How to Start a Cleaning Business

You might be here because are looking for a low-cost business idea that can take off rapidly and does not have requirements as other startups. You must have been tired of working under someone, or you are just looking to create a secondary source of income to support your plans. If you agree with the reasons mentioned above then starting a cleaning business would be ideal for you. This is from the few businesses which is very much simple to start, but keep in mind that the competition in this sector is cut throat as the majority of the industry is being dominated by small organizations.

You must have a clear vision and proper strategy to set up your company aside from rest of the rivals as this market has got crowded over past couple of years. For your business to flourish, there are certain vital steps which you can take to ensure that your startup booms. We are about to present a comprehensive guide on “How to start a Cleaning business.”

Why go for cleaning business?

This is the fundamental question you should be clear about, that why you want to get your hands dirty while there are lots and lots of other options. Well, there are some reasons that why you should opt for this business, but we are going to mention most significant ones only.

    • Requires less capital: By far it is the most important reasons to get into this line of business, the capital requirement is negligible as compared to others. When you are starting small and mostly for domestic service all you require is a vacuum cleaner, couple of brooms and equipment trolley, all of these don’t cost much.
    • Excellent part time option: People tend to get their house cleaned in their presence which creates most of the job opportunities on weekends. It’s the ideal for those who are already working somewhere else.
    • Less space requirement: If you have a cleaning company your clients don’t visit your office, rather they call you directly. So your office can be managed in very compact space, all you will require is a small reception and place to keep your cleaning equipment.
    • Less hard work: One of the main reasons is you become your boss, or having more of a kind managerial job where you do most of accounting and organizing.
  • Others: There are lots of other reasons like freedom for fixed working schedules and creating jobs for other or making it another source of income.

What are the opportunities in cleaning business?

When it comes to the scope and opportunities provided by this business, people are not unable to have a clear and long-term vision. They look at it as a part-time business, but the truth is said it can generate regular income than most of the regular jobs. Following are some examples where this business is a long time.

  • Large commercial buildings require frequent cleaning, and it is out of hands of a single person. If you can get a contract with few such workplaces, then your business will go up.
  • Pool cleaning is another such example which requires everyday cleaning and at all the time
  • If you can provide specialized services like cleaning carpets or domestic cleaning in your locality, then you are bound to have clients through the year
  • Services such as duct cleaning are very uncommon, so if you opt for this, it has a better scope

Challenges to the cleaning business

It might be a good idea to have a proper insight about the upcoming challenges which you about to face while your business has just started. Accordingly, you need to develop strategies to overcome these hurdles on your path to success.

  • A sudden increase in responsibility: This may not sound that serious, but it is the biggest problem individuals face while they start their own business. All of a sudden you are responsible for finding new clients, managing funds, employing new staff and all other stuff.
  • Competition in the market: While you have just entered the market there is a significant number of similar companies already there in the market. To cope up with such a situation, you need something special in your service that can outclass the rest.
  • Non-paying clients: Well this happens with almost every business out there, if you come across such clients they can hamper the financial activities of your business.
  • Not having a proper backup: There comes a time when you had a job but all of a sudden you don’t have the workforce or the equipment. In such cases you must have someone to have your back, this helps to build better name.

Step by step guide for starting the business

It has been correctly said that “never test the depth of pool by both feet” and it holds true for this business too. If you try to jump into this business all of a sudden, the chances are that your business may not get going as it should. Below are mentioned some of the most important and necessary steps to start your own cleaning business.

  • Research the market: For every business, this is the most important factor which helps to understand that what kind of opportunities and challenges your business will be facing in the future. While researching the market leaves no stones unturned and try to gather as much information as possible. Try to have an idea about your competitor as at what price they are offering the service and the clients, whether the neighborhood can afford cleaning service or not. A proper market research will help you greatly in establishing you as a major player in the market. The best way to research market is by private surveys, as they give the complete insight about any market.
  • Determine your business type: The cleaning business is so vast that it has its separate specialization. The specialization is mentioned below.
  • Commercial cleaning: This part of a business requires a team to work with as commercial buildings too big is impossible to be cleaned by a single person. Commercial cleaning offers you more of the managing tasks than actual ground work and requires few contacts to get such jobs.
  • Specialized cleaning: This is the sector where you take charge for a particular set of tasks such as window cleaning, vehicle cleaning or carpet cleaning. It offers you selective work and at the same time pays well.
  • Selecting a proper model of business: This is the part where most of the people cannot decide what to opt for. As there are lots of big names available in the market that offer a franchise, the advantage of this is that you get a well-settled customer base and do not have to bother much. But when you start your company it takes some time to stabilize and make a loyal customer. Depending on the time for which you are planning to stay in business you can go for the franchise in case of short term or start your own in case you scheduled for a longer duration.
  • Managing your funds: Depending on the type of cleaning you are looking up to, correspondingly similar resources will be required to maintain it. For domestic purposes, a little amount of capital needed. But when it comes to commercial cleaning you will require purchasing special equipment, making to traveling buses and other overheads. These are just the necessary capital needed to start the business.
  • Maintaining cash flow: This is the biggest challenge that any startup faces and if not dealt with proper care it will lead to the collapse of the business. Let suppose you have all the equipment and accessories, but at the end of the day, you need to pay your workforce and pay overheads costs daily. All these will require a large sum of cash and payments from corporate clients can take weeks to get clear, so you need to assess your financial state and arrange accordingly and carefully. To tackle this, you can adopt a payment system which can be partial payment in advance and rest upon delivery.
  • Advertising correctly: It is the most important factor which single-handedly decides your overall business. No matter how excellent service you provide at the best possible price client won’t come to you unless they know about you. You can take help of following methods to achieve it.
  • Advertising in local daily: The best way to let people know about your business
  • Lettering on Vehicle: You can try it on your cars as it will roam through city
  • Door hangers: It is the most significant form of advertising as you can place it literally on all the gates of your locality
  • Referral program: it’s the best way to attract customers from existing clients, as they will get reward and you will get business
  • Social media: Advertise your services on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter  and other to grow your business
  • Business cards: Keep passing your business card to friends and family and also at local businesses gain more clients
  • Web sites: If you get a professional website you can attract more customers through it as people spend most of their time online
  • Create a brand value: Once you start getting business, it’s entirely necessary to make it into a brand. This can be achieved by having a large number of satisfied customers as they can give personal recommendations. You can get your business a professional logo and proper uniform to the staff team; this makes them look professional. Have testimonies of satisfied clients on your websites. Try to be known among clients for your values and professionalism but not for pricing.
  • Hiring experienced workforce: It’s obvious if you are willing to go commercial then you will require a lot of helping hands. So it the only option left to hire people to help you but while hiring makes sure the people are well experienced in this field or have at least went through some training for this work. Also while hiring new employees make sure to cross verify criminal records of your future employees. This all will improve the image of your company and let people trust your brand.

Final thoughts

These are some of the most important points which you should take care about during the starting and early stages of your business. All these points do not guarantee you a successful business venture but most likely will set you on the right track to attain it. Besides from the points mentioned above, there are certain things which you should do on your own like getting a clean paperwork ready and acquiring a necessary permit from the government if required. If you have done everything correctly and yet not getting desired results don’t get disheartened, some businesses take the time to yield. Keep putting your efforts, and you will taste success soon.