What Size Garbage Disposal Do I Need?

Garbage disposal is handy addition in your household to ease your life. Garbage disposal is often powered electrically and located below the kitchen sink. In between sink’s drain and trap, the garbage disposal then breaks the food waste to be so small, it can fit in and pass the plumbing. The food waste is usually less than 2mm after passing the garbage disposal. John W. Hammes from USA originally invented the device back in the year 1927 and it has become popular in America with over 50% of people owning garbage disposal. Choosing the right size of garbage disposal to fit you needs might be challenging, we aim to make the decision easier by raising your awareness of them.

Why Do I Need Garbage Disposal?

garbage disposal dimensions

1. Hygiene & Health

It will help you in getting rid of the food waste which should make your sink cleaner and keep the unwanted bacteria away. The stored food waste easily generates bacteria into it and distributes in household via air while causing bad smell and other side effects.

2. Ease Your Life

It is easier to throw the small food waste particles into the sink and let the disposer to destroy it. You don’t need to scratch all the food waste to garbage as now you can just use water and flush it into the sink.

3. Save Spaces

 It frees up some space in you bin and reduces the bad smell and issues coming from storing food waste long times in your house. Some of the food waste can be stuck in the dishes and it might cause extra trouble to get it out but with disposal, you can now just flush the waste with water into the sink and disposal will take care of the rest.

What Size Do I Need?

Now to the biggest challenge of them all. How to find the out the size to fit into my household? Depending of the size of you household and the amount of people you are living with, you must find the right garbage disposal to fill your needs. After you have measured the physical size and the space under the sink where you plan to fit the garbage disposal, you should start to consider the real challenge. How much power do I need from my garbage disposal?

Disposals in Market – 4 Different Power Levels

The power needed, varies from the size of your household and amount of people living in your household? How much use you will have for it? If you consider to be heavy user for the garbage disposal then you should go with bigger engine no matter of the amount of people living with you.

Engine of 1/3 Horsepower

The smallest engine as well as the cheapest in the market. Only suitable for a little usage and with small household of 1 – 2 persons. Popular option but almost always under capacity soyou better consider going for one step up with at least 1/2 Horsepower engine.

Engine of 1/2 Horsepower

1/2 Horsepower engine is still quite a small but should fit well in smaller household like condominiums and such.

Engine of 3/4 Horsepower

This size of engine is already able to handle harder food as well. It is a fit for families with more usage. It should be able to break even smaller bones.

Engine of 1 Horsepower

Looking to through some heavy waste into the sink? 1 horsepower engine can handle even harder stuff like bones. It should have enough capacity for all the needs.

Other Things to Consider

The size is not the only thing to consider when buying the garbage disposal. Some of the machines tend to keep hard noise while working which can be bad news especially in case of living in condominium. The stainless-steel options are less noisy and should stay in good shape longer. By having the machine strong enough, you make sure it will be able to handle all the waste without breaking or keeping unnecessary noise. Often, the 1 horsepower engine is quieter simply because it can handle the food easier. Always look for stainless steel option.