Types of Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is considered as a necessity in most homes. Without one, it means frequently dealing with blocked and foul pipes, smelly food staying in the kitchen bin often. Sometimes this unit may feel like it is not that needed, the fact is that they enable removing a lot of waste from the landfills.

This, of course, is something that should be thought about very much. All you need is an affordable and highly functional model. However, only a few choices are available and a range of factors to consider when you need to buy one. Read on for all you need to know before making a regret-less decision for the coming years.

Types of Garbage Disposal Unit

different types of garbage disposal

Continuous Feed

As is with the name, continuous feed disposal units grind constantly. That means this machine keeps on running whenever it is not switched off. In that manner, you have the freedom of placing in the food waste inside piece after piece. This is particularly helpful when you’re preparing meals.

Many home kitchens have this type of garbage disposal model. The reason is not only because they are affordable and easy to use, but also it handles perfectly any amount of food scraps. The good news is that you can dispose of it by grinding a lot of grind at the same time. Besides, the foods can be added to this unit while it is still running.

The disposal needs professional installation. Why? It must be always well connected before hooking the unit up to the power switch. Handling the disposal carelessly is risky and leads to its main downside. Anyone who places the hand inside the drain if the disposal is on will suffer severe injuries. In case a completely different item inside it while grinding will cause damage to it. Such issues are easily avoidable by just using the disposal carefully.

Always available in different models to allow you to choose what you prefer. The market for continuous feed disposers is so big and thus is very popular.


  • Very convenient as this leaves the kitchen counters very organized and clean-looking. When preparing meals, food scraps often remain. Do not leave the pieces there, because the unit is placed in an accessible place. Simply throw the down the sink as you work.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Works with any food quantity thus ideal against having a lot of waste. It is advisable to always divide its loads into smaller parts and then process one by one.


  • Quite hard to install
  • Not very safe as it is prone to causing accidents. From the fact that the drain of this machine remains open always and it runs without a stop, there are high chances that accidental objects can fall into its grind space.
  • Not very energy or water efficient. The manufacturers always recommended that you should have cold water continuously running as long the unit is working. The same way its power usage is hard to control because it runs until you switch it off. This means the water and power bills are hard to check out on.

Batch Feed

Unlike the other type that remains running once turned on, the batch feed garbage disposals get started in a different manner. Its drain cover or stopper works as an activation key. Many of the units, therefore, will operate only if this drain cover remains in the right place. Thanks to this mechanism, the machine can be turned on, the chamber is filled up with unwanted pieces and in no time, it starts grinding when its drain cover is placed in the right place. With this unit, there are no concerns about having fallen foreign objects into it. But should this happen, in some way, something falls inside, just grasp it or insert a pair of tongs or pliers to safely remove the items out.

Other than that, if your heap of waste is usually small the good news is it is not necessary to have its motor continuously running. Instead, you need to throw in the pile and then shred it instantly. These mechanics of use conserve a lot of water and energy.

This unit is worth consideration in homes having children. The batch feed has the issue of safety risks being handled already. The disposal is safe to use because it only turns on when its stopper is located on its top. This eliminates any chances of hurting your hands or fingers in the activated blade. The process of grinding all the food scraps takes slightly longer time.

Keep in mind that Batch-feed disposals will cost slightly higher and may not be very convenient during use. Yes, the machines are never used as you continue working. But you must wait for the disposal to become filled up before activating it. In case you have too many different types of food needed to be disposed of at the same time, then you will find a pain in the speed of this model.


  • Safest option of disposals because its cover or stopper protects. This means there is no possibility that you will notice accidental crushing.
  • Controlling power and water usage is easy. Undoubtedly, machines should make resource management quite easier. The only thing you need is to simply smoothen this random process with water for the time of use.


  • Quite expensive. Because it is recommended to stuff this unit’s space before grinding the waste food, it means its motor must be strong enough to handle that set of things at the same time. And more, a system that suppresses noise is required to handle its loud buzzing.
  • Potential health risks. Sometimes it is ideal to wait for the chamber to become full before activating this machine. But it means you will have piles of not ready to grind waste sitting in for nights or days. This is a good place for bacteria growth.

Selecting the right type of garbage disposal unit is a decision between life and death. Well for some people it is satisfying if what is chosen works. But considering a model that also checks on things like quietness, durability, or excellent safety features leaves you happier by far. Always take a lot of time to check through the available options. This way you get a clear idea about what you need in a good time. The result is a greater garbage disposal unit that offers longer serviceability and works as per your needs.