they build their nest in your garage?

First of all, birds like quiet and secluded places, just like your garage. Such places also keep them safe from other animals, allowing them to care for their young without fear.

Other reasons include:


When building a nest, the top priority for birds is safety. They want a place where other animals cannot harm their eggs. Most birds build nests in high spots because predators cannot reach them.

When you think of a bird nest, you probably imagine one on a tree. However, birds are not that picky. Any nook and cranny would do as long as it is safe. That is why it is quite common to spot bird nests in garages, window sills, railings, and gutters.


Birds are also afraid of other wild birds, such as hawks, owls, and falcons. These wild birds eat their eggs or their young whenever they get a chance.

That’s why birds look for places that will completely or partially cover their nests, so that these predatory birds cannot spot them. The harder it is to spot a place, the safer it is for the birds. Your garage gives them a safe spot that cannot be seen by these wild birds.


Like all animals, birds need to eat and so do their babies. You must have seen a lot of birds bringing back food to their nest to feed their babies. Baby birds eat a lot. The parents try to build their nest close to where food is available.

Building a nest in your garage gives them safety. Plus, they can easily look for worms, nuts, and berries in the trees around your house for food.


A bird nest is only for eggs and baby birds. Parent birds do not need a nest to sleep in, although most people think that birds sleep in their nests. In fact, birds will only build a nest when they are raising babies. Birds can sleep anywhere, on a branch or a ledge. However, they want to be close to their babies at all times.

A sleeping bird is just as vulnerable as a baby bird, which is why they prefer safe nesting spots such as your garage.

Why is it Important to Keep Birds out of the Garage?

why it is important to keep birds out of your garage

Birds build nests inside a garage because they feel safe. It keeps them protected from the dangers of the world. The corners in a garage are weather-proof and temperature-controlled compared to the treetops outside.

Although all bird species are beautiful, it is important to keep them out of our homes for valid reasons.


Having garage birds means having to constantly battle with bird droppings, feathers, and a lot of mess. Imagine bringing back your car from the carwash and parking it in the garage. You expect to find a clean car for your evening out. However, you find bird droppings all over your car.

Do you have the time to keep cleaning your car multiple times because of bird poop?


Did you know birds and their dropping could carry over 60 diseases? There are several serious and fatal diseases that could be passed on from birds to humans. Keeping birds out of your home is necessary for your health as well as your family’s.


Birds build nests inside garages because they feel it is safe. However, that may not always be the case. If a bird is startled, it will often fly erratically trying to find an exit. In the process, it could hurt itself or even you.

Having birds inside the garage is neither safe for the birds nor you.


Birds can cause significant damage to your garage, which is yet another reason why you should keep them out. One, their poop is corrosive. It could corrode metal inside your garage or even damage your car. Their feathers could clog the garage drain or get stuck in vents. You will either need to clean them yourself or get professional help, which will prove expensive.


Birds are beautiful to look at, especially if they are perched on birdbaths or bird feeders. However, they don’t look as great making a mess in your garage.

Letting birds build nests inside your garage could significantly damage the aesthetics of your garage.

Emotional strain

Watching birds can be a happy experience for many. Seeing and hearing birds can make you feel more satisfied with life.

But what if you have to constantly deal with their mess? You are running late for work and you see your car covered in bird droppings. Do you have the time to clean up all this mess? If cleaning up the mess created by birds is creating stress and emotional strain for you, it is not worth it. You should try and get the birds out of your garage as soon as possible.

10 Ways to Keep Birds out of Your Garage

Having birds in your area is wonderful, but not in your garage. If you are tired of birds flying into your garage all the time, here are a few ways to keep them out.

Keep the garage door shut

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the most effective. If you want to prevent birds from getting into your garage in the first place, keeping your garage door shut will keep them out.

When the garage door is shut, birds have no way of getting in. However, not everyone can keep the garage door closed at all times. If that’s the case with you, you may want to try the other options below.

Reflective tape

Using reflective tape is another great hack for keeping birds out of your garage. If you want the reflective tape to work, ensure that it moves around and is not fixed to one spot.

If you don’t have tape, old CDs could work just as well. Hang CDs on a piece of string and that will prevent unwanted birds from getting inside your garage.

Toy decoy

Birds fear predatory birds like hawks and falcons. Having a hawk decoy fixed permanently in your garage could be an idea worth trying.

It will be more effective if you find one that moves and makes sounds. If it remains fixed in one place, birds may soon stop fearing it.

Lure them out

Many birds, such as hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors and light. You can use the same trick to lure the birds out of your garage. Take a few bright colored objects or lights and arrange them in succession towards your garage door.

Battery-operated lights are very easily available. If you have got garage birds, take a light and place it on the roof of your car. Hang the other light a few feet above the car. Place another bright colored light in the sunlight directly outside your garage door.

Turn the lights off the in the garage so that the only lights visible are the ones that you have placed. The birds will get attracted towards the light and you can slowly lure them out of your garage.

