Why Should I Buy Stainless Steel Range Hood?

Stainless Steel Range Hood is known for the contemporary look that it gives to any kitchen environment that it is installed in. It comes in various stylish designs crafted by the finest metal workers and is also very durable. The shine and luster that it emits is a testimony to the fact that it is a novel item. Imagine yourself in a smokeless, odorless kitchen even when you are cooking the greasiest lamb ever, and you will then realize what to expect from the stainless steel range hood. You can even invite all your guests into the kitchen while you are cooking and bask in the light of their compliments.

Stainless Steel range hood can come in all the standard configurations of a range hood. They can be hung from the wall or ceiling, or they can be installed under your cabinets. They can have piping or tubing on the floor or the ceiling or be the ductless type. The change in the type of stainless steel range hood does not mean you have compromise with the performance of the range hood. If you want they can even be custom made to suit your specific needs in your kitchen.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Range Hood


  • It can be crafted to the particular shape and design that you want. It comes in various finishes so an added look factor.
  • It is very light and can be installed without much of a problem. It also won’t get rusted easily because of the inherent nature of the material.
  • The maintenance cost of a Stainless Steel Range Hood is minimal, and the grease and grime get washed away at the first touch.
  • It comes in varying sizes and can be designed to fit over the largest of cooking areas.
  • They are built with powerful blowers or fans that can suck up the air and clean up the environment at least eight times every hour.
  • It lasts for a long time even when used outdoors over your barbeque range.
  • It is comparatively inexpensive rather than range hoods made from other materials.


  • The warranty on the stainless steel range hood is only for a year, so if you it breaks down after a year then you will have to shell out your own money to get it repaired.
  • These range hoods might not be to your taste even though it looks good and matches with your other appliances.

Size quotient of Stainless Steel Range Hood

The axiom Bigger is better is true for a Stainless Steel Range Hood. You can make a statement in your kitchen by installing a 36 stainless steel range hood, but it will look out of place if you have a tiny cooking oven. Usually, the range hood should be around 6 inches larger than the cooking range so that it covers 3 inches more on each side. This is because gas has a wayward trend when it rises and so to suck up all the harmful gases generated during cooking, one needs a larger sized range hood.

The next best Stainless Steel range hood is the 30-inch stainless steel range hood which has all the features of the one bigger to it. Be careful to choose a high CFM rated 30 Stainless steel range hood which means that the exhaust will be effective even when the cooking oven has all the four burners on. If you frequently cook fish and greasier items, you will need a professional hood. These have CFM rating up to 900. This will also come in handy if you have too much of ducting and they go a long way before venting out.

There is a certain limit to the height of the chimney that you can install, though your ceiling might be higher. The standard chimneys are made to fit in a ceiling of height 8-9,’ but sometimes if your ceiling is higher which is a better size quotient, the chimney can be extended to fit that size.

How energy efficient is the Stainless Steel Range Hood?

Above all the technical specifications of the stainless steel range, hood one important criteria for buying the electronic appliance is whether it is energy efficient or not. A measurable standard is the California title 24 which when followed reduces the energy consumption of any appliance. The usual requirements are that the range hood should have 4 inch ducts, powerful fans, and energy efficient lamps. The good thing about stainless steel range hood is that it meets this standard to perfection.

The stainless steel range hood is also built according to another standard which is called the energy star. This standard has been recognized globally and provides energy efficient range hoods to your home. If you buy an energy star embossed appliance, it means you will find it 20% to 30% more energy efficient than others.

How Safe is the Stainless Steel Range Hood?

When you decide to purchase the stainless steel range hood, make sure it also meets all the safety standards in the industry so that you can rest assured while purchasing that your appliance is not going to catch fire by the slightest misuse.

Stainless Steel range hoods, therefore, are capturing the market with its utility range and good looks. Before you purchase, go through the entire product list of several companies and try to match it with your needs. There are a lot of points to consider- but the most important point is that it should cover the area above your cooking oven to the specification as discussed above. Do not leave everything to the designers or the salesmen, do your research, read all the reviews and then go prepared for the purchase. You don’t have to worry about the spare components as all major manufacturers have several outlets in your city or you can always purchase them online. Be sure to monitor the installation process so that your stainless steel range hood does not violate your building rules and regulations as well.