How To Make Pizza Dough

Follow these easy instructions to make your own tasty Pizza dough. It really is not that hard and you will end up with the most magnificent Pizza bases that you will never get out of a frozen packet at the shop!

Making Pizza Dough: Ingredients

  • 1000g flour
  • 1tsp salt
  • 2 X 10g yeast
  • 650ml water
  • Tin tomato puree
  • Oreganum
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Plus toppings of your choice (See below for suggestions)


Turn heat to 230°C.  Add yeast to water in a jug and leave for a few minutes.  Add 900g flour and salt in a mixing bowl and create a hole in the middle, then add water slowly using a knife.  Roll dough on a floured surface by making balls the size of a small fist and then rolling a thin round base the size of a dinner plate.  Spike holes in the base with a fork and move to a pizza ovens.  Cover the base with a thin layer of tomato puree and sprinkle a teaspoon size amount of oreganum over the tomato.  Add grated cheese and now you are ready to add you toppings.  Depending on the oven, each pizza should take approximately 8 minutes to cook.

Allow 35 minutes to roll pizza bases

Allow 60 minutes to cut and prep toppings depending on your selection

Topping suggestions:

  • Ham, mushroom and banana
  • Curried beef mince, onion and chillies
  • Peri-Peri chicken, green pepper and pineapple
  • Salami, onion, green peppers and olives


  1. I have 2 pizza trays so it makes it easy and faster to prep one while the other is in the oven.
  2. Prepare all the toppings in advance and make the dough when you are ready to begin.
  3. For ease, it is advisable to roll all the bases at once and use flour (apply a generous coating) and wax paper to separate between them.  The yeast does work quickly (within about 2 hours) so you need to work methodically otherwise they can get quite sticky and it can become a real mess.
  4. Dough can be frozen and used later.
  5. Try spreading the toppings evenly over the base so every bite has flavor.
  6. If you add cheese again on top of the toppings, when you come to slice the pizza the cheese sticks to pizza slicer and it’s no longer so presentable.
  7. Try to use a proper pizza slicer that has been sharpened.
  8. Try garnishing with a little parsley or other herbs and spices for color.
  9. Try adding fresh herbs like rocket or coriander on after the pizza is cooked for a different flavor


It is a relatively cheap way to entertain

Can be a lot of fun for a party idea

  • Each person can get to use their creative ideas and Wow the other guests with their specialty.  A prize for the winner always goes down well.
  • Everyone gets to try different flavors and you can go on eating all night

Serve with Sangria, but remember it needs to be made the day before and left overnight to soak.  Citrus fruits are the best, couple of tots of brandy, bottle of good red wine, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon.  Add a glass or two of lemonade, freshly chopped mint and crushed ice before serving.