Turbo Scrub Review

Let’s face it – most of us have that one hard-to-reach surface we are too lazy to clean. It can be an awkward patch behind out toilet, or the top of some cupboard, which has been collecting dust for 26 years, or just a window in the back of the house.

Now, whether or not we consider these far-off surfaces important enough for cleaning, one thing is sure – if you leave something in the open for too long, it will start collecting dust sooner rather than later.

And dust often means allergies and sneezing fests for weeks on end.

To put an end to this, you’ll need a plucky cleaning tool that will help you reach even the most inapproachable parts of your house quickly and effortlessly. Something that can get rid of the dirt and sanitize the area, for good measure.

Well, if you agree with this assessment, today’s your lucky day! In this article, we’ll talk about a powerful little cleaning utensil called Turbo Scrub 360. Thanks to its small size and sturdy brush, this little thing can tackle even the most stubborn of stains and messes, even if they’ve been there for years!

Here’s what this wee cleaner is all about.

Turbo Scrub – Turbo Scrub 360 (Cordless, Rechargeable)

Cordless Operation – … makes it easier to reach inaccessible areas or otherwise awkwardly-placed objects. One of the biggest problems with cleaning up your home is the fact that a vacuum cleaner simply cannot reach your ceiling or areas high up above. With this product, however, you won’t have any such issues. All you need to do is charge it up before use (because it runs on batteries), and then flick a switch to turn it on! (If you still can’t reach certain areas, there’s an extender you can use to make this cleaner even longer.)

Works On a Variety of Surfaces – Pretty much any hard surface that’s smooth enough to be cleaned by a tough brush can be taken care of using this contraption. Whether it’s glass, tile, grout, or even tubs and toilets – this rotating little cleaner will be able to penetrate through the grease, dirt, or whatever it is that’s causing the problem, and thoroughly sanitize the surface you’re cleaning! There are also additional extensions that come with this tool you can use. (All-purpose brush, corner brush, heavy-duty brush…)

Lightweight Design – Weighing in at just 3 pounds, this Turbo Scrub 360 is a cleaning contraption that can be used by virtually anyone. Whether you are an elderly person, or a person recovering from a back injury, for example, using this scrubber won’t leave you in pain or tire you out after 5 minutes. Even when you attach the different parts such as the heavy-duty brush, the difference in weight won’t be so significant that you would notice it.

Powerful Electric Motor – … generating 300 RPM of sheer cleaning power! After you’ve charged up this plucky, if smallish, cleaning contraption, you’ll be able to enjoy some powerful cleaning action emanating from its tough little electric motor. With 300 revolutions per minute, this Turbo Scrub 360 will be able to tackle even the most stubborn of stains on a wide variety of hard surfaces.

Comes With an AC Adapter – In case you’re wondering how on Earth are you going to charge this thing up, here’s the deal – the manufacturers at Turbo Scrub are including an AC adapter in this offer. All you need to do to charge this thing up is to find an AC power outlet, then plug it in, and wait for it to do its magic!


  • A powerful electric motor offering 300 RPM
  • Comes with an AC adapter
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use
  • Works on a range of different surfaces
  • Extendable stick
  • Runs up to an hour on a single charge


  • Some users have reported problems with pads rolling off cleaning spots (You need to press hard for it to stay put.)
  • It can scratch the surfaces made out of fiberglass

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All in all, a simple and sturdy cleaning tool with a spinning brush you can use to remove tough and greasy stains off of delicate hard surfaces. Hope you found this review helpful and we wish you the best of luck cleaning up your hard-to-reach areas! (Meaning in your house.)