How to Use Hoover SteamVac

If you own a carpet whether at your office, apartment or home, then you know how crucial cleaning can be. With a Hoover steam vac carpet cleaner, you can effortlessly clean your carpet within the shortest time you can ever imagine.

For your carpet to look clean and new all the time, you should try to clean it  once in a while, preferably using a vacuum machine or carpet cleaner. The Hoover Steamvac carpet cleaner works well with water together with a cleaning solution to completely dislodge buildup and dirt on your carpet.

Below is a detailed explanation of how to use Hoover SteamVac

hoover steam vac spin scrub instructions

  1. Get the right cleaning solution for your rug.

Hoover has a variety of cleaning solutions that are used for different purposes. You have the option of choosing one that removes tough stains, one that treats pet odors and stains, or just a general cleaning solution.

Different cleaner models also have specific recommended solutions to use in them. You may opt for a different brand of soap, although Hoover advises that you use their manufactured sopa for an effective job.

  1. Move furniture off the carpet/ area you want to clean

Before you begin the cleaning process, make sure all furniture is moved away from the carpet such that you can easily walk out without having to walk over your cleaned carpet. If you’re unable to move all the furniture, then you can clear and clean one half of the room first, after it dries, move your furniture to the cleaned part and clean the remaining part.

  1. Thoroughly vacuum your rug to remove loose dirt

Using a normal standard vacuum cleaner, thoroughly vacuum the carpet to lift loose dirt like hair, dust, and small debris before the Hoover Steamvac washes the carpet. If stains are available, you can treat them using a stain remover just after vacuuming but before cleaning the carpet.

  1. Place your Hoover Steamvac machine on the flat surface on the floor

During the process of filling the tank, water is most likely to spill. You should, therefore, set up your machine on a tiled or a polished floor for easy cleaning if this happens.

Be very careful with hardwood floors as detergents and water could damage them.

  1. Fill the machine’s tank with water, precisely hot

A Hoover steam vac cleaner has two tanks- one for clean water and the other one for dirty water. To get the pure water compartment slightly press the lock button which is placed at the handle. Open the tight cap to this tank and fill it with hot water to the line.

  1. Put the cleaning solution into the appropriate compartment

Measure your cleaning solution using a cap then pour it into the cleaning solution compartment or inside the water tank. You can see instructions on the solution regarding how much of it you will need to use.

For the Hoover Steamvac, you will directly mix the solution and water in the tank as opposed to other carpet cleaners.

  1. Replace the full water tank

Position the water tank, with its bottom touching the machine and slightly bent in the direction of the handle. Make sure it snaps into place with the edges tightly locking with the cleaner and in line with the base to keep leaks and spillages at bay.

  1. Lower the handle by stepping on the equipment’s pedal

Since the Hoover Steamvac carpet cleaner has several settings which include rinsing apart from washing, ensure that you set it to ‘wash’ before you begin your cleaning task. Work from the farthest end of the room towards the exit to prevent you from stepping on the already cleaned areas. You can now turn on the cleaner and begin working in one direction.

  1. Slowly push the machine forward while at the same time squeezing the trigger

Push your machine slowly as you press the trigger to release the soap/ cleaning solution in what we call wet strokes. Try moving slower than how you would do when vacuuming the carpet. It is advisable that you clean small portions of about one foot at a time.

  1. Pullover the trigger and the machine back to where you started while still pressing the trigger

Perform the second stroke, as wet as the first one by lifting the machine back to the point where you started while running over the part you already cleaned. You should still pull the trigger like in the previous step. This step helps to remove debris and dirt that has otherwise stuck in the rug.

If there are no tough stains in your carpet, then a single forward and a single backward stroke should be able to make it super clean.

  1. Release the trigger and now push it forth and back to complete this area

Release the trigger and push the machine forth and back on the cleaned part in what we call dry strokes to remove dirt and, subsequently, dirty water out of the carpet. You can move your machine over the area several times until you’re able to see a very minimal amount of water being suck into the murky water tank.

Two to three dry strokes can be enough to do this.

  1. Start a new row, ensuring you overlap a little part of the cleaned row

Begin cleaning a new row and ensure you overlap the previous one by about 2.5 cm or one inch. Overlapping is a trick that helps prevent the appearance of stretches of dirty marks between two adjacent rows during carpet cleaning.

Repeat this process like the previous row until you are satisfied that it is clean. Two to three strokes of both wet and dry strokes should be able to do the trick. Ensure you continuously check the fresh water tank to refill it with cleaning solution and water as needed.

  1. Pour away dirty water to keep the cleaner working effectively

If you begin to feel lesser or no suction in your cleaner, or it is producing some funny sounds, then the other water tank could be full of dirty water. Press down the top handle to safely remove the dirty water tank. Empty the tank and remember to rinse it before placing it back to its position and carry on with your work.

  1. Switch the cleaner to rinsing mode

After you’re done with cleaning the entire carpet, switch your machine to rinse settings. At this point, it is not a must for you to refill the initial water tank.

  1. Refilling the fresh water tank

If your device doesn’t have the wash and rinse settings, then before you begin rinsing, consider refilling the container with warm water. You can separate the tank from the machine and carefully rinse it before refill. Return the tank to the machine and click it into position.

  1. Rinse your cleaned carpet

Go over the now clean and wet carpet using at least two damp and similar numbers of dry strokes. At this point, the equipment completely removes soap from the carpet as it uses plain water; moreover, the machine is in rinse mode.

  1. Give the carpet time to dry

Give your carpet a minimum of 2 hours to completely dry before you can use it. You can significantly reduce this amount of time by use of a fan directed towards the carpet. Ensure the rug is dry before anyone walks on it and rearranging the furniture.

Detach the dirty water tank and the clean water tank from the Hoover Steamvac machine and thoroughly clean them. Return them into place and store the machine well for the next use.