Sound machines

Sound machines create a variety of noises that could repel birds and prevent them from getting into your garage. Don’t worry, you will not be disturbed by these sounds. Sound machines produce sounds at frequencies that only birds can hear.

Remove nesting materials

A bird will only fly into your garage if it was attracted by something inside it. It may be light or colors or something that could work as nesting materials.

Birds use a variety of things to build their nests. They use twigs, leaves, sticks, yarn, pebbles, paper, and so much more. If you have any such thing lying around in your garage, consider removing it to keep the birds out.

Cover your windows

Like we said earlier, birds are attracted to light. When a bird sees a bright light coming out of the other side of the window, it thinks that it may be able to fly through it.

A good idea would be to cover the garage windows to block out light. It will not only deter birds from entering, but also keep prying eyes and thieves from peeping in.

Install screen doors

People install screen doors to keep insects or debris from entering, and to keep pets and small children from going out. Have you ever thought of using screen doors from keeping birds from entering your garage?

Apart from their use as entry doors, screen doors can be used to cover the open doors of your garage. It is an ideal solution for people who like to spend time in the garage. You get a lot of privacy too, from people as well as from birds.

Use visuals

Birds are scared of many things, and you can use these visuals to keep them out. Wooden replicas or images of foxes, coyotes, and raccoons have worked for many.

Creating barriers between windows and awnings can also deter birds from entering your garage. It is one animal control option worth trying because it hardly costs anything.

Give them food and shelter

build a birdhouse outside of your garage to keep them out of the garage

Birds will enter your garage only when they are looking for something. It could be food, a place to build a nest, or nesting material. If you give them a better alternative outside, they have no reason to enter your garage.

Try hanging a birdhouse or two outside your house along with a bird feeder. When birds find food and shelter outside, they will not go looking for it in your garage.

What are Birds Afraid of?

Small birds are prey animals, which is why they are afraid of a lot of things.


It is quite natural for birds to be afraid of predators. When it comes to fears, an animal that could kill it would always be top of the list.

Birds have a natural instinct to keep themselves away from them and fly away when they spot one. Cats, squirrels, bats, and foxes are some of the predators that birds like to keep away from.


Yes, some garden birds are afraid of bees too. Bees can be aggressive and birds usually stay away so as not to get stung. Bees also see birds as a potential threat, which is the main reason for their aggression.

Loud noises

Loud noises also scare birds away. Even people who own pet birds try not to create loud noises because it can scare the birds. A loud TV, banging pots, or any other loud noise could scare the birds.


Birds are afraid of many toys, especially the ones shaped like owls, falcons, or cats. Many people use such toys in their gardens to repel birds from damaging the garden.


Many people use balloons, especially those large, yellow inflatable ones, to repel birds from their gardens. These balloons sway and move in the breeze, which makes birds think of them as animals that could harm them.

Extra Tips to Keep Birds out of your Garage

Birds can create a whole lot of mess in your garage. That is why it makes sense to prevent them from entering in the first place.

Here are some ways to keep your garage clear of any bird problem.

  • Limit bird access. An open door is like an invitation to a bird. Keep garage doors and windows closed when you are not using them. If you are worried about proper air circulation, you should consider investing in a good ventilation system that birds cannot pass through.
  • Passive deterrents like hawk decoys work very well for smaller birds, such as hummingbirds and sparrows. If these are the birds that are abundant in your area. consider getting some decoys for your garage. Hanging mirrors near your garage doors could deter birds like woodpeckers. These passive methods may not be very effective, which is why you will need to use them in combination with other methods.
  • Garage screens are a great idea to keep birds out. They provide security without compromising on light, airflow, or the view. Even when your garage doors are open, it can prevent birds and bugs from coming in. It is a great option for people who do not like keeping the doors closed at all times.
  • Keeping your garage clean is another great way to keep the birds out. Food, trash or leftovers should never be left in the garage. If you have a bird feeder outside, try not to store bird food or bird seeds inside the garage. Store them elsewhere. You should also deep clean your garage at least once every two to three months.
  • Reflective surfaces are also an easy deterrent for birds. You could hang reflective tape of CDs near every garage access to keep the birds out.

How to Remove Birds Already Inside Your Garage?

Has a bird already built a nest inside your garage? In that case, you should wait for the nest to be empty. If there are eggs or baby birds inside the nest, you should leave them alone. When the birds have gone away, you can safely remove the nest and all the other debris.

Birds like to nest in the same area. Unless you stop them from entering your garage, they may come back the next baby season. After you have removed the nest, clean the area with anti-bacterial sanitizer. You may also use bird repellent spray.


Birds are beautiful and it is incredible to have them around. However, you don’t want them to nest and poop inside your garage.

The above-listed ways are simple but humane ways of keeping birds away from your garage. If you live in an area with a lot of birds, you should definitely give these methods a shot.

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