How to Use Shop Vac for Water Pump

If you’re the owner of a garage or workshop you’ve probably heard of a shop vac before. A shop vac is a wet/dry vacuum that is more than capable of cleaning up sawdust, water, or just about anything else that you have laying on the floor of your workspace. While some people have a general understanding of what a shop/vac does, most people don’t have a clue as to how efficient a shop vac truly is. With that being said, if you’re struggling to clean your garage or workshop on a daily basis, then it’s time for you to think about investing in one of these impressive machines. So, before you move onto the next website, let’s take a few moments to discuss some of the jobs that this piece of equipment can tackle.

Using Shop Vac for Water Pump

Pump Out Your Flooded Basement

You may be surprised to find out that shop vacs are commonly used to pump out large amounts of water. This is particularly beneficial when a pipe bursts in your basement and the water is close to making its way up the stairs to the main part of your home. Most of the larger shop vacs available on the market today come with a drain in the collection drum that allows for easier emptying, but if you were to use an accessory pump, then you would just connect the hose and pump the collected water right outside! With that being said, follow these simple instructions and you should have no problem pumping up large amounts of water with your shop vac!

  1. Remove the drain cap and install the pump accessory. It will screw onto the drain, and then you’ll attach a garden hose to the pump valve.
  2. Once the valve is shut off, collect the water that needs to be picked up.
  3. Once the unit is full, shut off the vac. Open the valve and turn on the pump.
  4. Turn on the vac and suck the water up into the collection drum.
  5. This is when the water will be pumped through the hose to where you’re letting the water be released, preferably outside.
  6. When the collection drum is entirely empty, repeat this process. Continue until all the water has been picked up.

It’s important for you to remember that when you’re sucking up large amounts of water you must use the correct wet filter on the shop vac, so always refer to the user’s manual before doing a project you’re unfamiliar with. Now that we’ve covered how to suck up large amounts of water with a shop vac, let’s take some time to talk about some of the other amazing tasks a shop vac is capable of doing!

Get Lost Items from the Sink Drain

Okay, so no one enjoys losing things down the drain in their sink. Dropping the wedding ring that you just sat to the side to wash your hands, or the earrings you had in your hand while reaching for a paper towel can be a huge pain in the butt. Luckily, a shop vac can turn this dramatic, potentially expensive experience into nothing more than a joke of the past. Follow these simple instructions and you should have no problem retrieving your lost possession from the drain!

  1. DO NOT RUN THE WATER. Shop vacs can work miracles, but retrieving your wedding ring from your city’s water plant is not in its repertoire.
  2. If needed, seal the drain of the adjoining sinks to ensure that there is no suction loss.
  3. Seal the vac hose to the drain using a p-trap. You can determine this by looking inside the cabinet and locating a “U” shaped section of the pipe.
  4. Turn on the vac and suck whatever it is that you lost into the collection drum.
  5. You could also put a pair of pantyhose on the end of the hose to use as a filter. This will prevent your lost possession from bouncing around inside of the collection drum.

Clean a BBQ Pit

We all love summer BBQs with family, but no one likes having to clean their BBQ pit to prepare for the event. Fortunately for you, a shop vac can work wonders on a grill covered in ash and debris.

1. Scrape all of the debris stuck-on the grill.
2. Remove the top grill and anything else that might get in the way of your work.
3. Before you do anything else, make sure to check that your shop vac is using a fine dust filter. This will allow all of the ash to be captured. If your shop vac isn’t able to use this type of filter, that’s okay. Any shop vac is capable of throwing the ash out of the exhaust.
4. If it hasn’t been done already, install a dust collector. It’s not necessary to have a dust bag, but it sure does make clean-up a much easier process.
5. Collect only cold ashes and debris. Obviously, you never want to suck up ashes that are still hot to the touch.
6. Once you’re finished sucking up the ashes and debris, open the shop vac and throw away the dust bag.

Say Goodbye to Snowy Messes

It goes without saying that the winter months can be a wet, snowy mess. As much as the kids love playing in the snow, it would be a whole lot nicer if they would pick up their own puddles. Luckily, using a shop vac can make the entire process a lot easier to deal with.
1. Attach the utility nozzle to your shop vac.
2. Once the nozzle is attached, suck up the bulky part of the snow.
3. Replace the utility nozzle with the wet nozzle. Using the squeegee, suck up the remaining moisture from the floor.
4. If you’re outdoors, make sure to put some salt down to prevent the area from freezing and turning into ice.

Fishing Wire Through a Pipe

There may be a time when you need to “fish” some sort of electrical wire through a pipe. Luckily, shop vacs make this trying task a whole lot easier.
1. Unwide several feet of string. Make sure that it’s enough to make it through the entire section of pipe.
2. Feed the string into the end of the pipe. It may be helpful to tie a string around the ball of paper to give the shop vac something more substantial to hold onto.
3. On the opposite end of the hose, which is attached to the pipe, create the best seal you can.
4. Turn on the shop vac and pull the string through. Make sure to pay close attention to the end of the house to check for the string. This will prevent you from pulling too much string into the drum
5. Tie the string to wire and fortify it with electrical tape.
6. Slowly pull the string through the pipe.

Inflate Pool Toys

Summertime is full of popsicles, long nights, and of course, playing in the water. Unfortunately, one drawback to spending time in the pool is having to blow up all of the inflatables that your kids just have to have. Once again, having a shop vac can make life a whole lot easier for you when it comes to blowing up inflatables. Say goodbye to blue faces and asthma attacks by following these simple instructions to using a shop vac to inflate your kid’s pool toys!
1. Insert the hose into the exhaust port.
2. Attach an inflater nozzle onto the hose. Make sure to use the adaptor if it is required. Insert the nozzle into the valve.
3. Turn on the vac and inflate.
4. When the toy is inflated to your liking, stop the shop vac and close the valve.

As you can see, shop vacs have a wide variety of uses. If you’re looking to make your life a little easier, or you want to be prepared in case your house floods, then purchasing a reliable shop vac might just be in your best interest. Just make sure to do your research before buying the first shop vac that you find!