Types of Wall Tiles

Walls can look pretty boring, especially if they are the typical type of wall where all you see is nothing but a solid painted concrete surface.

This can look incredibly bland, and if the walls of your entire home are nothing but solid concrete, things can look very uninspiring.

While you do not need to go crazy with the appearance of your wall tiles, you should definitely take some time to see which rooms of your home deserve better looking walls.

Which rooms of your home could benefit from wall tiles?

different types wall tiles

Let’s face it: No room of the house is the same, and this is especially true when it comes to what kind of walls they have. Different than floors, it is sometimes not really possible for your entire house to have one floor. Although the process of putting in a new wall is similar to the process of putting in a new floor, there are also some differences.

One of these differences is that walls are not one dimensional the way a floor is. A floor isn’t intercepted by staircases, counters, other rooms, or doorways like a wall is.

Because of this, it may not be ideal or even possible to have an entire wall made in the same design like you could have an entire floor made in the same design.

There is a clear difference between walls and floors when it comes to appearance. Different floor designs in your home can make it look disorganized, but different wall designs are acceptable. Although each room can have its own set of wall tiles, that can get complicated. A lot of homes contain just two rooms where wall tiles are often used: Kitchens and bathrooms.

That being said, advances are constantly being made for it to be just as easy to put in wall tiles for other rooms in the house as it is for kitchens and bathrooms.

The following three types of wall tiles are among the most common.

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Ceramic is the most common floor tile, but it is also the most common wall tile. A first choice in most apartments, ceramic wall tiles are not only some of the most durable, but also offer a lot of options when it comes to appearance. One thing that you will might see on bathroom walls, especially in the tub area, are ceramic wall tiles that have a gloss finish. This is done to prevent water from being absorbed into the wall, which can damage the wall and produce a lot more grout than otherwise.

The gloss finish also prevents walls from absorbing steam from the hot water that accompanies a lot of the operations of any given kitchen or bathroom.

While ceramic floor tiles are very functional, they do not have a lot to offer when it comes to appearance. Ceramic wall tiles suffer from the same lack of design options as ceramic floor tiles, and they are known more for their function and competitive pricing than anything else.


The second most common wall tile is made of porcelain. While ceramic wall tiles require a gloss finish, porcelain tiles are naturally glossed, making them an industry standard when it comes to the walls of any bathroom. Porcelain is the industry standard wall tile for a bathroom because of how it absorbs water and steam. Or rather, how it does not absorb it.

The thing with water and steam is that if a surface absorbs it, the chances of it fermenting and creating mold is very high. This is prevented with porcelain walls. This is what makes it an industry standard. It is no question that porcelain floor tiles do what they need to do. But are they impressive in their appearance?

The answer to this is yes. Different than their ceramic counterparts, porcelain tiles come in a decent amount of mosaics, textures, and other such designs that extend beyond what ceramic tiles can do in terms of appearance.

If you are looking for wall tiles that are easy on your budget but still offer a lot in terms of aesthetics, consider porcelain wall tiles.


While tiles that are made of other forms of stone are pretty rare in the sizes of the tiles and what kinds of designs they offer, marble is one form of stone tile that is every bit as common as porcelain or ceramic.

Marble tiles are extremely durable, more than porcelain or ceramic. They are also very visually appealing, even in their simplest designs. If you are interested in top-quality tiles for any given wall in your home, consider putting in marble tiles, or any tile that is made of stone for that matter.

Both ceramic and porcelain wall tiles do not cost a lot to put in. Marble and stone tiles, however, require quite the budget. Marble wall tiles can cost as many as four times as much as ceramic tiles, even for their simplest designs.

Speaking of designs, marble and other stone tiles have only the best to offer when it comes to appearance. As mentioned previously, even the simplest marble and stone designs far outshine those of ceramic and porcelain.

If you are looking to impress others as well as have walls that are also easy to maintain and have the budget, go for marble or stone tiles.

It is now easier than ever to put in tiles for not only the walls for you bathroom and kitchen, but any other room in your home.

The Wrap Up

The only decision you need to make is whether you want ceramic, porcelain, or marble tiles inserted.

One thing that you should not forget is what kinds of options you have with each of these tiles when it comes to their quality. Ceramic wall tiles provide the most economical quality. These are the kinds of wall tiles you will want if you have a limited budget. If you have a little more money to spend, consider porcelain wall tiles. While they are similar in durability to ceramic tiles, they have a bit more to offer in terms of appearance.

Marble wall tiles, or any other tiles that are made of stone are optimized in terms of durability as well as appearance. If you have the money, marble tiles should be the first on your list. When you get these put in your home or office, you will not regret it.

As you can see, there are wall tiles available for every budget. It is up to you to determine what kinds of tiles you can install with the budget you possess.