How to Stop Bed from Sliding on Wood Floor? [8 Easy Ways]

Does it bother you if your bed slides every time you get in or out of it? A sliding bed is a common problem for people with hardwood floors.

Unfortunately, it could cause scratches on your expensive flooring and may also chip away the paint wherever the bed touches the wall. Repairing all such damage could burn a hole in your pocket.

A thick carpet or a good-quality rug is a simple but effective solution to keep your bed from sliding.Or, for a permanent solution, you can affix the bed frame to the wall, and your bed will no longer slide on your expensive wood floor.

If you have been wondering how to stop bed from sliding on wood floor, read on to learn 6 other ways to finally do it and have a peaceful sleep.

how to keep bed from sliding on wood flooring

Why Does Your Bed Keeps Rolling Around on Hardwood Floor?

There is a common misconception among people that heavier beds do not slide, only lighter beds do. It is true that the lighter your bed frame is, the more it will move. However, heavier bed frames also move, albeit not as much. The downside is that heavier beds cause much more damage to your hardwood floors than lighter beds.

But, what is it that makes your bed slide? The secret lies in the bed’s feet.

The underside of your bed’s feet is usually very smooth. Smooth surfaces lack traction. That’s why most beds slide on hardwood floors because there is no grip.

The maximum movement happens when you get in or out of your bed. However, your bed may slide even when you are turning in your sleep. A sliding bed does not offer restful sleep. Thankfully, there are many ways you can prevent your bed from sliding on wood floors.

Why is Bed Sliding a Problem?

The first of the many problems that bed sliding causes are marks on the floor. If you have got expensive flooring recently installed, scratches and marks are the last things that you want on your floor.

Scratches not only damage the floor but also the aesthetics of your bedroom. The more scratches you have, the more worn out your floors look. If you have a couple of scratches or marks, you may be able to conceal them with hardwood polish. However, if there are too many, polish will not work. You will need repairs or even replacements that may turn out to be expensive and time-consuming.

If your bed wobbles or slides, it could also pose a danger to children and the elderly. Children love jumping on the bed. If the bed is not stable enough, they could fall and hurt themselves. Similarly, the elderly need a stable bed to hold on to when they get in or out of the bed. If the bed slides away, they could slip and hurt themselves. It could lead to hip injuries, knee injuries, and so much more.

Also, a sliding bed can be extremely annoying. After a long day at work, you look forward to a peaceful night’s sleep. However, if your bed keeps moving and sliding, how are you going to feel relaxed and rested?

The good news is that bed sliding can be easily rectified. Let’s see how.

Ways to Keep Your Bed From Sliding on Wood Floor

Is your sliding bed damaging your hardwood floor? You do not need to spend a bomb trying to repair your wooden floor.

We have compiled a few of the ways that could prevent your bed from sliding on your wood floor.

Use a Rug

use a carpet under your bed to keep it from sliding

You can get a carpet that matches the décor of the room. It will make your room look visually appealing and also stop your bed from sliding.

Many people do not prefer this method because a carpet or rug would cover up a significant portion of the hardwood floor. After investing so much on an expensive wooden floor, they would want it to be visible. Do you feel the same?

If you feel the same, then you may want to try out other methods. However, for those of you who do not mind covering up a portion of the wood floor, a good-quality carpet or rug is always an option. Ensure to get one that extends beyond the bed frame, at least a foot or more on each side.

Fix the Bed Frame to the Wall

This may sound easy, but, before you drill into a wall, ensure it has good structural stability. You will need some screws, a drill, and a few wall plugs.

It takes a bit of skill to mount the headboard correctly onto the wall to prevent it from sliding. If you are not confident doing it yourself, it is better to get a handyman than damage the wall or the bed. Another problem with this solution is that it will be difficult to dismount your headboard in case you need to relocate.

Do you like to rearrange your room often? If you do then this solution is not for you. One, it will create a fixed position for your bed. Two, if you do move your bed to another wall, you will have unsightly drill holes on the one you had previously attached the bed to.

Use Velcro Pads

Velcro pads are a budget-friendly and effective solution to keep your bed from sliding and damaging your wooden floor. They are thin and barely noticeable under your bed’s feet. Plus, they come in a wide variety of sizes.

Installing velcro pads is also quite simple. You need to attach the velcro side to the legs of the bed and the adhesive side to the floor. This will keep your bed fixed and prevent it from moving.

Since this method uses glue, rearranging your bed’s position frequently is not a good idea. Your wooden floor may get damaged while removing the velcro pads.

You can, however, opt for removable velcro pads. If you like to rearrange your room often, this is a great option for you.

Buy Rubber Caster Cups

use rubber caster cups to stop your beds sliding

Another cost-effective solution to keep your bed from sliding is rubber caster cups. These are quite easy and simple to use. You can buy them in sets of four, for each of your bed’s legs.

Rubber caster cups fit regular beds as well as caster-styled beds. Regardless of the style of your bed, you will find these cups to be an effective solution.

However, getting the right size is very important when you are buying rubber caster cups. Without the proper size, you will not get the right fitting.

Get Bed Risers

Besides easily fitting onto your bed legs, bed risers offer two benefits. One, they prevent beds from sliding. Two, they make your bed rise by a few inches, creating extra storage space underneath. If you need more storage space, you should consider getting bed risers.

Bed risers were not originally created as bed stoppers. However, you will find that their floor grip is way better than your bed legs, which makes them a very good option.

You can get bed risers in a wide range of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes. You can get them in a square shape or an oval or even a pyramid. The height of bed risers could range from as less as 6 inches to as high as 2 feet.

Use Rubber Feet

There is an amazing collection of rubber feet for bed frames available in the market. Replacing your bed legs with rubberized ones may prevent your bed from sliding. Plus, they will also not leave marks on your wooden floors.

Rubber feet are available in many different designs. So, you don’t have to worry about them clashing with your bedroom décor.

The rubberized feet suit a variety of bed frames. The only downside is that you must have detachable bed legs. If they are not, the rubber feet will be of no use.

Use Rubber to Wrap Your Bed Frame

Are you confident about your DIY skills? If you are, then this solution is for you. The best thing about this technique is that it will not only make your bed stop sliding, but it also does not cost a cent.

So, what are you going to need? You will need a bicycle tire and a cutting tool.

You can get enough from a couple of tires to cover the legs of your bed. Ensure that you measure the legs properly before your start cutting. You will need to cut the rubber so that it is enough to cover the legs of your bed.

To be truthful, this is not the most attractive solution, but it is definitely effective. If you want a temporary solution to keep your bed from sliding, this could be it. However, if you have U-shaped bed legs, this solution will not work for you.

Use Bed Stoppers

Have you considered bed stoppers for your bed to prevent sliding and damaging your wooden flooring? True to their name, bed stoppers are capable of preventing your bed from sliding or moving, even a bit. They are made with thick rubber, which makes them the ideal choice for a heavy bed frame and mattress.

Bed stoppers are also available in a wide variety of colors. You can pick them to match the home décor or the color of your room. Most bed stoppers are either round or rectangular, and the size ranges from 1 inch to 4 inches.


If you are trying to prevent your bed from sliding and messing up your wood flooring, the techniques mentioned in this post are worth trying. A sliding bed is a cause of concern for everyone. Besides causing damage to your hardwood floors, it can also cause sleepless nights.

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