Different Types Of Floor Tiles

When you consider all the forms of flooring for your home, you have dozens of options, if not hundreds if all of the designs for each type of flooring are taken into account.

One of these options is tile. Of the types of flooring that exist among each other, tile is by far the most common. A very large majority of homes have tile flooring, as it is easily the most accessible form of flooring.

Tile flooring is also common for the simple fact that it is also very cost-effective. Compared against other types of flooring, tile costs a lot less in its planning and in its supplies and materials. This is what makes it so popular.

Tile flooring is made up of all kinds of different surfaces, and these surfaces all play their role in your home’s flooring.

When it comes to floor tiles cleaning machines, you have a lot of options. Explore these options and see which kind of floor tile is right for you.

Do you need tile or something else?

types of wall tiles

Before even deciding on the kind of tile that you might want to install in your home, you might want to consider other kinds of flooring options outside of tile.

If you want your floors to be insulated, you might want to select another type of flooring outside of tile. Tile floors do not provide the kind of insulation that other floors might provide.

Another reason why you might want a different kind of flooring is if you predict are worried about things falling onto the floor. Tiles are not as durable as many think, and it is possible for them to crack if something is dropped onto most tile floors.

Durability is a major issue when it comes to floor tiles, and it is a highly debatable feature when it comes to floor tiles. As well as other features, durability will be addressed as much as possible as we explore these floor tiles.

Here are a few of the more common floor tiles that exist for the home.

Consistent floor tiles or different tiles – the great debate

Different rooms of the house, of course, play different roles. One common thing that you’ll see in many apartments or even in low-cost townhomes is that you’ll often see different types of flooring.

This is a choice that needs to be made, and there is a sizable debate between having the same kind of flooring (in this case, the same kind of floor tiles) and having different floor tiles or flooring in general per room.

The best thing about having the same kind of flooring or floor tile for the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms is that it will make a floor impeccable in terms of aesthetics. There is nothing more impressive than a home that has the same kind of floor tile (or flooring in general) across the board.

Having the same kind of floor tile or flooring across the board may look impressive, but it can take away from the function of your floor. While it may be very impressive to have your entire living room, kitchen area, and bedrooms all have the same flooring, it can be


This is by far the most common floor tile. It is the type of floor tile that most apartments or other rental homes use because they are the most cost-effective.

While a lot of flooring can be obscenely expensive for the materials to be ordered and installed, ceramic tiles are very available, easy to install, and cost-effective. You’ll never need to wait or spend a lot of money on ceramic tile flooring.

Another good thing about ceramic tiles is that it isn’t as slippery as other forms of floor tiles. Some floor tiles, as you will discover, can be more slippery than they should be and can almost be harmful when they are walked on.

Ceramic tiles can be altered to fit different functions of the floor. They can be sanded to provide more grip, they can be glossed to look more impressive, and they can fit a lot of situations.

However, there is one thing about ceramic tile that needs to be addressed: They are not very durable. If you drop something on it, the chances are pretty good that it will chip or crack.

Still, if you just need a cost-effective update to your floor that will not take a long time to install, consider ceramic tile.


A little more expensive and a little less common than ceramic, porcelain tile still holds its own when it comes to functionality and appearance.

Despite having a good amount of styles to choose from, ceramic tiles can still look rather plain. What makes porcelain tiles better is that they come in dozens if not hundreds more styles and designs, making it much more possible to get the most out of your floor’s appearance.

This is just not as easy to do with ceramic tiles, and another advantage the porcelain has over ceramic is that porcelain also has a good amount of options when it comes to durability as well.

Indeed, it is possible to select a style of porcelain tile that may not look impressive, but can be much more durable than any given ceramic tile. Again, ceramic tiles do not generally grant these kinds of options.

However, all these options also mean that you’ll need to do a lot of shopping around when it comes to the price of porcelain tiles. With different durability and appearance options comes a lot of variance in pricing for porcelain tiles.


“Wait a second,” you’re probably asking. “There is such a thing as glass tiles?”

Well, there is and there isn’t. Glass tiles aren’t really made of glass, they are just glass covers placed on any other tile (usually ceramic)  to make said ceramic tiles look much more impressive than they originally would.

This, of course, means that glass tiles are the least durable and will require a lot of attention. Do not install a glass tile floor if you want durability or function. They are specifically designed for aesthetics.

A glass tile floor looks really impressive when it is laid down among an entire room. Nothing looks better than a whole kitchen and living room with the same glass tile floor. It is quite a sight.

These are the three most common floor tiles out there. There are more, but they usually use some kind of combination of ceramic and porcelain.

Even stone tiles make use of either ceramic or porcelain in their construction. To give them a brief mention, stone tiles are similar to porcelain tiles in that they have lots of durability and appearance options.

And speaking of appearance and durability options, you are now armed with all the information you need about new floor tiles for your home. Choose wisely and know what is best for your floor.