Types of vacuum cleaners

In the market we find several types of vacuum cleaner, but do you know what are the differences and advantages of both? We’ll tell you then.

The development of new models, technological improvements and lower prices make it possible for us to have access to more types of vacuum cleaners every time . Far have been those large and heavy models, with a certain simile to a robot from Star Wars, to make way for more ergonomic models, powerful and light. So, to choose our next vacuum cleaner, first we will know the different types of vacuum cleaner, its advantages and disadvantages .

Types of vacuum cleaners: what is the best option for you?

If you are wondering how to choose an ideal vacuum for you, read on, because we are going to clarify what are the types of vacuum cleaners that the market offers us today and the advantages that each of them offers us.

Vacuum cleaner with bag vs vacuum without bag

Vacuum cleaner with bag is the traditional vacuum cleaner par excellence . It stores dirt in a bag that must be replaced once it is full, and although they are more affordable than modern vacuum cleaners, replacing bags is an additional cost. Your advantage? When operating with replacement bags, the device does not require constant cleaning.

Bagless vacuums are very similar to traditional vacuum cleaners, the only difference is that the dirt is stored in a compartment that is emptied directly into the trash.

These vacuum cleaners are the traditional and most common in homes. They are formed by a rigid body, wheels and can contain disposable, reusable paper bag or a deposit to collect the crap. They have different brushes for all surfaces and a long tube to access all the corners. In addition, newer models can also include a water tank.

Its advantages? They work on all surfaces, they reach everywhere, the suction power is good and they have a great capacity.

Disadvantages? They are usually the heaviest and when emptying the deposit they can return dust to the environment.

Vertical vacuum cleaners

They are characterized by operating with a rechargeable battery, forgetting the inconvenient cables of traditional vacuum cleaners. They are lighter and have an easy handling, and like vacuum cleaners without a bag, they have a removable tank. Their only problem is that they usually have lower power, so they are more suitable for spot cleanings.

Robot vacuum cleaner

They are the latest fashion, as they work automatically. They move around surfaces avoiding obstacles thanks to a series of built-in sensors. They are perfect for open spaces, and also, if you do not have too much time to devote to cleaning, we assure you that a vacuum cleaner robot will be the best vacuum cleaner for you.

Broom vacuum cleaner

Light, manageable, … you have rechargeable or to connect to the current . Its shape is vertical, with a fixed deposit and nozzle. The good thing about these vacuum cleaners is that they are very manageable and comfortable, ready to be passed at any time without effort. The bad? The autonomy is still scarce , it does not inhale all surfaces and the capacity of the deposit is quite small. They are very noisy.

Hand vacuum

They are really comfortable to clean small surfaces without the need to use a normal size vacuum cleaner. They also usually include special adapters for carpets and furniture.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

When we speak of large spaces such as offices, shops or industrial warehouses, domestic vacuum cleaners are insufficient. For these cases the ideal is to use industrial vacuum cleaners. In addition to dust cleaning they are also efficient in the collection of liquids, and their high level filtration allows the retention of fine powders that a regular filter would not be able to retain.

Now that you know the different types of vacuum cleaners that we can find in the market and the benefits that each of them brings, you are sure to find the best vacuum cleaner for you.

Steam vacuum

They are versatile, they are not exactly the cheapest, but they are very effective . They are not used as much to vacuum as to clean carpets, tiles, curtains, windows … They have many accessories, but surely using it gives you more laziness than a conventional vacuum cleaner. However, it is ideal for deep cleanings .

Central vacuum cleaner

You will find it in the most modern houses or in some offices, and that is that the central aspiration system is the most. To clean you have to connect a hose to the different outlets that are distributed throughout the house and give the switch. The engine is usually isolated, with the tank. It’s clean, silent, very practical … All advantages? Do not believe, it’s an expensive initial investment , although it’s usually worth it.