Types of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has, for a long time, been a classic option that many designers, builders, and engineers have considered for use in flooring. Wood brings in some class and nature to your doorstep. As the majority of us may think, several different options of wood are being used for flooring in our homes and apartments. All of them, nevertheless, try to bring pleasure and a sense of belonging to us. However, it is at times up to the designer to come up with the best type that suits you. You will still have your opinion on the type of wood flooring that you would prefer.

It is important to note that the different methods of wood flooring come in with some differences from each other. Pricing, advantages, and disadvantages are some of the factors that contribute to this. Quality is another area that the different flooring options bring in together with time for installation.

Below is a guide on Difference Types of Wood Flooring

different types of hardwood

  1. Laminated flooring

This type of flooring involves the use of fiberboard. The fiberboard is usually covered with an image that is wood. The board is first “printed” with a photograph of wood. After that, a layer that will be protecting the board is now placed on top of it. The layer must be tough to withstand wear and tear. That is how the lamination now comes in. Laminated flooring is most cases applied in areas in your household that are water prone. Many manufacturers, in fact, advice on the application in the water prone areas because they mainly put into consideration in the manufactury to apply waterproof materials. They are majorly used in the living area, study rooms, washrooms, and bathrooms.

They have also come out to be convenient because of their pricing, with a cost of about $4 per square meter. However, it is crucial to be wise when selecting the flooring against its unit price. Some brands come in cheaper and may end up disappointing you.

  1. Parquet

Parquet is the easiest to notice, and the most commonly used flooring style. It is characterized mostly by small wooden patterns that are arranged into different designs and patterns. Wood pieces are cut into smaller pieces and after that, put into small models. It is up to your designer and their skills to come up with a pattern that would suit you. Creativity is also vital for experts in this sector. Parquet, therefore, comes at a price that is slightly higher when compared to laminate. The price is around $27 for the cheapest one.

Parquet is applicable in general areas of a household. But the most preferred areas include non-humid ones. The spaces in between the pattern might bring in the water and end up bringing in moisture. You will be advised by the designer not to install in areas with high humidity content.

  1. Wood-effect tiling

Wood-effect tilling applies the principle of bringing out the beautiful nature of wood on tiles. The tiles are printed with different designs of wood and after that installed on the floor. This is a flooring hack whereby you will be applying both wood-effects and tiles. This type of flooring is also used in the majority parts of the household. The most preferred areas include water prone regions, which could consist of washrooms, the laundry area, and kitchens. Highly used areas can also be installed with these tiles, including a hallway, study, and living area. Wood-effect tiles are merely and maybe not even affected by moisture. Cleaning will not negatively affect your household.

The tiles are also viable because they are barely affected by wear and tear. They have, therefore, turned out to be very reliable. Wood tiling is still preferred due to the subtle and classy look that it comes in.

  1. Reclaimed-wood floor

Sometimes builders have preferred to put into use wood from other sites that are currently old. The wood will be acquired and turned into flooring that is viable for use. This method is, however, not always as cheap as it seems. The wood might be given for free by some generous lenders on sites like eBay. You could also manage to recover it from your former house if you are moving into a new one. Some sell the reclaimed wood at a price that ranges between $25 up to $100 per square meter. The price is dependent also on several factors that majorly include age. The kind of wood and the current situation that the wood is in also matter for pricing. The better the quality, the more expensive the wood will go for.

Reclaimed wood is relatively applicable in almost any area of the household. It is, however, preferred and advised by experts to avoid high moisture areas in the house. The wood is less put up in bathrooms and, if installed, invest adequately in the ventilation system.

  1. Engineered-wood floor

As the name could suggest, this type of flooring is the most technical. It surely applies engineering principles in production. The engineered wood is composed of several layers of wood that are stuck together through gluing. The layers might vary in number but are composed of around four layers. The layers create one large piece of wood around 14mm in width. The engineered wood is made to be reliable in such a way that the installation will still be easy. After manufacture, the wood is usually easy to install, and they can be fitted into each other.

Pricing for engineering wood is slightly higher when compared to other flooring methods. The basic amount is around $20 per square meter, but with a more top quality of wood, the price would move up into $170 per square meter. The amount is worth it, bearing in mind the complex process that is behind manufacture. The flooring of engineering wood is applicable almost in every area of the household. Advice has still been given by experts in the sector to avoid high humidity areas in the house. The majority of manufacturers do not prefer the installation of this floor in bathrooms due to the exposure to high humidity.

Engineered wood is surely long-living due to the care that is taken in the manufacturing process. Life will be prolonged as wear and tear are significantly reduced. It is sought of cumbersome to install them on stairs. Installation around corners is also not advisable. The quality of the finish is relatively poor.

  1. Bamboo type floor

This also another type of wood flooring that is currently being used in the industry today. Bamboo is highly comparable to grass in that its growth rate is very high. Bamboo can also be converted into different floorboard patterns. This means that bamboo will be similar to wood itself after being converted into floorboards. Bamboo flooring is not advisable to be installed in humid areas of a household. This would mean that bamboo flooring is avoided in washrooms and the different regions that are prone to high moisture. Remember, bamboo is not waterproof. It is still more water-resistant to hardwood.

Bamboo has been preferred because it is sustainable, and it does not support the growth and infestation of mites and other animals. It is also waterproof and water-resistant. However, it is prone to wear and tear.

  1. Solid-wood floor

This flooring method just involves the application of a wooden board that is large enough to cover the entire floor. The wood is manufactured in such a style that the installation stage will be easier to do. The cost of a solid wood floor tends to be very cheap as compared to the other methods that are currently there. The prices range from around $14 to $80. The upper rate applies if the quality of the wood is too high. The application can be made in almost every part of your household. This flooring has, after all, become the most used method. The benefits that come in are more when compared to other types of flooring.

Solid wood floors are the cheapest in the current market since they are applicable almost in every part of the household. The finish is also pleasing to the eye. However, solid wood is not that water-resistant. It affected by high moisture content by swelling and should, therefore, be avoided in such areas at all costs.

That was a sneak peek into the different types of wood flooring that are currently available for you. Wood flooring, of course, brings in a touch of class into your household. This has been the main reason behind many designers and owners using wood flooring to the other flooring options available. It brings nature to your doorstep.