Waste King 9980 Legend Series 1 HP Garbage Disposer Review

Today we will review the Waste King 9980 Legen Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposal.

In this review, we will share with you the most important pros and cons of the Waste King 9980 Legend Series Garbage disposer, its main elements and all the other details that you need to know about this 1 HP continuous feed operation garbage disposal before you purchase it.

What exactly is the Waste King 9980 Legend Series

Food Disposal machine is a necessity of any modern kitchen. There are different types and models of garbage disposals, and one should always choose the type that fits/suits the best the kitchen he has.

The Waste King 9980 Legend Series 1 features grinding components made of highly durable and rustproof steel alloy. This ensures and extended lifespan of this product. What makes the overall performance of this garbage disposal quieter is the fact that it comes with an effective sound insulation.

The installation of the Waste King 9980 is very simple as it can easily replace most garbage disposal units without the need of modifying the pipes. It is affixed with its own splash guard and the 1 Horsepower motor can execute over 2800 rounds per minute.

The Waste King 9980 Legend can also be safely utilized in homes equipped with septic tanks. The right side is also the fact that the power consumption is within normal levels which means that the bill in the end of the month will not change a lot.

Other Useful Details

Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.8 x 17.5 inches
The Pros And Cons of the Waste King 9980 Legend Series 1 HP garbage disposal

The Pros

  • Corrosion free grinding components
  • Powerful 1 HP motor
  • 2800 rpm
  • Sound insulation to ensure quiet performance
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Affordable price if purchased online

The Cons

  • Difficult to dislodge
  • Some users complained that it is not so quiet
  • The water doesn’t drain very fast compared to some other models at its price range.

In summary

The Waste King 9980 Legend is a very powerful garbage disposal and what separates it from many other garbage disposals on the marker is the fact that it features a 1 HP motor, while most of the others feature just 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower motors. This makes the Waste King 9980 Legend a continuously feed device that will complete even the most challenging garbage shredding tasks.

Even though the Waste King 9980 legend provides 2800 rotation per minute, its sound insulation makes its overall performance quiet. In the end, it is important to mention that the device is made of high-quality materials which guarantee that the grinding chamber and other components won’t develop rust.

Overall, considering its price tag online, the Waste King 9980 Legend Series 1 HP continuous feed Operation Garbage Disposer is one of the most affordable garbage disposals you can find, and this model really offers amazing value for money these days.